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Mini drawers stackable

by Kezat Mar 4, 2015
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would it be possible to add a stackable two drawer high case ?

Nice job, this a very good and useful print. I would like to have a 2 bins drawer divided in the other side (horizontally). Thanks.

Hey, I really like the design. I was amazed home well the main part printed. I thought the last line across the top was going to fail because of the lack of support but it worked beautifully. The problem I had later was that the drawers wouldn't fit in. I only printed one and I tried filing it down and trimming/beveling edges with a Stanley knife.
I printed again at 98% width and 97% height. and it worked perfectly.
I imagine the issue is probably just that my settings aren't 100% perfect and the minor imperfections stopped it fitting.
Either way, I've got 2 out of 4 drawers done now and I'll post some pics when I have the rest done.

What printer and software are you using? I am getting ready to print this for my daughter. Thanks!

Hi, not sure what's going on but 4th attempt on frame with top failed. On the seventh layer it lays filler to thick, when the nozzle has to travel over this to start the 8th layer which knocks the extruder off its path. I've tried everything now :-( going to have to leave it, the draws printed fine wish I started the frame first but never mind. Tidy draws though.

It sounds like your over extruding a bit, have you printed a 100% infill cal cube to check that?

Gone from 1.05 down to 0.8 printed a cube at 100% at its come out flawless to the mil :-) I will have another go at the frame tomorrow and post results (if fixed) many thanks for the advice

Glad to here it.
It might be worth printing the case at 100.5% scale to increase the tolerance slightly, some people have had issues fitting the drawers.
Let me know how it works out.

I've not done a test cube yet but did alter my extruder to thin it out, maybe needs some more, it's just I've printed many things and never come across this problem. But you are probably right I will try a cube and get back to you later let you know how I get on, thanks for quick response ;-)

Hey, loving the drawers! Do you think it would be possible if you perhaps made a version of the drawers_case_no_top and drawers_case_with_top without any horizontal bottom areas so I don't need supports? Like by filling the triangles on top completely as well as making the triangles on the surface where you put the drawers larger so it forms sort of a /\, rather than

/ . Thanks!

Unless i'm missing your point I think you might be printing the case in the wrong orientation. If you print it out the way the STL file comes with the case on it's back you do not need any supports at all on ether case, top or no top versions.

Layer ten (a single solid layer) of the "drawers case with no top" completely failed on my printer (Wanhao Duplicator i3) using Cura http://i.imgur.com/0GZkFw2.jpg

I guess it's a slicer issue, as I don't actually see that layer on the images. Weird. Three hours left before I can comment on the rest :)

It was definitely a slicer issue. I scrapped that print as it came away from the bed (I mistakenly thought I could turn the heated bed off after the first few layers) and made a new one. After printing the drawers, I've found it quite difficult to move them in and out, so I'm making another case scaled to 102%. Hopefully this should make things a lot smoother.

Good to hear you got the layer issue sorted. 102% might be a bit much perhaps 101% or so is a better idea. Let me know how it turns out.
Also I recommend 0.2 layer heights or less, the thicker the layers the more the extrusion line squashes past the expected edge of the model causing fit issues.

102% seems OK actually. I did it on all axes, but I think perhaps only the Z axis is necessary, as one of the drawers pushes in a bit too far. Thank you for the pleasing design!

Well, the infill is needed, as it turned out :) However, this is one of the best things to print - I already printed 3 stacks of them, so I have 12 drawers altogether. One can see the progress of my learning.
Also, the ones with anti-wrap extension are EXCELLENT thing to train ABS printing on! Strongly recommend.
Thanks a lot to the author of this thing.

Thanks for the kind words and make photo, this motivates me to design more:)

cool, can you also make a drawer without the bins, just one big drawer, and one that is split in half through the lenght

Done, let me know if you have any issues.