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LARGE Destiny Ghost Fully Detailed Model, LED Illuminated, no supports!

by BoldPrintShop Mar 30, 2015
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I doubt that you'll get back to me but when you scaled this model up, do you recall how much you scaled the wings up by? Your smaller model has some wingtip remixes that I would like to use but obviously, they won't fit at their current scale.

I don't know if you're aware, or if its legal, but apparently a company is printing your models (they look so like yours) and selling them.
I thought it would be good to let you know.
Link where i found it:

And good job on the model!

Don't think its illegal but definitely a scumbag move. Although I do like that there is a video on assembly so I don't have to figure it out.

it looks like is indeed illegal, look at the licensing on this file, its set to non-commercial, that means no selling it.

the colors for the horn and wing inserts are switched

I'm having trouble connecting the wing inserts into the slot on the wings. It seems like the inserts are too wide to fit in the gap. Is there something I'm suppose to adjust from the original design?

I found that it was just due to the very narrow margins of error on the model vs how thick the printing filament is (expectation vs reality).
A little sand paper on the wing-inserts did wonders for my print.

can i use 6mm x 1.5 mm magnets?

Has anyone made wings for the large model yet?

Finding the correct Magnets was a serious problem for me in Europe.
Got these on Amazon, took 8 days to receive them.


Exactly what i need. Thanks!

How do you go about changing the batteries when they die? Do you have to completely disassemble it? Thank you.

I didn't permanently glue the sides together. I re-purposed the snap pins designed by emmett for the gear cube. This allowed a tight fit that doesn't come apart but can be forced apart to change the LED tea light used.

The LEDs I got have 8 "flower pads" instead of the 6 in your model. Would it be much work to upload a version with 8 "indentations" in the front half of the center ball structure?

you have a typo in your instructions i think the horn piece should be orange pla right??
thanks for the file i love it!!

i see he switched two colors indeed :)
Wing_Insert.STL - should be BLACK
Horn_BGhost.STL - should be ORANGE

I was just going to post this. Well, I guess I'll post a pic of my "color remix" when it's done! :-/

I have a question.
How many of the LED lights do i need for this print?
Thanks! This looks awesome man!

On Magnets, I went to about every craft store in my area, AC Moore: nope, Michaels: Has some but wrong size, Hobby Lobby: Nope, Home Depot: Online only none in store, Lowes: NOPE, Walmart: forget about it. So Just wanted to drop another source for the magnets. If you have a Hobby Town USA in our area, they have them in the store several sizes including 1/4" x 1/16". They also have them on their online store. Here is a link to all of them https://www.hobbytown.com/search?s=rare+earth+magnets and here is a link to the size needed https://www.hobbytown.com/1-4x1-16-rare-earth-disc-magnets-80-by-national-imports-magcraft-nsn0657/p546375

Primero tu modelo es fantástico pero necesito cambiar algunas cosas, necesito cambiar la luz a una de 8 puntas como la que incluiste en el https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:527736.
Lo otro necesito aumentar los imanes a 8mm de diámetro.
¿Tienes los archivos en formato fuente? A que software me recomiendas para STL.

Yo trabajo con solidworks pero no me abre los archivos muy bien.

Desde ya muchas gracias, saludos

Destiny Ghost Fully Detailed Model, LED Illuminated, Fully printable without supports!

Will 2mm thick magnets work with this? 6x2mm seems to be a more standard size.

I would like to make a modified center piece to fit for alexa or different light (neo pixel ring)
could you please provide STEP files for this? Working STL is awful with my software


Thank you for these files! Im printing them now!

Comments deleted.

Dig it! printing 2 right now. do you happen to have measurements for the magnet holes? I'm going to make some plugs to print and glue in instead of using magnets.

just print 1/4" x 1/8" pins. Someone made some here. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2565142

1/14 x 1/8 Peg / Magnet Replacement for Ghost

what size magnets does the large model use? I don't want to print this out to find the scaling was completed without consideration to the magnets.

do I need to change the orientation of any part before I print? thanks!

