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Pen Holder

by damm301 Apr 13, 2013
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I printed this last night and woke up to find it had collapsed in the middle. This was on 50% infill and 0.15mm layers. I might have to up the infill. Cura said 19 hours for this one.

Made on Anycubic I3 Mega with gold Bamtack PLA

200/55, zero infill, 0.2mm layer, speed 50.

I might just be showing my age, but...

Does looking at this cool design bring back memories of the old bitmap brothers game.
Xenon 2 Megablast ?


Cura is telling me it is going to take 19 hours with .2mm resolution. Has anyone printed it higher than that? It sure would help cut down the time.

Great design, by the way!

I think I printed mine at .25mm. I don't remember the speed I printed at, but it took around 14 hours

Lost the feed on the first one. Here's the updated feed link: https://youtu.be/bw6vMas47O4

Wanna know if i can fit it in my printer.

Hey, what are the specs of this ?

One of my favorite things on here. I have 5 of them printed in different colors.

I like the idea, kinda reminds me pencils come from trees.

Kinda looks like the Top Valves of a Heart.

I also thought that to when I looked at it.

I also thought that to when I looked at it.

I also thought that to when I looked at it.

Comments deleted.

Nice! Does It Need Rafts?

Nice! Does It Need Rafts?

Nice! Does it Need Rafts?

Has anyone made this on a Polyprinter? Since it's a bit quicker, I wonder if it will cut down on the amount of time to print?

We are live streaming it here: https://youtu.be/k3QdjU9momY using a Polyprinter 229. Estimated time is 6 hr and 30 minutes.

I printed mine of my Flashforge. IT took 5 hours or so. Totally reasonable time imo.

Brilliant. I am going to use this, not as a pen holder but as a branch holder for my stick insect food. I shall make it watertight and will fill it with bramble and other plants for my stick insects to feed on. It will look great if I use green coloured or wood filament.

Sadly, my print area isn't deep enough to print this print... I have to scale it down to about .49 the original size... Is there any chance that pens would still fit in the holes then? Or at that point will the holes be way too small?

even at 100% holes are sort of small. at 0.5 will be too small definitely.

It wont slice for me

Hey damm301, is this copyrighted? I would like to use and distribute it.


Please see the License details and follow the link (when downloading the files) for what you can/can not do, and under what conditions this applies.

I made two of these on my MBI 2X and had the shift problem others have reported with each. I sliced the first in Rep-G with Skeinforge, and the second in the latest MakerWare with their slicer. Neither program showed the shift in the preview, so I was surprised when both were affected equally. It would be awesome if the author posted the originating CAD file(s) so we could re-export the STLs.

I use repetier Host v1.0.6, the slic3r is version 1.1 , it take me 6 hours to generate G-code with the reduced model.
I had increasing the thread to 6, in the beginning it is fin with high disk write 95%, then go to slow mode, current at cpu 19% memory only 37%, disk 1%~0. anything wrong with it? Thanks

It is software problem, not a model. I used some pretty bad softwares in the past, such as ReplicatorG - this one is simply horrible. Takes forever to generate gcodes. Unreasonably forever. I used Simplify3D and it works OK. about 10-15 seconds to generate gcode for this one.

I got the offset too printing on a Printrbot Simple Metal at a relatively slow speed. I don't think it's a stepper problem. The STL looks fine and slicing it with Slic3r worked fine.

The offset used to happened to me on almost every print I made. I realized that it was because the motors were skipping a step due to overly high torque needs. Simply lubricating all the moving parts completely eliminated the problem.

Edit: simply changing the voltage wasn't enough.

This new thing http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:433270 looks exactly like this pen holder. Even the two files are named exactly the same and of the same size.

I sliced the large version in Cura without problem and it printed out without the skip near the top. It came out really nice

how tall is the original without scale?

I believe I used 30% on mine. You could get away with a LOT less, probably 5 or 10%. the object is hollow so you don't need to use 0% infill to get it hollow. You'll need infill to tie the inner/outer perimeters together, though. Good luck!

I just started a print with 100% infill. Should I stop it?

