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Customizable Spool Hub Adapter

by wstein Mar 22, 2015
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The best spool insert ever!

Thank you very much, wstein! :)

For my IKEA Samla 22l dry box I used the "SAMLA Hanga (modified version)" adapter to fit a 8mm unthreaded steel rod into.
(I did a plane cut in Meshmixer to reduce the protrusion where the rod sits to 5mm (from 13mm).)

SAMLA HANGA (modified version) by SamWhiskey May 27, 2018

To center the spools I initially used

Spool Holder Filament Support by alexrosa Feb 17, 2017

I liked the design for the ease of use and being locked when screwed together.

However, the diameter of the outer ring is only 6.2 cm.
For larger spool holes I enlarged the outer ring to 8.2 cm.
(using Meshmixer, to enlarge only the ring. You can't just scale up everything because the center hole would scale as well and that should stay at 8mm.)

That worked, however, using it on spools with a smaller diameter it naturally protruded and didn't sit flush.

So I ran into space issues.
It's a tight fit to squeeze 4 spools in the 22l SAMLA box.

The total usable rod length is 30.5cm.
The spools having between 6-7 cm width there's only 2-6 cm leftover space.

It would have been tremendously time consuming to modify alexrosa's spool holder for every spool size since it's not as easily customizable like this one.

I have spools with all kinds of hole diameters (mm): 51, 58, 73, 75 ...

Now I easily printed customized inserts for every one of them. :)

I reduced the collar width to 1.6mm so the total protrusion for every spool is only 3.2mm.
This means I can always put 4 spools into one dry box.

Thank you, wstein, for having made this thing so easily customizable and for adding the option to make a mirrored version. :)
In principle you could print 2 of the same but it's so nice when you print the left and right version and have them aligned when looking through the spool hole.

I really like the 6 arm star design.
I found that you can reduce the wall value a great deal. Even at 0.5 it's plenty sturdy.

Here's my preferred settings:


inner_diameter_backlash=0.4 (the Prusa i3 MK3 is quite precise, so 1mm was way too much)
collar_thickness=1.6 (decreased a little to save on width)
chamfer_depth=2.4 (increased a little to make it easier to push in)
wall=0.5 (save on filament and time - 0.5 is still super sturdy)

arm_thickness=2.4 (printing with a 0.8mm nozzle 2.4mm thickness is perfect)
arm_end_diameter=10 (increased for better looks and better sticking on the print bed)

SAMLA HANGA (modified version)
3D Print Spool Holder Filament Support

Great job, thanks a lot!

Does it need bearings? Can you make a 20mm one? Thanks.

Sry for the late response SheroxWP.

You can use the Customizer to create a 22mm one: https://www.thingiverse.com/apps/customizer/run?thing_id=735213

Thank you, this is a great design that was quick to print and easy on filament.

Works great, stops the spool snagging on the mount, and allows a smoother feed than just running the spool on a spindle.
Quick to print and don't use much filament.

When I open in Customizer, it gives me the following error message: "/usr/local/bin/openscad/openscad: error while loading shared libraries: libCGAL.so.10: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory". After customizing, I get the following error in the queue: "RuntimeError: Failed to get https://www.thingiverse.com/download:1804888 403: Forbidden"
Any pointers?

Very good print in PLA as well as PETG, thank you for sharing. Much appreciated.

Hi there could you do a 56mm and 57mm hub adaptors. I've been using your design for a while now but new filiment new sizes
Thanking you Doug

Gibt es ne Chance das noch andere Adapter folgen?
Hab jetzt hier 8 Adapter und 3 Rollen und auf keine passen die Adapter

Es besteht für Dich die Möglichkeit, mit dem Customizer https://www.thingiverse.com/apps/customizer/run?thing_id=735213 einen individuellen Adapter zu erzeugen.

Oh cool danke kannte ich ja garnicht !

Thank you, this is great

Thank you! You are welcome!

Oh boy, the hub design sure brings back memories of my 45 collection ;) I still have those records, but no player to play them on :( Very nostalgic if you used that as inspiration, If you're a youngin and have no idea what a 45 record is.... Well damn!

Yes indeed, this is also my favorite shape. Myself, I never owned a 45 record.

Why are there left and right versions. I dont understand the differences.

Hi nuggetz,

don't worry about that. I know this is confusing and there really is no need to different shaped left and right parts. Maybe I should remove it some day...

Amazing design. Simply works. Thanks for sharing @wstein

This is awesome. I had to customize 3 or 4 before I got it right for my feeder using the MakerGeeks PETG which has a 51.5mm hole for my 31.5mm feeder tube.

Great idea, very simple and functional. Awasome.

Excellent design. Works great, easy to print and light on the filament usage. Can't ask for more. Thanks for sharing.

Many thanks for that big compliment. You may save more filament if you use a height of only 10mm instead of 15mm. I will test it next time and update this thing.

Thanks very much for sharing this, it's a great piece of work :D

Hi , i cannot change nothing in customizer, no dimensions or nothing...

Hi jyny,

sorry for the trouble, it should be fixed now.

Thank you , now it work great :)

Nice and very clever design ! Just one thing i'm not sure to understand : why the left/right version of mostly each bushing ? They're not the same ?

Don't worry about that, it is only for convenience. For the ones who like to have the left and the right one mirror-symmetric.

I think only nerds like me need that...

Hi there, I have just printed a pair of your 25mm ID bushings for my BQ Prusa i3, I did a quick print at .20 layer, 125mms speed as I wasn't concerned about the finish but they still came out very good!! no more snatching filament when the extruder is at either end of its travel!!
Many thanks for a very cool design that requires no locking rings. what a great job !! Jules ;-)

Many thanks! I love to post things and I'm always happy to get some feedback. And I'm happy you like it, of cause.

So much easier than swapping spool holders, looks great too!

Many thanks for you interest and your feedback. I am happy you like it.