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Parametrizable any size to any size fan adapter with manifold tube angle

by sheriftaher Mar 22, 2015
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hi i want to put a 80 mm fan into a 200 mm fan hole is it possible?

Yes you should be able to create a 200mm to 80mm adapter using the customizer, you have to be aware of the fan dimensions

hi i want to put a 80 mm fan into a 200 mm fan hole is it possible?

You are the Master ..I wanted to create 120mm to 40 mm but this colection have all what we need :P

Thanks a lot! hope it’s useful, happy new year!

Many thanks, superb OpenSCAD script.
I slightly modified it to printout the two halves as separate prints so I could print it with zero supports and just glue the two halves together afterwards.


Parametrizable any size to any size fan adapter with manifold tube angle

awesome work! really love it

Comments deleted.

i kan not make the STL adapter for fan from 35 mm to 50 mm
D fan1: 35mm
Ls fan1 29mm
Ds fan1 3.2mm
D fan2 50mm
Ls fan 2 40mm
Ds fan2 4.6mm


Hi, what's the problem, I was able to create it with customizer

Hi, the link to Customize this is gone. I wanted to make a 40mm to 60mm adapter with a 45 degree bend but the Customize link isn't there for some reason.

Can you check?
Thanks! BTW -- This is very nice work and very appreciated that you make it available for us all!

Can you check now

Link is back. Thanks for your help with that and for this excellent contribution to the community!

hi thanks great make,

Is it possible to make duct where the fan and mount are at 90 degree angle so that air is being pulled or pushed either from upward or downward direction

@samiraa78 I can’t fully understand what you need, do you have any drawings to clarify

Hi great work awesome Sheriftaher i have one question wondering if you would kindly be able to help me out I'm trying to use this fan adapter with a 92mmx25mm Noctua fan and wondering if someone could assist in helping me with a file? its all new to me and I'm hopeless in trying to create a working printable file. So heres the link https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2591759/#comments I'm trying to put a 92 FAN on instead of a 80mm can it be done.

Cr-10 Fan duct adapter 40mm to 80mm

Sure, I’ll look into it, what’s the rotation angle you need

Hi, nice work, can you help tell if printing would need support or not?

Any chance you can make one that goes from 60mm, angles 90 degrees upwards and then goes to a 120mm?
I can then use that to connect to this:
and then vent my enclosure with a cheap old dryer hose. ;)

Really what I could use is this:
But for a 60mm fan, not a 40mm fan however using your design with what I've asked for above would let me connect a 120mm fan between your design and 2297772, boosting the output.

I have a few ways to skin a cat but no modelling chops to do it all myself. :(

Vent Fan - 120 mm to 4 inch
Replicator Hood fume extractor

THE must have for a 3D printer
Thank you very much, you save me hours

Just downloaded and worked through creating the STL for a 80 to 60mm fan duct. Didn't realize at first you are modifying the original openscad project to create the new fan duct but I got exactly what I needed! Thanks! Hopefully, my little home server will stop overheating now :D

hopefully it does!

I would like to connect a round fan to a rectangular duct. Any pointers for this or can this be made to do that?

what are the dimensions or specs for the fan you need to mount? can you post a link

Thanks very much. I'm new at openSCAD so was not quite sure what could be done. However, with HULL command I was able to do exactly what I was trying to get accomplished. Thanks again...

I was looking for something like this to generate my own fan adapter with an SCAD. You saved my world !!! Thank you very much for this :)

You're welcome!

50-120 mm STL is broken (for Slic3r anyhow), but generated my own version using the SCAD. works like a charm, was even able to edit the screw holes and such. Great work!!!

I don't see the file for 40mm to 30mm. Maybe i am blind. i have a monoprice mini and purchased a 40mm fan.

I don't think all the sizes are there, can you try the customizer to create 30mm to 40mm

The SCAD file from thingiverse on its own won't work
clone my repo at
open 3dobjects/fan_adapter/variable_adapter.scad and it should work

There is no problem with this SCAD file at the moment. I used it to generate my own STL, works perfectly.

Thanks for quick reply.

I've cloned your repo and opened the 3dobjects/fan_adapter/variable_adapter.scad file with openscad.

By pressing F6 in openscad I see three distinct objects. I guess this is fan1, fan2 and manifold...

But I still don't understand how to modify the variable_adapter.scad file to produce the adapt_25mm_to_40mm_at_0_deg.stl file.

you should be able to do that by changing the variables under // fans' parameters
you should also know exact dimensions of that fans you're using (distance between screws .. etc)


I tried a few hours to modify the file but I can't generate the adapt_25mm_to_40mm_at_0_deg.stl file from the variable_adapter.scad file.

Or maybe my software can't read your file correctly...

Did you generate the the adapt_25mm_to_40mm_at_0_deg.stl file from the variable_adapter.scad file ?

If yes could you give me the // fans' parameters to put in the variable_adapter.scad file to generate the adapt_25mm_to_40mm_at_0_deg.stl file ?


