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Dremel Drill Press (Remix)

by galaxius Apr 3, 2015
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it's too small so i can't put in 8mm smooth rod

From memory I used exact dimensions, so an 8mm hole. I assume you're talking about either the base or top. Have you calibrated your printer? You may need to adjust your extrusion or x and y compensation.

base and top fit well, i mean drill-press-clamp doesn't fit

The smooth rod (vertical) should fit tightly the clamp firmly so they don't move, but the threaded horizontal rod should turn freely. If it's too tight just drill or file it out.

Where do the nylocs go?

is it possible to make a design without the smooth 8mm rods? I cannot find them locally. Maybe slip-fit blocks for threaded rod and some low friction filament? fantastic design otherwise. Cheers

I doubt it. You want minimal to no play for accuracy. If you can get 5/16" rods they're pretty close to 8mm, otherwise ebay, banggood, or aliexpress.

Hi, I like this design a lot. What I wonder about though is what the maximum sizes of the PCB can be. Especially about how deep it can be before it hits the ground plate. Cheers!

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Hello dear friends.Firstly,I made this design and it's very useful. But I changed a few designs according to need. I have a dremel 3000 and i changed "dremel3000 holder top and bottom". My bottom holder design is keeping to dremel very well for nut. My top holder design is a bit wide than other version so i stick foam rubber band so my dremel case is not not scratch and the drill machine is very low vibration.
Secondly, i can't see drilling part when i work this machine so i added led light in the bottom holder.

If you are want to add these features, the stl files are here.


Thank you again for designing. The designing is very handy.

Dremel Drill Press Additional Features

How much do i need to scale the parts? Printed everything but none of the parts fitted and a lot of them allready broke because they didn't fit the rods at all

You shouldn't need to scale it at all as long as you're printer is calibrated. Your slicer should have a setting for horizontal size compensation which allows you to adjust your slicer for dimensional accuracy on the x and y axis. In Simplify3D it's called Horizontal Size Compensation and in Slic3r I think it's called XY Size Compensation. You should calibrate your printer the best you can using various calibration prints on Thingiverse before using this setting. You can also drill out the holes to the correct dimension.

There's a myriad of factors that can affect dimensional accuracy, especially with FFF printers.

This is amazing! The constructions looks easy enough for even me to make.


how long need the springs to be?

At a guess 40mm. I just had the one's I used laying around.

What is the correct Rack 10 or Rack 11? I am confused, thanks in advance!

UPDATE 20150412: New rack in 2 depths. I'm using the 11mm version for a good mate with the gear.

The only difference is the thickness of the rack. I found the 10mm version mated a little loosely with the gear but if I remember correctly the original source design's rack was 10mm thick so I kept a 10mm version. But as I said above, I'm using the 11mm version for a better mate with the gear. I hope that helps.

Which models work well with this?

I use it with Dremel 3000, but with few changes you can use almost any model.

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is there any difference with lmu88 and lm8uu??

I don't think so. I've seen both names used but LM8UU appears to be the most popular/correct. I've updated the description, thanks.

How many parts from each of the components are used?

I've a Dremel 3000 an curiously, it doesn't fit in your design. The bottom part is OK but the top part
can't handle my dremel. I've uploaded at this adress :
an exemple of a top support suitable for my Dremel 3000.
If you can drop an eye on it.
Thanks a lot for all.

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I have also a Dremel 3000 but if I don't remove the lower nut from the machine is not fitting on the bottom holder. For you how is it fitting?

Will make a new bottom holder.

Sorry for the delayed reply.
You just need to unscrew the plastic end piece from the Dremel, like when connecting other Dremel extensions.

mounts fit a dremel 3000???

Nice! I will try to made this thing with printed linear bearings :)

Where did you buy all the hardware/parts for this build? Home depot or amazon?

I don't live in the US so neither of those places. I bought the linear bearings via ebay, the nuts and bolts from a local bolt shop, 5/16 threaded rod, washers, and nuts from a local hardware chain, and the stainless steel rod from a local stainless steel shop. The springs I had laying around but aren't critical for the build though they make it easier to use.

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That's my Dremel 3000.

thanks for your files, quite amazing.
Are the spring supports mandatory ?. Thanks.

Nope. They just provide a way to hold the drill above the surface you want to drill and then compress so you can drill the hole.

hand axis gear stl recheck STL files. Sorry my eng.

Well spotted. Original pinion/gear included for completeness. Thanks.

Currently printing mine right now, I'm excited to see how it turns out. I'm making this, a CNC machine, and a tablesaw/router/sander with my new Dremel. They're great tools!

Same. This was first, the next project is either a CNC or the Dremel table saw. Do you have links to the CNC and tablesaw/router/sander things you're planning on building?
I'm keen to see your make of this drill press.

I haven't quite decided on which CNC to make yet, I've found quite a few I like. Really it'll just come down to cost over functionality. Here's the tablesaw: http://www.instructables.com/id/Mini-Tablesaw-Router-Shaper-for-Dremel-rotary-/

Some options for the CNC. I have access to a laser cutter at my school, so it's likely that I'll go for that route.

http://www.instructables.com/id/3D-printed-CNC-mill/ (this is the one with the laser cutter).

There are a lot of options out there, I encourage you to look around for the one that looks best for your needs!