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Customizable Multiline Tag or Keychain

by wstein Mar 25, 2015
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Installed loads of Fonts, but cannot get the font to change in SCAD???

You can find the a list of available fonts in the open scad font list (Menu -> Help -> Font List)


Amazing job !!! Would be nice to be able to customize the bar shape (round, octogone etc) as well as the hole position (up, left etc)

This is awesome! My only suggestion would be to add a parameter to choose the lug distance from the edge (like the Lug Text Distance parameter but for the other side) because I find the hole is a bit too thin on that side and I'd like to make sure it's not going to break off on my keychain.

Thanks for the sugession, I have put a new parameter "Hole Extra Margin" to the lug-hole settings.

Wow, thank you! It's exactly as I imagined, and with a 12-hour turnaround please take my $ tip!

This is the best customizable keychain on thingiverse! Thans a lot. Now I'll print those ones I made like presents. Thank you.

Like it a lot, and used it a lot.
Now getting an error message, as others have had in the past.

I have just checked it and it works. Maybe it was a Customizer issue?

I always used it in Chrome, and still get the error message there:
" Oh No!
There was a problem communicating with Thingiverse.
It is also possible that you are using Safari, if so click the Safari Fix button then reload this page. "

In MS Edge it works ok so now i use it from there.

Comments deleted.

I created a remix that fixes the assign() deprecation warning https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2850939
Feel free to use it to update this Thing!

Customizable Multiline Tag or Keychain
by mrvanes

How do I change the Font style? I downloaded Lobster font to my computer. Then I tried to put "Lobster" in the font name but the font looks the same and does not change. it says ECHO: font_string = "Lobster:style=Regular"
DEPRECATED: The assign() module will be removed in future releases. Use a regular assignment instead.

Comments deleted.

Hi ive been using your wonderful design for a while now. Ive created a lot of cool projects . But thingiverse is not letting me connect to customizer for a while now. Is there any way u can help me out not sure whats going on. Thanks so much Fabian.

do not work a customiser

There's nothing wrong with the files. The Customizer has been broken across Thingiverse for quite some time now.

Any news or an official link so we can see when this starts working again?

Is there a problem in customizer.
Error message send
What can I do ?

It´s the same with me

I am so sorry, but I did not change anything in the files, so maybe it is a Customizer issue or change.

Hello, I am no longer able to make the keyrings using the thing: 739573. Could you tell me why? Thank you very much.

There is a issue on thingiverse side, please refer my reply to dbtmerida: #comment-1659603

Excelente trabalho mano!!! Awesome work bro!!!
Please, can you tell me which font you used on "Be a Maker!" tag?

The font is Mervale Script: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:135304

Customizable Multiline Tag or Keychain
by wstein

Muchisimas gracias, OpenSCAD me está siendo de mucha ayuda.

The Thingiverse team is aware of the problem and they are actively working on it.

In the meantime you can download OpenSCAD and work with the *.scad file.


Please don't forget to download some fonts here: https://fonts.google.com/

Por favor,es un mal momento para que no funcione el personalizador. Sin él estoy atada de pies y manos.
Espero que lo solucionéis pronto.Gracias por todo

¡No puedo hacer nada!
por favor, vuelva a publicar su comentario aquí: https://www.thingiverse.com/app:22/comments

Is it just me or is the keychain customizer not working anymore.

Is there any way to have different font size by text line?
I'd like to have Line1 large, and Line2 smaller font size...
Ideally different font too, but at least size...

Any way to do that?

Sure I can change the Customizer script to support this.

Thank you!
I can use OpenSCAD as well if that's easier!
I'll drop a "thank you" in the tip jar!
Happy Holidays, this is one AMAZING design!

Thanks for your tip. I have hacked a quick sample, could you please check, whether the style options fits your needs?


It would take some time to get the whole functionality. Please be patient.

Multi Line Tag - Beta
by wstein

Thank you for quick response, and tip is very small given your awesome effort!
Yes the style options fit my needs, I can control font, size of font and relative location of each line (the location options are nice, hadn't thought of that!)

I'm going to use the second line for secondary information, so smaller font, I'll download some sans-serif fonts tonight to test, I suspect I'll need a really clean font for printing smaller...

Having this, with the border and keyring hole functionality from original thing would be awesome, I look forward to your next revision!

The customizer does not work on Safari. It shows the error "Sorry. Customizer is currently unavailable. Please try again later". However, it works with Chrome.

i cant seem to open it in customizer. will try another computer :/ 10.25.17


I downloaded the OpenSCAD file to give it a try since the Customizer is way too slow, but...
"DEPRECATED: The assign() module will be removed in future releases. Use a regular assignment instead."

