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Castle dice tower with moveable gate

by LennartS Apr 1, 2015
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I am noticing a file duplication issue.

Castle-main_Large_v3, Castle_main_Large_v3_with_top+Support, and Castle_main_Large_v3_with_top+Support (uploaded files 4,5,and 6) appear to all be the same.

does anyone have a older version with supports for smaller one?

I printed the Small V3 Hi-Res model on the MP Select Mini V2. 10/10. Rolls a d20, and open the gate to roll 10d6. Best thing I've printed.

Love this design, thank you! My first overnight print and it looks fantastic!

Hi, Love the model, just got my Ender-3 and printed out the 10CM tower at HiRes and it was fantastic. The movable gate works fine. Next try will be the full size tower. I sent a tip - thanks for the files. Al

Hello, I love your model. Would you mind if I sold 3D prints of this AMAZING model on Ebay? Keep up the great work.

This is the most amazing tower that was ever created on Earth! It looks amazing on my desk and when you see them popping up on your colleagues desks as well, you get this nice feeling of synergy! Like when water, fire and water combine to summon a dragon at the end of the rainbow with an infinite number of colours! Simply amazing tower I would say

Firstly, congratulations for the model, these look awesome. Secondly, what is the difference between the 3 large models? I'm trying to decide which one to print

I've loaded the 3 Large V3 models into my slicer and I can't a difference between them. They all have the support and a top?

Ditto, looks like the same file, same size and everything. What is the scale between the small and large (would like it to fit the garden)?

The small version is 0.6 of the large one.

Sorry about that. I will upload a new version soon.

If you can't wait then a solution would be to use the small HiRes version and scale it up. That should be the same.

Hi, do you have an eta on the new version? Or is it already up? Am waiting to print this untill the new version is up.

Awesome thank you. I printed the large one out the other day, but the support in the arch failed. Didn't need it really based on how it completed. Thanks for the update and I'll await new files for the large size!

Comments deleted.

Printed the small, hi-res version on my Monoprice 3D mini. Printed beautifully. Print time was about 10 hrs 35 min. Love the quality. Can't wait to have it painted.

In my slicer it looks like the top of the stairs just prints over nothing. Will it print correctly or should I add a few supports there to help it out?

Hi Jaybk26

The idea is that the printer, if it is calibrated and working correctly, will bridge the thread over the gap and no support should be needed. Some strings might hang down a bit, however, most error are hidden behind the stairs.


It worked out great! Thanks so much for this awesome design!

Any idea how much this weighs? Lo res vs high res? I'd like to print this at my library, and they charge by weight. I'm new to 3D printing.

Should be the same, high vs low, and it is about 100 grams. Use the high res version if you have 40mb extra space.

How small can this be scaled down? So that only 1 dice would fit through? I'm trying to cut down on the print time.

I really love this model, but I am also a bit frustrated with it. I printed the Castle_dice_tower_large_full_top_with_support_v2 using marble, and while it looks beautiful, the gate was solid and the swords on the top shield broke as they have nothing to hold them together and are too thin. I downloaded the most recent updated Castle_main_small_v3-HiRes, and printed the base layers just to test the hinge (after scaling to the same size as the large tower), hinge works beautifully. I fixed the swords in Blender, by stretching the back of the crossed sword tips to connect with the wall, giving it more support. Now I am concerned about the lack of support for the exit arch. Also, I'm disappointed that there is no top on this version.

I am still new to Blender, so I'm struggling to make any modifications. Will keep plugging away though.

BTW, using Cura 3.0.3 on Ubuntu Linux 16.04.3.

the gate on one side is printing as if it is one part so I cant move the gate

Try the new version.

I'm seeing the same thing with the V3 version (both low and high res), but not with the V2 or original. It looks like Slic3r (tested Prusa Edition v1.36.2 and v1.37.1) is merging the smaller gap on the right side with the main body, but is correctly handling the bigger gap on the left. "Split" works fine, so it does see them as separate parts in the STL, so it must be some artifact of the slicing process not handling small gaps properly. Cura 2.6.1 seems to handle the gaps as desired.