Soon to be leaving thingiverse because of Makerbot's behavior towards open source.
Details: http://www.fabbaloo.com/blog/2014/5/25/has-makerbot-crossed-the-line-for-some-yeshttp://www.fabbaloo.com/blog/2...

I've made 3 of these on my Ultimaker without incident -- 30 hour print jobs (I had the machine on a UPS just in case). The final print requires a fair amount of cleanup with files and a bottle-brush to break any internal stringing, but the results is pretty damn good!

Repetier Host crashes when trying to load the G code after slicing. Slicing in Slic3r directly and moving the gcode to an SD card let me get the print started. It's a long print.

Tried to make it twice. First time my Replicator 2 quit at about 30% by failing to pull the material in. Second time I was at about 80% when power went out :-(. Will not try again, as this is a 15-hour printing job.

I tried Cura and Skeinforge standalone. Both crash while slicing. Anything i can do to avoid this?

Slic3r through ReplicatorG failed, too

I have just uploaded another STL of the same model, at a somewhat reduced resolution. This might help if you ran out of memory while slicing.

Thank you very much! Works like a charm now

After a very long slice (1 hour!) and an even longer print (15hours) its finally completed. Came out perfect first time so there isnt a problem with the model. Printed using a reprappro mono mendel and sliced using slic3r.
This uses about 175g of plastic if anyone is interested

Printed this (posting my Make later today), and noticed it has the same step halfway up as the one pictured. I'm printing on a Rep2 with plenty of Z room for this. It seems to be an issue with the model. Too bad 'cuz it's a long print and once it's fixed I'm going to want to re-make it!

This is all kinds of awesome. What did you use to design it?

In the photo there is a line halfway up. Is that from a missed step, or did you print it in two pieces and glue it? My prusa only does 100mm in z, so I'll have to either scale it down or split it up.

No, this is due to some unknown issue. I mention this in the instructions. For some reason, the print is offset at around 60%.

Tried three times to print this, and all three failed at the exact same point. Doesn't seem to work with Makerware, at least mine.

That is a whole jumble of cool.. Looks like the tube worms that grow deep in the hot vents of the ocean.

That looks really amazing!

It looks to me like the problem you have is one of the stepper motors missing a step. I've seen it happen before when the reference voltages on the stepper drivers weren't high enough which means that the motor isn't getting enough current so isn't generating enough torque.

Yes, thought so, too. But the thing is, It happened also in the second copy I did, and at exactly same layer. And other users here had the same issue too. I suspect it is more likely a slicer or f/w issue.

Interesting. That definitely sounds like sliver or f/w

Hey All, I had problems with this print using skeinforge and Slic3r, I tried with "cura" and it's perfect!

So still having issues slicing this, what do you recommend?

hey, i repare the problem... its the cable of the x axis xtruder, to get sure wile its printing move the cables and see what happens

Nevermind. I got it sliced and is printing right now!

Hey bro, it hapened again... maybe they dident fixed in the new software. thats geting me crazy

Dude, that's COOL!

hey i noticed you had the same problem than me, your extruder made a mistake and continued printing desfaced

hah, interesting. I thought it was a glitch on my machine, but it seems to be related to the model then - although the STL seems fine? Or maybe we have both the same printer and the object is slightly larger than the build volume?

What kind of printer and Slicer are you using?

im using the replicator 2x whit makerwere software, and i find the problem, it was the sofware, they updated to 2.2 and the problem seems to be solved

Nice job! Though how much ram do you guys have to process this stl threw slic3r? Whenever I try to slice it it grabs all the ram on my laptop and closes after I reach 4 gbs :( It is making me consider upgrading to 16 gb of ram, or am I doing something wrong?

You could try decreasing number of threads. It will consume less memory (it'll also be slower). You can change number of threads in Print settings>Advanced>Other

HI Brecker,

Yes, it's a bit memory hungry, but I was successful in slicing it with RepG 0040. It failed with the standard RepG build, but it was successful with the "large model" version on PC (Win7, 8GB RAM)

Cool thanks, I'll give it a shot

This is why I love 3d printing. I can print this in any color, size desired at home! (No shop could supply all the combinations people desire too.) Great job and a super organic feel! Andrew (http://3dhacker.com3dhacker.com)

glad you like it, and thanks for the feedback!