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iphone 6 cable protector!!!!

by TaeHwanKim Mar 26, 2015
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The last file 'Back new version' is the front and the back. Can you seperate the two? I would like to print them laying down but cant if they are together. Thanks in advance

works great for my apple cable. I found that with .2 mm layer height on my Ender 3 with PLA i didn't have to scale it up at all.

Hi i have seen some asking about the size it should be sized to
I sized mine to 120% for my final print and it fits tight just how you would want it.
Keep in mind this is for an off brand iphone cable Iphone 6 and up
I will be making one for my sons cable which is different than my daughters I will chime in later with that size
Thanks for the design

this will simply break the cable just outside the protector. A real stress relief will make the cable bend gradually like the spring type releases you see on more expensive ones.
This might however, keep an almost broken together for a while, effectively doubling the lifetime of the cable. ;)

Works fine with iphone 5 and 6 cables, but the 7 and 8 cables are a little thicker, any idea on how much I need to scale?

Prints beautifully and fits perfectly at 100%.
Once I got it to stick right, it came out great. Thanks a ton for this design.
I was also able to print the back one flat against the print bed because the overhangs weren't that bad. I didn't try the bigger side so I don't know if it would also print like that.

Thanks! Did anyone scaled it? and how much?

can you make one for the lighting cable headphones please...they are a little bit wider and the cable is a bit thinner

Comments deleted.

Very useful. Thanks for sharing!

I printed mine in glow in the dark. Now I can find the end when I need to charge my phone at night!

That is probably the best idea I have ever heard

do you can do a 3.5mm jack protector?

Can you email me the new cable protector STL's separate, they keep printing badly together
Thank You, I will send email if you respond

The new version with both files together. The plug end is about 0.1 - 0.2 mm high off the printing bed. Realised after a few failures then reviewed the file in Cura

Hi, if you are using Slic3r, you can click the Split button to separate the parts and delete one so you can print them one at a time.

It looks like it's worth the try! I'm new in 3D printing but I'm already loving it :)

Could you email me the auto desk file please. My email is jshbrdall@gmail.com

I made a video review on how to make the protecter check it out

i reccommend to update tge design and include fully enclosed version. when about 70% is printer, pause the print, put your cable in it, and continue print. the print will be finished around your cable. Also make sure to not use any support in this case.

Very good!

Great designs! Thank You!

Made these in PLA on the Printrbot Play but I had to scale it to 1.1 instead of 1.0. I also had to slow the print speed down to 50% (Cura - Pronterface, typed in "M220 S50") and they worked great!

I found mine were too tight too. What I did was soften the PLA with a heatgun, squeezed the cable and connector into position then squeezed the protectors tight around the cable and connector for a good tight fit.

Hi Im new in 3D printing. i downloaded this for my first printing. but when it is about to finish the nozzle accidentally topple one of the protector have to stop the printing. By the way I'm printing both ends at the same time. Do you guys experience this too?

If your nozzle hit the top and toppled it you could be experiencing warping. sometimes when the plastic cools it'll curl. Sometimes the plastic is still warm enough were the nozzle will just pass through it but others when its too hard will shift the piece. This issue is harder to solve than just adding rafts which are extra layers at the base that will hold it in place and make it impossible for the nozzle to topple it.

I think there are differents apple cables with lightning connector (official apple cable i mean)... I've print several cable protectors and, while some of them fit perfectly, some won't fit at all. Am I the only one with this problem ? Any solutions ?

For best results, print this in a semi-flexible filament to mitigate the new stress riser created by this protector. Semiflex or even nylon work well. ;-)

I tried printing this 4 times. It broke every time I tried to get the cable inside of it. It needs to be scaled up, for sure. Does anyone know what the scale size is to make it fit?

I do it in the free m3d software that came with my 3d printer. Cura should be able to do this.

Doesn't this just move the problem a couple of cm down the lead?

i would agree so

I suppose if it was on its last legs you could get a few more weeks with this.

Many people use there phone while charging and bend the cable to keep it out of the way. This prevents that and will make cables theoretically last longer since it's harder to break the cables when they are away from the ends.

Your English is bad, but your idea is great!
Thanks for da upload!

The cable I have in the car was fraying at both ends. Printed these at 100% in ABS and they fit perfectly. I did have to fix the two-part STL though. The lightning side wasn't flush with the USB side. I brought it into Blender, made sure the bottoms were flat, then lined them up. Printed perfectly in about 20 minutes I think.

Great Idea and very nice protection, long life for my cables!!! Thanks @TaeHwanKim

Ótima ideia e excelente proteção, agora meus cabos irão durar muito mais.

so cool... but thickness can be thiner

Does this really works?

I think this works great for solving the problem about cable breaking very close to the hard plastic part. With this design the cable will break 3 cm from the plug, where the "protector" ends...

Exactamundo amigo. I think it could possibly help if the extension on it was serrated rather than one solid piece so that way it could bend a little bit...

I guess that when your cable is about to break, you can double its lifetime by adding these protectors.

Hey, why not: Make a double-size protector and triple the lifetime!

so need to print all cable long protection ))

Tem uma pessoa que está dizendo que vai processar quem baixou o arquivo. Coitado! Vai processar as mais de Dez mil pessoas que baixaram o arquivo. È o pessoal da TUNUVA. Estão dizendo que o arquivo é de propriedade deles.

Are you talking about selling it to copy my product from a company called tunuva?

A quick search for "cable protector +tunuva" came up with this: http://www.shapeways.com/product/DXAXM3LCC/backbone-trade-cable-protector?li=user-profile&optionId=22241617

Highly doubt you're infringing on his design in any actionable capacity. Also highly doubt he's patented it in the first place (though I do give him props for his spiral solution to keeping the cable from coming loose).

google translate came out with this:"You have a person who is saying it will prosecute those who downloaded the file. Poor fellow! It will process more than ten thousand people who downloaded the file. It is the staff of TUNUVA. They are saying that the file is from their property."

was too small for my amazon basic charger for my iphone. going to print it again but bigger. thinking about 15% bigger. not sure.

Please change the names of the files so the people downloading this file understand what you are meaning by the different files. Otherwise Great file would highly recommend it for anyone else. I have printed out about 24 of these and given them away to friends and family.

Agreed about renaming the files. You can print the i6-back-new_ver. and it prints both pieces. And it definitely does need to be scaled up to fit.

Comments deleted.

If you have to move your cable around to make it charge, you have broken wire(s) in your cable. Continued use could damage your phone. Cheaper to just buy a new cable then to replace the phone.

Someone managed to hook it up? It is very narrow...

I had the same issue, but I used a drill to make it fit

do i need to scale this up for ABS?

It's great, and I print them via UP Plus 2. But if you use the shell for your iPhone, the front plug may be hard to plug in.

Works great, thanks!
Can you create one for the MacBook charger?
Would be awesome =)

I've gone through 3 cables. Going to give this a shot. Good idea!