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Door Offset Frame for Wanhao Duplicator 4S

by CreativeTools Mar 23, 2015
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So this is designed to fit my Wanhao Duplicator 4s but I can not print it on my Wanhao Duplicator 4s............. When I try to print the 3 different pre arraigned build plate files numbers 1 and 2 they both print over the edges of my build plate on 3 sides... I cancel the print because it will fail due to it printing at least 1/4 inch past the build plate in each direction... Can someone cut these items differently so that they can be printed on a Wanhao Duplicator 4s please??


We designed all files specifically to fit into the build volume of the Wanhao Duplicator 4S 3D printer. There are even pre-sliced .x3g files that you can copy to your SD card and start printing. You can use the .x3g files and the print the parts without them protruding out from the edges.

If you want to cut STL files in two or more parts, we recommend you using the netfabb or for instance the FlashForge FlashPrint software.

I appreciate the reply and understand that you designed these files to fit the build plate of the d4s. However like I said they do not fit my build plate as they are at least 1/4" too big in 3 directions (maybe my build plate is smaller then what it is supposed to be for some reason?) It looks like I get them to fit if I orientate them standing up which I will try and see how they turn out. This is just less then ideal because of the large amount of support material that will need to be printed. Thanks again.

Thanks for your reply. :)

We understand that it is challenging to 3D-print large parts on a build plate. Certainly, if they reach out to the very edge. Our advice is for you to give one of the ready-to-print .x3g a chance. We ourselves used them to print the yellow parts in this projects.

Has anyone tried this for a Flashforge Creator Pro ? The pre 2016 version.

We have not tried this frame on the previous version of the FlashForge Creator Pro.

Just wasn't sure the door was the same shape

I agree with the other members that this actually looks very good.
I would also like to see one for the 4x and perhaps the same for the side panels as well.
That would really make the Wanhao look cool :)

wauu! this design look cool in the printer.

if it fees in my model will print one, but the model doesnt match 100% i think ..
i have a wanhao duplicator 4x , did you think it will feet?? or are diferents models?

also merry chrismas :))

What are this door dimentions? Will it fit Malyan M180?

We are sorry, but we don't have access to a Malyan M180 3D printer and therefore are unable to answer your question.

Can you share sourse model project to be able to correct it under dimensions of Malyan?

We just uploaded a STEP file of the assembly, we hope that works for you.

Thanks for the project source! But I have found it to hard for me to remake the whole assembly! Can you please help me, if I provide you with the door dimentions of Malyan M180? I think this project will be helpful for many users!

If you cannot print this on your D4S using S3D then your build plate size is too small in S3D. I had this too with the standard settings. Al X and Y edges 10mm too small. There are very more settings in S3D that are wrong in the standard S3D profile for the 4X.
Speeds are way too fast! lot's of other wrong settings. I complained in the forum about this and are still banned because of the negative posts, so I can only help you through this site or google forums. Know much about the S3D now. Also that it's impossible to get a good Dual Extruder print without wiping walls.

Looks awesome! Can you make it for Duplicator 4X?

It should be an easy scaling if there is a difference in size of door opening...

Thanks for your appreciation of the frame. :) There are a lot of projects going on now but we will certainly take this suggestion into account. Stay tuned :)

Thanks for the design guys. I think the printer looks cool with it as well :)

Thanks Mauricio! Glad you liked it.

Are the x3g files made with PLA or ABS profiles?

Thanks for your comment Tactoad. The files are made to be printed in PLA plastic. The platform will thus heat up to 55 °C.

The first build plate 3xg file doesn't work on my 4S. The print starts with one connector piece in the middle and then the surrounding objects which doesn't stick to the build plate. Seems like the rest of the objects doesn't get the first layer. The second and third 3xg files prints beautifully though. http://i.imgur.com/xcZAf30.jpg
I could print the lower left frame on its own but S3D tell me that the build plate is too small.

We updated this thing with ready-made build-plate STL files (three) and correspondent pre-sliced ready-to-print .x3g and .gcode files. All are made to be printed specifically with the Wanhao Duplicator 4S 3D-printer. Enjoy! :)

Glad to see someone else has the exact same machine as I do! You were able to print this on the 4S right?

Yes, but the top left part is will touch the borders of the buildplate so be careful when printing it.

Yeah, my printer said that the build was larger then the plate itself, so I stood it up and used supports. I was able to fit them all in by doing this. It might be a much easier then each individual for timing... I'd like to talk to you to see if you wouldn't mind helping me with other parts.

It might help if you make it in smaller parts

Hi Spinoblood21. We have uploaded more STL files where all parts where arranged into three build-plates. Hope that will help you print them.

Would you make a secondary cooling fan mount. The one I found sucks.

I am aware of that. I just printed the top left and bottom right parts however it curled more than a trampoline spring for the top left part. (that was dramatically emphasized)

is valid for duplicator 4x ??

will this fit a Makerbot Replicator 2?

No, it´s designed for the Wanhao Duplicator 4S.

Wanhao could atleast have changed the cabinet design a little bit when they duplicated the Makerbot 2.

Comments deleted.

This is so Nice. At least some one design something we can use,

We are glad you like it Adolph!