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by iShouldReallyGetOutMore Apr 12, 2015
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Wouldnt it be possible to get separate files? It would be very useful for small SLA printers.

I really like that model. Awesome design and it fits my kind of humor! I will be trying to print that.
Thanks a lot !!!

Comments deleted.

Hola podrias subir las partes negras y grises por separado, todas que estén individuales.

Simply can't print the model. Been trying printing the grey parts like 10 times now, but some thing goes wrong every time either on 1st or 2nd layer. And think my printer is dialed in properly.

hi, for very small printer and for most various coloring ... can you add files separateliy :D

Do you have pictures from led install? :)

I am printing your model now. Looks awsome

Prompt please, in what program (soft?) turns that image models as you (the blue model with reflection floor and rear fog)? What software to create and render the model? I'm waiting for an answer. Thank you!

Hi! I created the model using Autodesk 123D - its a cool free program, and I recommend it to try out 3D modelling. It has some excelling beginner tutorial videos that really help. If youre referring to the 3D shots in the Thingiverse photo set above, thats auto generated by Thingiverse. I just uploaded my files, and the site generates the cool 3d renders automatically. Hope that helps!

I really like that you share your whole process.

how much does it weigh

Have you seen "The Martian"? It's on DVD.

I thought this was going to be a "Cat" "Astronaut" haha

im almost done assembling i cant figure out where the small silver circle piece goes ?

Hi! Its a cover for where the air hose plugs into the socket on the astronaut's waist. Its for if you don't want to display it on the base - it covers the socket hole. If you have it on the base, you don't need to use it.

Great Model you've done! Respect!

Many thanks! Appreciate it!

I'm currently makeing one at 1.8 scale... HUGE. I've printed the black parts but the pegs (in the main support hose in this case) aren't fitting together. Any ideas? Should i just file them down until they fit?

Hi! Wow that sounds cool! Wish I could offer some help - but I guess you're on uncharted grounds. I imagine the way I created the file to fit together doesnt scale up - I allowed for the material with socket connections, but as it gets larger I guess thats not needed as much. Filing down may be the only way I think? Hope it works out and you're able to share photos! Good luck!

Hey! Who turned out the lights?

any chance you could put all the parts up separately?

If you open the STL in 123D Design you can export the parts you want as their own STLs. I'm going to do that.

Sorry - Im starting on my next model now which is taking up all my spare time - but you could use a free program like Meshmixer to split all the parts down any way you want? For the next model I'll be posting it part by part (this was my first ever model so learning as I go!)

looks like panzer soldat from black ops 2 origins :D

I have to do this.... fkng awesome....!!!

Nice work, and Music is nice too!

Many thanks! All music is from the youtube free open source archive. There's some good stuff on there.

This is cool. I made a windows phone game called Catastronaut a few years ago. It was about a bunch of astronaughts floating around in space after a catastrophe which you had to rescue in a shuttle. This fits so well with my game I love it! Very cool design. It made me remember a game I made and han't thought about in years!

This is a link to the game. I don't know if it runs on the new windows phones or not but it will give you an idea of what i mean. http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/catastronaut/66b67df7-ac0a-40ff-8201-0d060a6af645

Well done, I will post my print if I manage to get it to look good on my Dremel3D!

If you have Win 8 you can play phone games on the computer :)

Wow thats awesome! Wish I had a Windows phone to try it out - but i'll see if anyone I know with one will download it for me to have a look. So weird that we both came up with the same idea for the name! I did a search recently, and there a few others - but mainly they're around the thinking of 'cat' and 'astronaut' - a cat-astronaut. Should have made Jonah a cat...Thanks for the comment and look forward to seeing if you finish a print!

Great model :D. Now that I have printed it I have to say it is a lot of fun to pose the poor little guy. Now I have to get him some LEDs.
Thank you very much for sharing ^^
how did you model this?

Thanks to you for printing it! Amazing job - came out really well! (Everyone else's seems to look nicer than mine!)

This weekend Im going to publish a video that outlines how I went about it, but for now you could look at a write-up I did on a website here: https://bynd.com/news-ideas/catastronaut-adventures-3d-printing/

The video will have more detail about the modelling phase, showing some screen captures of it being created. The program I used was 123D by Autodesk (free program) with a little bit of additional smoothing done on Sculptris (also free)

Thanks again for sharing!

Could you post an uncracked visor and normal head for in case anybody wants to make a normal astronaut?

Hi! Sorry, I never created either of those - just what you see in the current kit

Silence in the Library, Forest of the Dead :D

The Infinite Quest and oil core, you need it to be white for those.

Comments deleted.

Do you think you can un-nest the parts so they can be printed individually?

Thanks! l'll try and get to that asap - but a quicker way is using the free program Meshmixer - you can divide parts up in that really easily - hope that's of some help

Great model however many of the parts have issues with not sitting flush. This resulted in a need for crazy amounts of support and rafting.

That aside I love it

This looks great and it is amazing, but from a physics stand point, a body would be preserved in space and would not decay.

Ah if you let him sit staring at the sun a few millennial the solar winds will do their work ;)
So it is the ancient astronaut floating in space. Even better.
And now stop with the physics we are killing catgirls ;).

Hmmm... All the more mystery as to the circumstances of his demise...

Oh gawd! I can't wait to build one!

Donna Noble has left the Library... Vashta Neradaliscious!!

This is so cool and skilfully 3D modelled! Amazing.

It is a must-print-object :)

Very nice, I also love the combination of the different colors of filament you used.

Many thanks - that was rewarding to get right. But it can also work in a single colour just fine

Comments deleted.

Now we know what happened to Agent Georgia

Thank you so much for uploading this magnificent creation. I've always wanted a skeleton figure like this.

You're welcome! And thank you for the comment! Skeletons are cool.

Awesome! Many thanks - I'll try to get doing that asap - but you could also use a free program like MeshMixer through which you can easily separate the elements - might be quicker as I'm not going to be free for a while (back to the day job!) thanks again :)

Ridiculously awesome! This could be start of a whole series - I can just imagine what you could do with a tentacled alien and a flying saucer....

Could you possibly post the parts separately as well as the groupings you have? I would like to flip a few parts so they print better on my Rep2 and also swap filament colors mid-print so I can get multiple colors on a single part....

Keep up the great work!

Great design, impressive print.

Many thanks! Appreciate it :)