In the V3 model (low or high), it looks like the base of the vine is hanging down below the bottom of the castle. Slic3r makes that the first layer (i.e., just a single dot is printed). Using the cut function to remove the bottom 0.2 of the model seems to take care of that. Cura does that for you automatically, but seems to have a gap next to the vine on the outer perimeter all the way up and next to the windows (if you believe the preview). It looks like that might just be a display issue with the layer preview, however.

Thank you for your comments.

I have uploaded a new version that should fix your problems. Let me know if it works.

I found the tower can be printed at 0.75scale and fit standard dice as long as the top floor is reduced to a 180 degree arc rather than the 200+ degree arc it has on the model arc.
Wihtout altering the top floor then it can not handle D20s and D12s.

At the lower resolution the gate does not easily print as movable and it is likely you break the hinge upon inial movement.

Can you post the solidworks source file?

For the version Castle_dice_tower_large_full_top_with_support_v2.STL, does it need additional supports from the slicer to print out without the top floor falling through? I have looked at the layers in Slic3r and I just don't see how it would be able to print correctly without additional supports. Or am I missing something and I can expect the top floor to print fine without adding additional internal supports from my slicer? Thanks!

Comments deleted.

It should be able to bridge the top layer without any supports. It might take a few layers before it's fully covered depending on the printer.

I made a modification to the base for a bigger die landing and made it removable for easy transportation. The tower itself is very well built and prints well. I printed the one with top no supports and there were very few flaws(strands) that were easily cleaned up. It looks very nice as well as being functional.

care to post your remix?

I just made it and it came out beautifully!! I will put pictures up as soon as it is painted.

One question, how do I get the bottom gate to swivel and be able to close? It seems to be sealed on the sides and possibly middle. Is it possible? I'm afraid if I just force it, I will break it.

It can be a little difficult to get loose, however, I will see if the newer version I have can be with a little more space.

Love the design came out perfect

Great tower!
i just dont understand how you guys printed the top floor. with out support its not possible to print this big surface, but its also impossible to take out any support from this area... right?

Thanks for the great model, had an attempt at printing it last night but the supports failed to place. I was using s3d at 0.1mm resolution and after reviewing the layer previews it didn't try to start placing it until 2 layers above the flat. Anyone trying it with a similar setup might want to double check the preview before printing.

I ended up manually placing the supports and now I'm trying to print it out again. Hopefully in ~= 40 hours or so I'll have a make to post :)

I have this tower printing right now using a Wanhao Duplicator i3. Things appear to be going fine, but the ground level floor appears to be printed awfully thin. Maybe its the lighting of my camera that watches it, but it appears as if it needed a few more layers to hide the infill grid. (http://i.imgur.com/fM9L57i.png). I could also have a setting wrong, like maybe the extruder is too hot (Currently set at 220, a bit warm)

EDIT: Oh yes, I dun' goofed. though it doesn't affect the structure of the print, so I may just paint over it. (http://i.imgur.com/2CTIYot.jpg)

I have made 3 different dice towers, however, this has been by far the best. Had to make mine at 95% size, but that still allows many dice to go through at once. Excellent design. Thanks.

Nice model.
I think there's an issue in the file Castle_w_top_no_support, it doesn't have a top.

Thank you.

I have updated the version with large top and no support.

Could you please post finished dimensions? I'm wondering if it is too large for my printrbot play.

You should be able to print it scaled down. I posted a 10cm high version also that you should be able to print. It is called the torture test.

will the 10cm high version allow standard 16mm D20's to go through it?

Also I did a test print and the gate was non-functional. When an attempt was made to move it, it sheared off the pins.

I printed one of these yesterday. The removable support failed to print, but the rest of the tower printed well anyway. The only problem is that the movable gate isn't at all movable. I'll have to try and cut it free. Great model though, and even after I scaled it down slightly to fit my build volume dice still roll down it without a problem. Thanks for the model!

I will try to upload a version with a better bridge.

Absolutely beautiful model in grey PLA. Having the same issue with the gate being not all that movable (printed the full size w/top w/support on a Robo3D) Is there any way to separate the gate as a separate piece? That way I can just use a paper clip for a hinge pin and let it roll nicely.

Very nice model, does it have a floor for the upper level to?

I have a version where the top floor is almost filled out. Would this work ? Otherwise I can make a seperate piece that would fit the top.

Yeah, you should post both of those. I like it more when I can put the dice on the top in preparation for rolling.