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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Reusable ECO FLY and WASP Trap - Use a soda bottle to trap flies or wasps that bother you

by derekzoli Mar 13, 2015
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what is the difference between the 2 stl?

hi mate , what a grate and practical idea your a legend im gonna print 4 , i hate flys

thanks for the design. as a beekeeper i printed out 3 already and filled the coke bottles with beer. lets see how many wasps i can catch during 1 day

mixed just beer with some water ... in a day catched like 50 flies and some wasps with the 3 traps will add a bit of sugar now so hope it will attract more wasps

Nice design but super fragile, my kid dropped two of them and both broke easily.

The first couple of layers seem to take a long time would you post one with a flat top?

Don't trap wasps, which are beneficial creatures.
Don't like wildlife and things that lived on this planet millions of years before you did?
Then get off of it.

They can also sting the heck out of you. Some people are highly allergic to the venom and can die. Trapping a few around the house won't make a dent in the worldwide population of wasps.They can be as beneficial as they please somewhere else.

Comments deleted.

I'm not killing anyone.
Neither are the wasps.

I'm allergic to wasps. One sting in the right place and I could die.

Nice Trap, Thank You...

What a great design...I have printed the trap and it now sits proudly on the lid of the rubbish bin. I use chicken livers as bait because they are full of blood and don't take too long to smell foul !The flies seem get into the bottle easily enough and can't get out. I am not too sure how long the PLA will last in the Brisbane heat. I printed in flouro green on my FF dreamer.

Hi Mike I am happy you like it!
I have 4-5 in my garden since 2 years, they survided 2 summer and 1 and half winter.

PS: I love Brisbane. I hope I could come there again in the future

I want to use this with fruit flies in the house, which are MUCH smaller and can easily get out through the slits in the funnel. I will be using this as the base model and close-off the slits.

There is a great mason jar lid model on here that works awesome for fruit flies.

How can you keep it from attracting bees, because we need them to pollinate!

To avoid Bees, just do a mix of beer and "Cassis" juice.
Beers don't like alcool so they never come in the trap ^^
(tested several times here and no bees !).

I don't know. I normally use it for fly. I used once for wasps, but probably bees are attracted from same composition. I am sorry I can't help.

This will print without supports? Will PLA be fine as long as it's not left out directly in the elements?

I do not use use supports.

i definetly support hexagonal cone up to the cap part it would be great when it comes to bridging

I think it would print better if the slits at the top, instead of it being circular, was hexa or octogonal, then the straight lines would be overhangs!

What is the difference between the two models?

I improved the internal funnel. This new one should work better at least in my intentions :-)

Best way to print it? Supports or no supports? abs or pla?

I printed pla. No support.
Raft on old printer without heated bed. No raft on new one

Beer is good choice, pour in half & drink the rest

WORK GREAT!!!! I made a timelapse print. I own 13 chickens and I get tons of flies. This has been such an effective way of keepig flies away from my back porch with little maintenance and cost!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfSq86acvDs

thanks. Nice video