Printing this now! Finally! I've had my Anet A8 for about 2 month, and after figuring out how all this stuff works, upgrading and getting comfortable, I am now ready to do what I came to do... Print me some Destiny stuff!! LOL!! In PETG, so this should be fun.... :D

Did the updated eye body to cover a 8 "petal" tea light ever get made or can someone mod it? I have attempted and failed to modify it myself and I am struggling to find 6 petal lights here in the UK.

Someone did one, but the front was full of errors. I uploaded a fixed one a few days ago here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2550633 You can get the dial from here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2385511


Turns out there's a better one here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1350010/ and this one holds together with magnets. How did I not see this before I printed? >.<

Large front for 8 petal lights
LARGE Destiny Ghost (front & dial for 8 petal led lights from amazon(DE))
Front Body and Dial version 2

Which way did you print the front for the one with magnets? Big end on plate or small end on plate?

I haven't tried printing the one with magnets yet, but I'd imagine printing it big side down would be best.

It was best because of the shelf inside the front. I had to clean out the magnet hole on the faces of the sphere though. Not a big deal all things considered. https://www.thingiverse.com/make:421074

LARGE Destiny Ghost Fully Detailed Model, LED Illuminated, no supports!
by GunGeek

Thanks!! I couldn't for the life of me mod it myself I was pulling my hair out trying to sort it. Thanks again, massive help.

Awesome design, thanks for sharing! Almost done with my second and had a quick question (to anyone here reading)...how the heck do you paint the little detail indents? The tiny circles and dashes that should be black. Anyone have a good method???

Just finished printing this, few tiny gripes....

The tips don't press fit, no problem will glue.
The top has printed really poorly, so bad in fact the eye and filter struggle to fit.

Otherwise, came out ok, will post pics when completed.

I will say, I would be interested in a snap to version if it's still going.

Quick question, just got these cant wait...
i'm putting the files into Cura just to check before i start and the very first file..."Dial_BGhost.STL - QTY:1 Suggested Settings: Black PLA, 225*C, 15% fill, 2 shell, 0.12mm layer height, Raft Optional. NO SUPPORTS "....lands into Cura with the smallest end bed down, is it OK to flip this 180", or will that be worse with no supports?

and anyone found these butterfly lights in the UK
thanks for any help.

Was there ever enough interest to make the fully snap together design?

Not sure if you're aware of these or not, but it looks like this etsy shop is selling your print https://www.etsy.com/listing/526677722/destiny-ghost-replica-fully-assembled-3d

The assembly video shows them putting together the exact parts from this design

Has anyone tried modifying the model so that the two halves are held together by magnets instead of printed rods? My printer doesn't do the rods very well, so I am going to look for wooden dowels instead...but it would be cool if magnets would work.


Nevermind, I see there are several magnet options.

can I Ask what are the final dimension of printed large Ghost ? :D

I know this fits a tea light inside it, but would it be possible to hollow it out enough to fit an Echo Dot inside of it?

you are asking the real questions! I am working on this, maybe disassembling a echo dot and using the built in led ring as lighting ;-)
If the author could provide STEP files it would be a bit easier for my software to work with

Yeah I was thinking using the ring as lighting, but I also wanted it to be able to talk to me and be able to talk to it. Just sucks that my Ghost will be called "Alexa". lol

you can change the name to like computer or echo or something like that just saying

any chance did you start a Etsy or anything were you sell printed items because I found this and it kinda looks like your design https://www.instagram.com/p/BPAZGrPBwUr/

Just a little weirdness going on with my S3D. It tries to infill the entire front and back bodies, and the dial, instead of them being hollow for the tealight. They work perfectly fine in Cura. Any ideas what would make S3D do that?

Wing_Insert.STL - QTY:4 Suggested Settings: BLACK PLA, 225C, 100% fill, 2 shell, 0.12mm layer height, Raft Optional. NO SUPPORTS
Horn_BGhost.STL - QTY:4 Suggested Settings: ORANGE PLA, 225
C, 15% fill, 2 shell, 0.12mm layer height, Raft Optional. NO SUPPORTS

Comments deleted.