Your file is ok with a more recent version of openscad.

Sorry for bothering you before trying another openscad version...

Anyway your quick answers were very appreciated, thank you.


Thanks for your work. I'm very interested in using the variable_fan_adapter.scad but I'm very new in the 3D printing world.

I have installed Openscad on my linux machine, downloaded the variable_fan_adapter.scad file (from thingiverse) and opened the variable_fan_adapter.scad file... And I really don't know how to use it :-/

I've modified some variables but I can't see what to do to produce the result I need.

I think I need an example of how to modify this file.

Could you tell me how to modify the variable_fan_adapter.scad file to produce the adapt_25mm_to_40mm_at_0_deg.stl file (I need to print something very similar).

Or maybe I'm completely wrong and I've not understood the purpose of the variable_fan_adapter.scad file...

Thanks for your help

Thank you for this! Now I can finally put my 140mm fan on my printer!

In my Make (http://www.thingiverse.com/make:277320 done locally, not via customizer for 60mm -> 30mm) I find that unfortunately there's not enough space around the duct wall on the 30mm side to let me fit M3 socket head cap screws. It looks I need to manipulate n_pipe, "pipe reduction ratio relative to fan 1 diameter", to pull the walls in a bit. I wonder whether it's feasible to implement an explicit clearance around the mounting holes instead, so that e.g., the diameter of a screw head can be entered directly...

Parametrizable any size to any size fan adapter with manifold tube angle
by jepler

That's an interesting mounting problem, how about make a difference between the fan and screw head to give more clearance?
in that case the walls can be thinner at the screw corners but if it's thick enough it may work

actually take a look at the full code in github
it should be more complete

Comments deleted.

Hi and thank you for this very useful OpenScad source code, much appreciated.

I'm making an adapter for a Prusa i3MK2 hotend fan from 30mm to 60mm and in the process I think I found a glitch in your program.

When I change the value for az_mani = 0; to anything other than zero, then the manifold turns but the cone and large adapter fan plate remain where they were. I'm using OpenScad to do this.

Is this just happening on my computer or can you verify that it is a problem elsewhere?

Cheers, Mik

updated scad file, the problem should be gone now

Fabulous, such a quick response and the problem is fixed.

Much appreciated!

yep, az_manu is not completely implemented, let me look at it

Would you be able to help make an adapter? I need to adapt 6-60mm fans to a 200mmx200mm entry on the heat chamber and would like to have a collector for the heat coming into the printer.

so, do you want 6 (60mm) fans to feed into one 200mm outlet? or the other way around (one 200mm fan feeding 6 outlets)?

I'm looking to have 6 (60mm) fans to feed into one 200mm outlet with 6 mounting holes.

Nice design, thank you! :)

Maybe you want to add this to your description? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_fan#Dimensions

Also, it would be nice to be able to set different wall thicknesses for both the tube and the fixation. E.g. the tube part may be as thin as 1 mm, but the fixation parts are 2 ... 4 mm.


I can help you with that, you can change the fan plate thickness, lines 112 and 124 just change the thickness to whatever value your like, at the moment they are set to t_wall which is use for all thicknesses

no problems, I will add the wiki link to the description

This is exactly what I need. I was just about to design it in openscad.
I plan to remix this design to fit a rectangular opening.


I am having some difficulty generating a 90 degree manifold, for 120mm to 60mm fan ( 4mm diameter holes),

Assistance would be greatly appreciated

Hi pilleya, did you attempt to use the customizer? can you show me a derivative of what you're trying to make

In module fanplate(d,ls,t,ds) you can replace the 4 difference with one:
for (x=[-1:2:1])
for (y=[-1:2:1])
translate([xls/2,yls/2,-0.005]) cylinder(d=ds,h=t+0.01);

The offset 0.01 is for a better display in openscad.

Thanks for the tip! I will release another version that will include this optimization

Very nicely done. Thanks for putting this together.

that picture shows this to need a little more work as the openings are too small and where the tube meets the opening of the larger size needs to be more open. basically the flow is being obstructed majorly with those two issues otherwise pretty cool.

I found a bug that makes the plates larger than what they should be, makes the tubes look smaller, I'll fix and post it

fixed the math where the cone meets the tube, also increased fan openings

Much better. The main opening is still too small though. Take a look at mine and see as mine are directly related to a real model. Basically the opening comes all most to the edge with not much meat left in the narrowest part. If you look at a real fan that is how they are made too and since we are squeezing air from one size to a smaller size we need as little of a restriction as we can get (though by its very nature there will be a ton of restriction just don't need to add more).

fixed the bug that made the plates larger than they should be, now the opening = fan frame size - 2*wall thickness (2mm in this case)

Perfect. Now we are talking. :) I programmed for 30 years but I just can't get into scad because I design with my eyes when dealing with 3d.

Good work.

Thanks, your feedback was of great help!

you mean the fan openings? right now they are set to 90% of the fan frame size, I should probably increase it to 95%.
you're also correct about where the large cone meets the tube, I need to work on the math a bit more