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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

MakerBot Coin Holder Updated!

by M_G Apr 8, 2011
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Amazing so many just print with out adjusting the file. I've not found very many files where the maker places them nicely on the platform....

Be a careful printer and ALWAYS position the part. It may look like it is on the build platform but be .001 below or above.

God Damnit. I Thought you uploaded the fixed file that wasn't partially under the build surface and didn't bother to check whether you had or not in ReplicatorG. Off to go find my spare foil and resurface the build platform... again...today. I suppose this should be a lesson entitled "Read the damn title" as I apparently downloaded the earlier version. I'd HIGHLY recommend taking the bad build platform-destroying file off. I think it's caused enough destruction already. Thanks.

Is there any reason we have to have this immature language in the forum and degrading our Father in heaven too. Grow UP!

Deleted. Sorry for the damage! I normally like to have all versions available for people (and myself) to see the changes from one iteration to the next. I'll check the rest of my uploads later to make sure they are all above the build platform.

Much appreciated, and in any other case, I understand the whole thing about keeping past versions. My printer is back up and running now, and I've learned a valuable lesson.

Anything I have uploaded that was below the build platform has been tagged with "destroyer of belts" :-p I know your pain, I myself have had to learn this valuable lesson... twice! How do we suggest that the next version of ReplicatorG automatically performs a "Put on Platform" command?

good question, My programming skills end with arduino. but I'm thinking it wouldn't be too hard for there to be a script that checks to make sure that the model is above the intended build space and asks you if this is acceptable, much like how it asks you to save before you generate Gcode.

Looks nice, but it seems difficult to get the coin out of the holder!

I think the coin is very useful!
When you print something and want to share a picture, you simply put the coin besides your printing when taking a photo. So other people can imagine the real size of the object.

This is a clever idea. You could also use coin money or a ruler, but since there are d
ifferent coins and measuring units (inch, cm) all over the world, it could become quite difficult.

Maybe I'm wrong, but what else is the function of the TOM coin? It's a nice-to-have and useful thing :)

It SHOULD fit but in my case the coin was far from circular so I had to file the edges a bit to get an easy fit. If it's REALLY far off you could just open the .scad file and change the "coin_diameter" variable to a value that suits your coin.

I think the coin is just included as a cool mini-trophy. "...because its cool!" is good enough reason for most of us.

Ugg should have clicked "Put on Platform" before printing. Dug a nice hole though my ABP belt and heat spreader tape on my ToM. Don't make the same mistake I did! This will be the first model I print when I get around to making some repairs...I will get my revenge Makerbot Coin Holder!

I'm very sorry to hear of another damaged platform. I have updated the file so that this will hopefully not happen to anyone else! Also you can now have rounded corners and bolt holes that are the right size if you so wish!

Print #2 went well, new belt looks ever nicer than the first one. Maybe it was for the best!

Great idea. I had just under 1 meter of filament left from my first roll. Just enough for this thing.

The holes should have been a bit bigger though. When you print small holes they always come out smaller than designed.

yeah, but the holes were good enough as guides to drill them properly with 3mm bit :)

love it, also check out my copy in pimpin pink, because thats the color i happend to have loaded at the time :D

Bubblegum-tastic! Also the stickers on your machine remind me of http://kawaiinot.comkawaiinot.com :-P

1st print to gouge into A.B.P. -- not sure why that happened, made adjustments and viola' got me a coin holder! woohoo!!! thanks!

The file is now updated to v1.2 so that the entire model is above the z=0 plane. Sorry for your damaged ABP, I feel your pain! Once I have time I will be making some new belts and surfaces for myself out of various materials including copper coated polyamide sheet, aluminium tape with mylar and a nearly atomically smooth silicon wafer!

Just opened the stl and it is just below de print platform. "Always" do a Move-
gt;Put on platfrom and you should be fine ;-).

Whoops, should've mentioned that. It's second nature to me to always click "Move -
gt; Put on Platform". Thanks for pointing it out!

I never got a coin :

Dang, can I buy it separate, or should I use this as my excuse to get a ToM?

Ha, I had the same idea, even for the same spot on the machine.

Great minds think alike :-P

you should make the plexiglass/lexan/whatever cover on the front of your ToM attach with printed hinges.

I saw printed hinges earlier on today, they're cool but wouldn't be ideal for this...

It's actually a thin sheet of plastic with holes punched in it to allow it to be bolted on, it has a "hinged" section and retaining clips lower down so that the ABP will automatically open it when a print is done (the tape you may see in the picture doesn't do anything). It also has holes for allo
wing it to be clipped to the bolts on top if you need to do work inside the machine for extended periods of time. The entire bot is enclosed with this plastic as it was beside a very draughty window which was causing prints to lift like crazy! I'll upload it as a "Thing" soon.

Wait, what? I didn't get a coin!

My ToM #86 came with a coin, I think it was the 'surprise' that they included because of the shipping delay due to the Z-stepper being late to arrive.

My Makerbot #17 didn't come with a coin. But did come with a letter signed by each member of the MBI team. Still kinda want a coin.

44 , no coin, no letter, I'm filling up... boo hoo hoo :'(

I have a Cupcake and one of the very first ToMs. No coin :(

I dont have a coin but I'm makerbot #65

Yes, very disappointed. No Coin :( (I would wear it round my neck, and sleep with it under my pillow
if I had one
) ToM #3044. Sob, sob, sob

Unfortunate! My ToM is very close in number to yours too... I was just thinking you could make this into a medal holder you COULD wear around your neck in one of 2 ways:

  1. By adding a long narrow rectangular cutout to one edge for a ribbon to pass through and decreasing the height or the largest diameter cirlce to half the height of the coin, printing two of the holders then bolting together

  2. By adding a long narrow rectangular cutout to one edge for a ribbon
    to pass through and increasing the total height slightly, whilst moving the larger diameter inner circle cutout into the middle of the cuboid. Next is the tricky part... when it is JUST finished printing the larger diameter circle cutout quickly insert the coin, then allow it to print plastic over
    it! I've been meaning to use my ToM for1-piece fully encapsulated objects like this but haven't gotten around to it. You might need to warm your coin up on the ABP/HBP belt first...

If anyone wants to make this wear around the neck style medal holder then please post pictures!

Oh... I thought it was just a standard thing everyone got with a MakerBot Printer. Maybe I'm somehow lucky or special!?

You can just print a coin yourself though! http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:648http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

MakerBot Coin
by bre

Thing-O-Matic #3322.... I got a coin with my kit. Perhaps it only comes with Thing-O-Matics? This is cool, I've been wondering what to do with that coin. Mine is still in the bag attached to the welcome letter. I would carry it with me, but it is too lumpy for the wallet and is too much trouble for it to be loose in my pocket. Thanks to you, my coin has a purpose and can now be displayed properly!

BTW, does this make extra noise from vibration or anything?

I have a ToM too. I wonder what printer gpvillamil has?

My coin has just been taped to my machine since being built... until today!

It shouldn't make any noise if it is bolted in place properly, it is a rather tight fit on mine. If it does rattle just pad it out by placing a piece of tape behind the coin.