I'm late to the game here, but this is awesome. What software did you use to create it? I'm currently trying to model one in Fusion 360 just to see if I can (so far going poorly!).

Comments deleted.

I must be missing something here, but how does one put the black inserts into the B winglets?

you take the shorter end and put it where it goes then you push down on the other side until in is fully in there and be careful just in case.

I had some trouble with this too. They take a little force and you have to kind of "spin" them into place. I printed mine with ABS so they have a little give, I'm not sure what it would be like with PLA.

How many winglets do I print out because I can't tell

Comments deleted.

i'm thinking about putting a small fpv camera inside... could be a nice hidden camera for my room :) i dont think i can fit an ip cam inside.. it would have to be huuuuge :P

hey I'm a little new to 3D printing but I'm die hard destiny fan. and i was wondering if abs would work as equal substitute because i ican only print at my school and they don't have black PLA but they have black ABS

I printed one almost entirely from Inland ABS last year for a friend of mine and I didn't have any problems. The only part that I printed in PLA was the lens for the eye because I had a nice, translucent blue that worked out really well.

thanks for the response but i have already printed all the parts and the abs did work and but thanks for trying to help

Can you print the whole thing?

Love the Ghost phenomenal job, however the Blue Dot Trading LED's linked to below for amazon no longer fit properly into the inner shell they must have modified the shape of the tea lights. Had to do a ton of cutting with razor blade they fit now but will not work with intended functionality. Any possibility of a modified file? If not no big deal. Again awesome job

have you looked at my mod?

Making one of these for my Titan cosplay... ran into some trouble.
Printing the wings turned into a disaster- multiple sides would come off the printer looking like garbage. I realized it was due to warping on thin edges. If anyone else runs into this (you will know it if you have it- its bad), enter the following gcode in the "between" or "before" field for layer changes. I have not used this code in anything other than Marlin, using Slic3r. This code may leave some small strings on your print if you have an oozing nozzle, but its far easier to clean up than the warping issues.

G10 ; retract filament according to settings
G1 X100 Y100 ; move to (100,100,current layer)
M24 ; pause
G4 S5 ; wait for 5 seconds
M24 ; start

Good job in the process of making, thank you. Bob
Waiting for black, and magnets. 2 bodies made, horns on and have lights, lens I used yellow translucent.

Did you know people are selling prints of your model on both Etsy and eBay?

I am not sure if you have given permission for this but as you have a "no commercial use" licence I didn't think you had.
eBay item 131826781932 as an example.

Ok, So I did some more work with my custom core for this and it's now animated.
It talks, it moves, it flies.
Ok, one of those might be stretching the truth a bit but meh.

It would be nice if you could do some new wings for this in the other styles.
Again though, awesome work. I love my ghost. Thank you.

LARGE Destiny Ghost Fully Detailed Model, LED Illuminated, no supports!
by Pyrofer

any one found the best wage to print the orange horns

Turn them upside down
, works great. Pin up.

I just got a 3D printer and this is one of the things I wanted to print the most. Currently I only have ABS (White) and PLA (Orange) (both came with the machine). I read your instructions but I really want to make this asap but I'm not sure if the LED will shine through the orange PLA since in the description you said to use translucent blue PLA. I just want to know will it make a difference what color I use since I intend to spray paint.

Has anyone made a video or anything of the sort for instructions on assembly?

I found a cool bluetooth speaker/handsfree unit that fits inside the shell if you remove some inner plastic. Now mine lights up and speaks the lines from the game (played on my phone) on request :)
It's also a cool handsfree device for phone calls. The speaker was only £4 and worth it just for the rechargeable battery and LED (no more coin cells!) You can see it in my "MADE" entry on this page.