I tried to replace the assign statements by regular assignments, but that gives compilation errors. I'm a bit new with OpenSCAD.

Any help would be really appreciated. :)


Hi Chris,

don't worry about that warning. The assign will be removed in the feature, so there is currently no need to replace the assign() statements!


Hello Werner,

I see what you mean. The fact is that when I open the SCAD file and type something, the text stays with the default font. I though the problem was related to the deprecated notice.

So, do you know what would cause the text to not adapt to the given font name? I kept Lobster for a try, with no luck.


Hi Chris,

you can only use fonts installed on your Computer, so you may first need to install the Lobster font: https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Lobster


Shame on me to not reading the descriptions, I'm sure you wrote it already.
I just installed Lobster locally and gave it another try: that's working!

The fact is that on the first launch, OpenSCAD did show a message about its font cache, so, given the fact that your script is really wonderful (I used it about 30-40 times already), I thought that it was fetching the fonts by himself.

I'm really sorry for having wasted your time. But thank you really much for your help. I'll now be able to use it locally. :-)

Comments deleted.

Hey, awesome work!
can you tell me which font you used on your Lydia tags?

It is Lobster

Very nice. I got this up and running. However I can't get the fonts to work. I've typed in a couple dozen of the presets and when I render, they're all the same font, with the exception of some being a little bit bolder than others.

For example, the default is loaded to Lobster, but it doesn't look like the lobster in the pictures above, it looks more like the PLA or ABS tags.
Just curious. I'm going to do some googling but if you or anyone have any ideas I'd love to hear it.

Nevermind, I'm an idiot. I read the description, seems I have to install the fonts I want to use myself. LOL

Great design!

How do you make the baseline that it follow the shape of the letter? Very cool!!!

Thanks for sharing.

What a great design!! I'm having trouble trying to change fonts. i only want the word "One" in cursive letters with no key chain raft in the back for my baby girls birth day cake and i cant figure the settings out.
is there any video tutorial on how to use the OPENSCAD?


Great design! A question: Why does it print (auto) at the end of my name? How can I change so it does not print it? Thanks!

Thanks for your feedback. Which string are you using? "Miguel Quinteros", "Miguel", "Quinteros", "mquinteros"?

I have tested all four und can't see the issue. Could you please post your settings?

The customizer isn't loading at all. It keeps crashing with two different browsers. Thank you for any help.

  • Install OpenSCAD on your PC
  • Download HD_Font_Keychain_v4_1.scad from this thing
  • open HD_Font_Keychain_v4_1.scad
  • press F5 to render a preview
  • change the variables in the editor (e.g. text, font...)
  • press F5 to check the result
  • if you are happy press F6 to render the final object
  • select from the menu file - export - stl to save the final stl file

Good luck!

HI there, for some reason customizer is not working! is there any other way to use it rather then with customizer?

Thank you,

  • Install OpenSCAD on your PC
  • Download HD_Font_Keychain_v4_1.scad from this thing
  • open HD_Font_Keychain_v4_1.scad
  • press F5 to render a preview
  • change the variables in the editor (e.g. text, font...)
  • press F5 to check the result
  • if you are happy press F6 to render the final object
  • select from the menu file - export - stl to save the final stl file

Good luck!

Hi! I.m problems with names when the initial letter has M, for example Marcos, Marta, Manolo, Michael.
On downloaded version for scad, can you help me?

Could You Plesse Post a Screenshot?


I really love this customizer, its probably the only file I have printed over and over again.

Is there a way to have different font size on each line?
Perhaps a feature to add symbols? I.E. a tooth?

Good job! Thank you.
How to make something in another language, such as Hindi?
I think there will be demand down the road.

Hi ShuttleSpace,

What about Lohit Devanagari font, I think it supports Hindi (हिन्दी):

https://pagure.io/lohit: the font family supports 21 Indian languages: Assamese, Bengali, Devanagari (Hindi, Kashmiri, Konkani, Maithili, Marathi, Nepali, Sindhi, Santali, Bodo, Dogri), Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Manipuri, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, and Telugu.

Please check this sample, generated with customizer using font Lohit Devanagari (Regular): http://www.thingiverse.com/download:3564312


Awesome! If open by opencad, font can not be changed. How can I change the font?

awsome thank you for making available great tool

for dual extruder print should i select on: which extruder (monochrome or extruder 2?
I want to print my name on red and the base on white PLA

By default you get a single-extrusion file. If you want dual or multi-extrusion you have to go to the last tab and create a separate remix for each extruder. After creating the extruder1 file go back to the Customizer (you still got your old settings!) and create the extruder2 file and so on.

