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Pipboy 3000

by lfenske Mar 19, 2015
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Built this big prints white small silver, excellent job Ifenske! Anyone put a raspberry pi in this?

I'm curently printing this project, and i have a few question

could it be possible to provide assembly information or instructions ? most parts are pretty easy to spot, but some other ones, like those that look like 2 sticks, are less obvious (the long and thin one on the smal parts print job)

What size of screws are necessary for this project ? lenght ? how many ?

Those skinny "sticks" are for mounting a 4.3 inch LCD screen if you would like to put a pi in it and run linux with a pip boy skin. So unless you are putting a screen into it, don't worry about those. I can't remember on the screws. I think I used #6 course thread, maybe #4.

thanks four your quick response ! can't wait to see the finished product !

sadly, it doesn't fit my arm, but my girlfriend tought it was a great gift !
do you have any suggestion of free software to edit the files ? i feel like stretching it in the slicer would change the issue, either it goes farther on my arme and it's still too small or is will probably loock deformed (stretching only x and y )

any software i could use to make the cylindrical part bigger ?

Thats a bummer. Scaling it up by maybe 5 percent or so would probably be fine in your slicer. Other than that any 3d modeling program that you are proficient in would be best for changing the diameter. Otherwise something with boolean tools would make it easy. You would have to do each part of the arm brace however.

tried to edit the .stl with solidworks, inventor and catia, without succes
the software can't convert the mesh into a solid part, for some reason

any suggestion for an other sofware ?

i'm printing a 10 % bigger version, we'll see if it will work

Sketcup would work well if you were proficient in it. If not then your going to have more trouble than pretty much any other.

What size print bed was this designed for? I've got the Monoprice Maker Select 13860 with a print bed: 8" x 8" x 7"
The items aren't fitting the area when I loaded them up in Cura.

First off, ditch cura. Treat yourself to simpifly 3D.

Its made for a standard 6x9. If you download meshmixer you can split the pieces up.

You sir are a true design genius. It is very rare to have an item downloaded that requires no repair, fits on a normal sized printer and is a truly fine reproduction of the original item. Kudos to you sir, I intend to follow you hoping for more excellent props in the future. Thanks very much for your outstanding work

Dear Luke Fenske you are a true designer with this pipboy .. i have just printed it and it came out amazing and how everything fits together is amazing .. i may remix this to have more parts on the build plate at one time

Can I make this work with a iPhone 4s? What about a iPhone 6?

Really depends.. Can you draw your own parts? I don't know the size of the iphone 6 but the pip boy MAY be large enough for it. Im sure the iphone 4s will fit but you'll have to make the parts to fit the phone. Other than that your other options would be to get a computer similar to the Pi except better processing capability, then just run jellybean on it. After that you could get the fallout app off of google play. I'm assuming thats what you're trying to do with it.

What raspberry pi was this meant for?

You'll need one of the older models. The Pi needs a RCA video out. De solder everything the the Pi except 1 usb and the RCA. Connect a wireless keyboard receiver to the USB, to control the Pi (use one of those small linux keyboards with the track pad)... For free, you can download a Fallout pip boy themed skin for linux and just run that on the Pi. The backup camera screen connects to the PI via RCA. You'll want 9 v lithium Ion batteries. The screen takes 12v, but 9 will do the trick. Regulate it down to 5v to run the Pi. Cram the Pi and as much lithium ion power as you can into the compartment. Jerry rig some charging method, and mount the screen. Easy peasy.

If I am not mistaken, I could use a PI 2, because the audio jack is also a composite out, sorry, just want to be sure.

The Pi Zero also has video in directly on the board that you could solder to directly.

does anyone have a 3d model of the "pip-Boy and Model 3000" logo of know of the font used?

THIS PIP BOY WAS NOT DESIGNED AROUND A PHONE! It was designed to be made into a prop. It was made for a pi and a 4.3 inch back up camera screen.

Is it ok for 5.5 inch screen?

Screen or phone? it was made for a 4.3 inch backup camera screen to work in conjunction with a pi

Phone. But I've just understood that it is for raspberry pi.

Can you post a assembled file. in .skp format? i want to see the spacing for components

That would be awesome if you did

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Could you please provide individual part uploads. I can't fit for example all four of the large parts on my bed, but I could fit 2.

Thanks much.

Looking forward to this. Looks awesome

You can split the grouped parts to individual STL files using Repetier Host. Import the group, click the settings cog next to the object, click Split Object. Delete all but one part then save it to a new STL. Rinse and repeat.

Yeah, thanks. I learned that I could split it up in Meshmixer too. So I have it sorted out.


Can you post Instruction or are they unnecessary?

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