Hi. I can NOT print the black wing inserts.
Every time I try the smaller black part that shows at the front doesn't print for the first few layers. This means on the (maybe) third layer when it tries to start printing it's just pushing filament into the air and it results in a noodly mess. Slowly over the layers it builds out an overhang and by about halfway it's complete but the critical part that faces you as you look at the ghost is a mess.
I am using an M3D printer with the latest windows software, no raft ( never normally need one and can't get the part off it when I do) and printing in PLA.
M3D software sucks. Using Octoprint and Cura now and it works much better. Printed them fine.

Printing the horn, flat side down I'm losing the little circle detail. The face is smooth, how has everyone gotten around this?
I'm using a TAZ 5.

these colors are swapped?

Wing_Insert.STL - QTY:4 Suggested Settings: Orange PLA, 225*C, 100% fill, 2 shell, 0.12mm layer height, Raft Optional. NO SUPPORTS

Horn_BGhost.STL - QTY:4 Suggested Settings: Black PLA, 225*C, 15% fill, 2 shell, 0.12mm layer height, Raft Optional. NO SUPPORTS

im almost done printing the whole thing and i just noticed that too

In the instructions, the Wing Inserts should be Black, and the Horn should be Orange.

Blue Tea Lights on Amazon

Another source for the magnets

For the Front and Back Body I printed them big side down with a raft.

While they aren't as strong, I printed the pins with a raft and turned them so they are standing up. It gives ridges along the length that help hold the two halves of the body together better.

While it fits a specific shape of tea light, the mechanics of holding it in place and being able to turn the back to turn it on and off is pretty stinkin' awesome. Nicely done!

This is a very nicely done model. Everything fits together well. Now if only I had a steady enough hand and good enough eyesight to paint the little indents on the wings. :)

Just a heads up, the tea lights at this link don't fit without modifying the model. They have 8 lobes as opposed to 6.

does anyone have any other eyes for the different ghosts

Comments deleted.

anyone mad a file to add and print a thing for our own leds

Is it possible to get the front and rear body files so that I can replace the pin wells with magnet holes?

That would be absolutely fantastic. I've been trying to figure out the best way to try to dremmel some holes for this after it's printed.

hello, silly question, what orientation did you print out the inserts, and the 'dial' is floating in air unless supports are used, what orientation did you print that in? I akso note that it shows the rear section big side up, is this correct? Also your link to the the LEDs can only be shipped in continental US.... :( wtf...

I have not managed to print the inserts at all yet. I've tried a few different orientations and am having no luck. All the other parts printed fine.
Did you ever get them printed ok?

Got them printed. It was the software for my printer that sucked. Using Octoprint and Cura now, works much better :)

I printed the inserts flat on the bed then filed them into shape (i had a brim on it to make it stick) .... I usually use Mattercontrol or slicer, and ya, i use Octoprint also! I was able to print out all the parts except the pegs (they come out as lumpy towers) and sold it as a put together kit to a guy at work for 20$.... (it really didnt cover my time farting around and sanding the parts so they fit right) but he was happy!

Can you please upload the step files? I would like to make the inside hollow so an arduino can be fitted inside.

I just printed it with zero infill (prints ok) and then used a Dremmel to cut out the extra inner ring. It's a bit wasteful on plastic and print time but didn't need any modification to the file and left me with a lovely hollow sphere to fill with interesting things :)

If you glue the body together with the pins, how are you able to replace the led or battery?

you can make a simple wireless led and it will light up when you place it near an inductive charger :)

You can't. That's why magnets holding the inside would have been a good idea. Don't glue it. (or do, and live with it when it goes flat.)

Anyone know how to create a base that will make it float? That would be cool...

New Winglet models have been posted with the support rings removed

The magnets are designed to hold the thing together. A much more interesting idea would be to reverse the magnets to make the wings pop out, as in the game. Of course then you would need some sort of central rail, track, or whatever to hold it all together. I might play around with the design to see if such as thing is possible.

Question on the magnets. Should they be flush on the inner body and wing pieces? Right now, the magnets have a mm or two sticking out on both pieces. I'm worried that the wings won't be flush to each other.

Sounds like your magnets were too big? Mine were actually recessed slightly and don't make direct contact. If I am not careful the wings fall off all the time.

Comments deleted.