This is awesome! I will have to use this to label all my keys. I like the different font styles.

What is the licensing for this code or tool if say, I wanted to print and sell personalized keychains on sites like Etsy? I would of course reference you as the creator and that it can be accessed for free on this page.

it is under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/

From my side feel free to do so. As you want to earn money with it, you also feel free to use the "tip designer" button an send me tips. But it is up on you to do so.

Loving this keychain. Could someone please explain how I can edit the scad so that there is a lug hole at both ends? Been trying to do it and utterly baffled by the code!

1st. set bar_length_trim to 28:

// in mm. Zero to remove.
bar_width=5; //[0:.5:100]
bar_length_trim=28; //[-50:100]

2nd. replace the code after make_delete_this_part()
with this code:

for(x=[0,20]) // increase upper value until the lug fits
linear_extrude(1000, convexity=10)

3rd. increase upper value: 20, 30, 40 util the lug fits.

This should be the easiest way.

btw: thanks for the 1000th like!

Thank you!
Been looking at the code for a while and there is absolutely no way I would have got that!

im having a problem with numbers, for example i put 47954018 and i get 4798+0.56e for example, why?? is there a way to fix this bug??
im trying to make a tag for my dog :(

This is because how the customizer handles number strings. They are automatically handle as number, and long numbers are in science format. So you are getting 4798+0.56e. The easiest workaround is to add a trailing space! Of cause something like 4795 4018 or 4795-4018 etc will also work fine.

GREAT! works fine now! awsome! im going to try this now, looks pretty cool, where i can find the option to change the form, i got the keychaing form but i dont find the option to switch between keycahin 1 2 or tag 1 2 etc...

Are you talking about multiextrusionn files?

Go to setting

extruders> Which Extruder to print

no i dont think thats the one, im talking about the object itself, for example if (looking at the picture) if i open the app the default form of the object is the one that says "be a maker!", how do i chaange it to do something like the one that says "lydia" in black? or the ones that says PLA ABS? those look awsome

Ok, please try this setting (you need to adjust these values for other fonts or if you change font size):

style>Bar Style: simple
lug-hole> Lug Width: 15

you can also control the bar width separate, like:
style>Bar Style: simple
lug-hole> Lug Width: 13
bar> Bar Width: 24

You may also adjust:
bar> Bar Length Trim: 4

All other settings are default.

I'm going to make these with my class. I can't wait to share the finish product with you.

Many thanks, it is always great to get new makes.

Ever since the Thingiverse refresh, this works about 50% of the time and fails the other 50%. Errors out.

Indeed this seems to be a customizer bug: http://www.thingiverse.com/apps/customizer/comments
Maybe it depends on the screen resolution. I hope they will fix this bug soon.

Create Thing disappears when page loads.

I only provide the script, which runs inside the Customizer. The create thing button is part of the customizer. I have checked it on my computer with Firefox, the button never disappears. Maybe someone can post a screenshot?

I can see many new remixes: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:739573/#remixes

So this may be a temporary problem?

Customizable Multiline Tag or Keychain
by wstein

customizer bar for save disepers after the page finish to load so i make the tag to find out that i cant save the file

Do you still have problems?

Is there anyway I can add a font to this use? I am trying to find something similar to God of War font and can't

No, sorry. But if you are firm with OpenSCAD you can download the file
HD_Font_Keychain_v4_0.scad, edit the variables and render the STL with any font installed on your PC.

Did you already check the fonts: New Rocker, Metal Mania or Pirata One?

Whenever I create a tag with an apostrophe, it creates a huge gap before and after the apostrophe. It looks ok at first, but after it generates its huge before and after. Like "Jason's" would be "Jason ' s" I thought about changing the font spacing but that would squish all the letters. Any ideas?

Thanks this is a great gift for friends!

Many thanks for your feedback. I am not sure why this happens, maybe a Customizer issue? But you can always use the unicode form for that glyph: \u0027 Please try the string Jason\u0027s this should do what you expect.

Is there a way we can see all the fonts at a glance? It's a bit difficult selecting each font looking for the perfect one!

But I must say, this is an awesome tool! Good Job! I wish I could buy you a beer! I've made so many keyrings for people :)

Thanks! Did you already refer the Google Font page: https://www.google.com/fonts
I think you will get the best overview by selecting the poster tab.

Great sign maker, used it about 10 times sofar with good results.

I am still a rookie at 3D printing... I am trying to use your customizer to print luggage tags. The customizer is working beutifully! There are some options that I don't understand what they do but the tags look great. My problem is that when I print my tags on my Makerbot mini (it scales them to fit.) they are being VERY difficult to remove from the raft. Do you have any suggestions?

Many thanks for your interest.

