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PLActron vase delta

by uit Mar 29, 2015
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the sculpture on the left is actually a wooden handcrafted one brought back as a souvenir from a vacation

Thanks for letting me know

offtopic: I really like the sculpture you have on the left, any chance of sharing the STL?

why is the 42mm/s print speed important? what does it do?

Comments deleted.

The 500seg version is STILL way too big. scaled it to 0.1 to make it aprox 200 mm (cura)
So after i read the comments aout people stating it is to big and you reply that it is fixed. It is NOT.

yes, you are right, i have NOT updated the files other than the 100seg-Version, so I removed them, as they made just a slight difference to the 100seg-version.
So the 100seg-version (which is scaled "right" @ 20cm height) is the new default file for now ;)

Printed 100seg on my anet a8 with bowden setup at 70mm/s and .2mm height printing time 3hours 47 minute. Result is amazing.

Comments deleted.

Trying to print in PETG, twice tears in one place at 40mm height. 0.4mm Nozzlem 0.2mm layer.

A really great design this Plactron vase delta and no problems printing it with Cura slicer and recommended settings. Thank you very much.

How do I keep the top open like shown in the picture with the candle? The default is to have the top closed. I tried cutting the top off, but it looked like crap.

there should be a setting in the slicer of your choice. something like: vase mode / spiralize

Using Simplify 3D, I printed in vase mode, single outline corkscrew printing mode (vase mode), but it still printed the top closed. Any way to avoid this in the future? I printed the V3_100seg version.

Don't know if you still care, but in Simplify 3D if you go to the layer's tab and set the top solid layers to 0. Then it will print with the top open.

For anyone else trying this, it still is un-printable, at least in Simplify 3D. I was able to scale it by .01, which makes it visible, but the origin coordinates are set to be about 1000cm to the left, so when I try to place it on the bed, the actual model is flying out in space.

heij czei,
I uploaded a new version of the vase, which should be in the right dimensions. As I'm not into Simplify3D, I cannot check if it slices correctly

That fixed all of the problems, thanks!

Faulty model. if scaled to 0.1% in s3d it is visible, but won't modify more than that.
The model is located at x9999.0 y-9999.0
The smallest model is the same. not usable.

Have you not tried it yourself?

The model is now corrected in scale and positioned at 0,0,0 (V3).

As I use Cura for slicing, I've not tried with S3D. Happy to get your feedback if it works now

doestn work anything in mm

Please try again with V3 if you like. Scaling Issues should be gone, model is rendered with 200mm height

HI ! something is definitively broken with your model . impossible to load in any slicer.

try slicing with Cura or download the smallest model

Hello uit,

is the statue of the man and woman next to the vase a 3D model, or have you a possibility to make a 3D scan?

It´s looks very nice.

it is a wooden handcrafted statue. I might do an 360-photo-shot in the next months

I have to delay another few months ;)

I'm more interested in that sculpture beside the print!! Anyway of getting that print file? If at all it exists?

Heij Monty3dp,

I assume you mean the gCode, so additionally I uploaded my preferred gcode-file (PVD_gCode_UM2.zip). Keep in mind that it was sliced with Cura specifically for the Ultimaker2 and I have a different cooler-setup, so the fan-values may not work for you.

He means the statue of the man and woman next to the vase. I want it too! 3d scanner?

I'm using a MakerGear 2 with Simplify 3D but I don't see an option to disable making the print a complete solid as I wanted it hollow and that would use a heck of a lot of material?

Hi SnapCracklePrint,

I don't own a license of Simplify 3D, but in their forums a feature named "single outline mode" is mentioned. Best guess that this is the slicing feature you want to print just the walls/hull

When I load this in S3D, the dimension is super huge!

Sizes are in 9999.00 mm. I can only rezise to 0.10%.

hi airbiscuit,
I'm aware of the scaling problem, so i`ve done an updated version which will be uploaded in the next few days.
In the meantime the easiest fix is to scale it down to fit your maximum print volume. Height of the vase is intended to be 200mm

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