In the instructions. you have the "horn" labeled as black while the the wing insert is labeled as orange. Not a biggie, but they need to be the other way.

I know this is common sense and all and a small thing to comment about. But for those that may not get it right away. I think the horn and winglet colour in the instructions are the wrong way around?

I am printing this now but, the links for the magnets doesnt seem to work. I ordered the lights from the exact link hope there the correct size..

I've heard there are some differences in the lights. Basically there are two variations. I will be uploading a different variation of the front half of the body to accomodate those that have the different type of lights.

The magnets can be any 1/4" Diameter x 1/16" Thick magnets.

Anyone happen to know how the dial piece fits in? I see the lobes for the LED but for the life of me can't figure out where it fits in.

Hi, I'm finding the same issue with the Wing Insert as kilodoublemike found. Too thick.

My insert when printed comes out 6.5mmm (granted I might be over extruding a tad). And the gap in the Wing for me is 5.9mm. So I'm just scaling it down to fit. But just something to consider.

Also, as I'm still printing the other wings at the moment, are these tips with the smaller diameter pins? Like you did for me for the other?

Love the model. I printed one at 175%, and hooked it up to a wall wart and have it on my desk at the office, it's always on.

Arrgh, I just realized you went back to the 6 lobed candle lights. Off to eBay to buy a bunch. I have a pile of the 8 lobed ones sitting here

I am currently printing one of these for a friend who is a Destiny fan, but I am having some peeling issues. The built in brims might be a touch thin for my printer's resolution as they aren't printing at all. I'll make it work just fine, but it might not be a bad idea to make the original a little thicker. Great model!

should the wing tips/ horns be printed on the angle the sit at in the file or should they be rotated around so they sit flat on the print bed?

They should print laying flat on the bed

Update: Print is going well, but taking forever obviously. I had to open the wing inserts in SolidWorks to thin them by .25 mm on each side so they would fit better. Heres a link to the part until the one here gets updated.


Wing Insert v2.0

This is amazing! Currently printing one out at .1 mm resolution It looks awesome so far. Pics when im done.

Oh, sure, after I print a 175% version, and struggle to get a LED to fit, you do this. :-)

Thanks so much. Printing out one now.

This really is a nice job

Is there a version of the front body that accounts for the change in the tea lights with eight lobes instead of six?

Thank you. This is an amazing design.

I bought one of these fully built off Etsy, and it's not bad, but the pins are unbelievably brittle and break constantly. I'd suggest making the two halves interlock so they don't have any more problems breaking or popping apart when you turn the dial to turn on the light.

The pins aren't really meant to hold torque, they are supposed to just align the body, and the front and rear body to be glued together

I see, that's not really viable though considering most people would like to be able to replace the batteries in the light when they die.

I use mine quite a bit, so the battery will probably die within a week or two so I need to be able to take the halves apart. I solved it on mine with some metal pins but it still has problems coming apart when I turn the light off and on.

Pins have been added, Front body has been modified to fix the issue with the holes for the pins being different sizes.

Comments deleted.

Instructions list of files does not match the files... how many of each do we need to print??

Thanks for pointing that out, the instructions have been fixed!

hey i printed out the body parts i see the pin holes in the top part are bigger then the bottom is this right and when will you be uploading the pins?

Pins have just been added. I also deleted the old Front_body file and uploaded a new one, the new file has the correct size pin holes.

So...this also takes the same light source as your smaller ghost?...I had some trouble with closing the sphere all the way with the light in place...it was mainly due to the light switch not fitting well...just FYI...if you have any info on settings would be great...thanks...and its a great print either way...I posted pics of my print...

same here just cleaned the edges up a bit and it fit better

This is great design, I am looking to print it. Reading your instructions there is a mention of pins, also the design on Bechance web page (not sure if its yours) shows pins. Does this design need them? Thanks.

Yes you are right, I forgot to upload the pins. I will upload them as soon as I get a chance. I believe they are 3mm diameter x 10mm long.

It's all good just wanted to make sure before I started. Thanks for reply. I will post pics soon