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by swtchrwr Mar 13, 2015
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I just did a print of this and found that almost none of my knives fit. 34 hours and a bunch of PETG wasted. I intend to make a remix to fit my knife set, but I suck at CAD so no promises ;)

im in Canada, where do I find those weird copper discs you used to weigh it down?? do you think I can use Canadian nickels instead? or will their high maple content not work as well?

seriously though. good job, would be cool of you used some of the empty space for something useless, like a spring loaded tooth pick launcher. I mean dispenser. .

I'm sure this has been asked before but what touch screen device did you scale for this project?

anybody know where to buy the taylor thermometer im making this for my moms b-day and id like to add that to it, and also maybe the circular magnets too i have some way smaller magnets but i dont want to modify the model to get them to fit.

I got all the kitchen stuff in the same isle at wal-mart, the magnets were from home depot.

Really cool! Impressed with the overall design and thought put into it.

Please use food safe nozzle because normal nozzle might contain lead which might be absorb into the filament when printing and please try to use transparent filament because coloured filament has chemical added into it when manufacture

Don't buy fruit from the store because it could contain pesticides. Stop using your computer because it will make your eyes weak. Never go in public because someone could have a cold. Don't sit on chairs because it hurts your spine. Don't be next to wood it could have termites and you could DIE! Don't touch your 3d printer EVER it could be hot. Don't eat anything from a store it could not be organic. Don't put a thermometer in it someone could poke themselves.

And please don't put knives in here because knives are dangerous. And please, stay inside because the sun causes cancer. And please don't use your car, because people die when they crash their car.

Please don't be toxic because it makes me depressed and depression leads to snacks.

Please make sure your snacks are gluten free because I read that gluten is bad, also please make sure they are sugar free and organic.

Holy! Why doesn't this have more like. I'm gonna make one!

Comments deleted.

This thing is really awesome, great example of form meeting function! I can't believe you didn't take first place in the challenge, this thing is the best.

This is amazing!!! Thank you for the inspiration. My plan is to build a custom version that holds my extensive knife collection, but you have given me a great idea!!!

congrats on the top 20.......
thanks for the support too.
though i didnt make it.
nice job

I like the designed and space saving features of this model. Its put together well, and i hope thingverse gives it a star.

I like the designed and space saving features of this model. Its put together well, and i hope thingverse gives it a star.

Its a beautiful print. I do a lot of cooking and my one design criticism would be the usability. In a connected kitchen I would want to be able see the screen / make adjustments to it, look up info and grab my knives from the same side of the counter. With your design, it would require the constant turning back and forth of the knife block. If you have it set up on a counter to grab knives then the drawer is potentially backed up against the back-splash / back wall. If you have it turned to see the screen then the knives are not accessible and require you to pull them out in a dangerous way. With messy cooking hands, it's not always going to be practical to turn the knife block around to get what you need.

Just print two and face them opposite of each other.

Just kidding, this is a legitimate criticism of the design I would expect from someone really serious about food preparation. Like the micro-KITCHEN, the micro-BLOCK makes some compromises in the name of saving space a real pro might not want to deal with.
I think if I had to do this again I would make the drawer a pass-through so it can be accessed from either side, but the screen is a harder problem. Can I ask you, would it be enough if the base swiveled freely or would it be better to be able to flip the screen up (like the hood of a car) so that it can be viewed from the same side as the knives? The former would be easy, the later might take some ingenuity to pull off under the constraints of the contest.

Hey look at that you won the Mars Base Challenge! Congrats!

You could always put a lazy susan bearing in the bottom so to can rotate when you need a different knife.

Great idea!, i love it... Just sad it won't fit my printer :(

I see, it's about 0.25" shy of being able to fit on the Dremel Idea Maker... bummer.
I've looked at the model and here's an easy band-aid fix I can do for you if you're really motivated to print this thing.
If you send me your contact information privately through Thingiverse I can send you the files.

The short of it is this, because the dowel pins extend about 3/4" into the block, I can make a cut 1/4" up from the base, and it can be printed separately from the main block. The first 1/4" of the dowels would hold that slice in place and the remaining 1/2" would engage the upper block (now only 5.5" high). I'd do that over just slicing the bottom off because you need the height to accommodate the 8" carving knife.

Thanks for looking at, and liking my thing!

Very nice--well thought out!

Well done!! Maybe a Raspberry Pi version next for a mini computer in the kitchen.

I can tell you put a lot of thought into this. It looks super space efficient and really sleek too.