As setting for luggage tags you may try this: Font Size: 7 Lug Width: 10 Border Width 1.5

Regarding the raft problem: I don't know the MakerBot Replicator Mini. But as I found with the help of Google, they use MakerBot Desktop as default software. Which may be a simplified for easy use and here is the problem. You don't need too print this tag with raft, but the documentation says you can't turn it off. So may be there is a hack or workaround to print without raft. Or you may consider using cura, simplify3d, repetierhost or any other full featured printer program.

It would be nice if the text would center, as opposed to all being left justified. Two lines look odd.

I really miss this functionality, too. But a lot of the calculation must be rewritten for center alignment. It is much easier to create a new multi line variant. But I did not finished it yet. It should basically look like this print. The hole is still missing... What do you think? Would this meet your expectations?

In the meantime please add some leading spaces to adjust the text, like in this remix....

Customizable Multiline Tag or Keychain
by wstein

It would be awesome if you could make a Customizer Font Selection snippet that could be reused by other openscad script writers. I'm currently trying to get that to work (my original idea had 2 font options) but something didn't work. But anyway thank you for having an excellent example of what one can do with customizer that i'm going to debug whats wrong with mine using!

I have looked at your thing and I would say this may be a customizer bug. You have defined a Labels array with string values:


But starting the Customizer the values are converted into integers:


Because of this behavior, you call the text() function with an integer instead of a string. You can use the str function as workaround to convert the integer back to a string:

text(str(label), font=FontName, size=blockHeight * fontSizePct);

I been making key fobs for everyone I know this last week, I gotta thank you for making this for us to use.

Many thanks, it is great getting such a compliment. If you are happy with this thing you may also consider to press the like button, as the popularity index is calculated by the number of likes (the last 30 days).

I think it doesn't work any more. I cannot use it for the last two days.

Many thanks for that hint. Indeed there are no remixes since more than a day. I did not changed anything on the files.

I think this is a general Customizer problem at the moment. It seems that all Customizable files are currently broken. I have posted a comment in the OpenSCAD group and hope this will be fixed soon.

Thank you. This keychain app is a great indeed.

The customizer operates again. Many thanks to tbuser and the IT team!

Thank you for adding back the multi extruders

Please upload the multi extruder version.

I keep getting this "#<JSON::ParserError: A JSON text must at least contain two octets!>" Whenever I create the thing at the end... I've made probably 10 other versions of this and never had a single problem until the update. Any help is appreciated.

That is strange...

Please give me an the parameters you have changed, to reproduce that.

Please try to make this thing without any changes - only press the create button. Does this works?

After some fiddling I found that, somehow, what is causing it is having multiple windows open of the customizer... very strange indeed! As soon as I closed the other window, the files created just fine.

This is awesome. Thanks for all the work on this

Many thanks for your feedback. I love to post customizable things. It is great to see how many people already have been using the Customizer to create their personal keychain.

And of cause, this would not be possible if others did not spend a lot time to create Thingiverse, Customizer, OpenSCAD, CGAL, and so on. But above all, the Designers of all this cool fonts - thank you!

400 remixes and no other makes than mine?

I did actually make one, but forgot to snag a picture before I gave it away lol. I will be making more soon ;)

Is there any way to have two lines of text

No not as one key chain.

Is there a way to have it in different files so i can be printed with dual extrusion?

I have added multi-extrusion to the new version 3.0. You can configure up to 4 extruders in Customizer.

Could you please give me a feedback whether it works.

Many thanks!

Is this in MBI Software or the customizer

In Customizer last tab

Ok, Thanks i got it to work

Wow this is really cool, and very helpful! Thanks for making this for us. Just taking the tag off and being able to get any text 3d extruded is nice.

Many thanks for your feedback and for your like!

Seeing that people often tries to get simple text extrusion, I took care that this is also possible.

I'm shocked it has not had more compliment's lol. It's a great tool I think. I've been trying to get Simplify3D to include something similar to this in their program, but no luck yet.

I really like how you make it so it can have nice filament change appearance. Another cool idea might be to have a option to instead bevel the text. I hope this get's featured at some point!

Many thanks for your words. I think it is not easy to understand when things are liked at thingiverse. I think it's an individual decision. I am happy getting 33 likes in 1 week - that is not that bad and having 500 remixes (thereof 220 public) is really outstanding - thank you all!

What would you like to be beveled? Text, outline, bar? I am open for suggestion and improvements.

But please remember, this thing is maybe 90% perfect, 100% cool and already to complex. I think 90% of the users only use the default options, which already gives them a great result. the next 8% are happy to change the font, the thicknesses and so on. It is really hard to ensure all options work correct together.