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Cable Holder (Cable Clip)

by bardiaesm Apr 6, 2013
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Great design! Not sure why you are getting grief from other commenters. These work perfectly.

Bon design mais échelle incorrect . C'est beaucoup trop gros . Pensez a tout réduire

Why the fuck this files is kind of verified ?? It is just garbage. The scale is incorrect, no printed part in pics section. I've lost material and my time to print those piece a garbage !!

Hang on, with all of the comments saying that the scale is much larger than expected, why has the designer not bothered to modify the item description at all?

Also, why is the render in the screenshot clearly of a commercial product (bluelounge cabledrop) differing from the actual design?

Well anyone, including myself, can read that the description doesn't say what cable this is for. For example, the standard file works great for my laptop charger cable. Secondly, and this might just sound crazy, your slicer will tell you how big it actually is. I used a "scale" function in my slicer to make it smaller and fit my phone charger. Lastly, it takes 10 minutes to print. If it doesn't work for you, scale it to the size needed and go from there. If the cost of fifteen cents of filament wasted is an issue, I'd say 3d printing isn't the best thing to be spending money on. Just my two pennies on the subject.

Are you saying that the image should not necessarily be considered representative of the actual model?

A slicer will tell you how big the overall model is, but not features of the model as in this case, the middle gap.

Modifying the item page to show a more representative image and a helpful description would not at all be difficult and save a large collective number of "10 minute prints" as evident by this page. Have a look at how many comments there are about scale.

I suppose. 93479 downloads and 53 comments and counting. I'd say most people have figured it out. As far as the image, I see no problem with it. It gives me an idea of what I'll be printing and I know not all cables are the same size. I'd say the average person should be able to figure that out. Again, just my two pennies.

You may see no problem with the image, but I see a couple. The object in the image is a commercial item of similar appearance and function, not the actual model on this page. Even if it were the same model, it's depicted at a scale differing from the actual model's scale.
Given that the vast majority of object pictures on Thingiverse are of the actual object itself rather than "a similar one", I definitely consider this to be misleading.

I wouldn't conflate download and comment count with the time spent reprinting this item which could otherwise be saved with an easily updated description and picture. For example, the description could be updated to say "The model's default scale has an opening of Xmm which will hold cables of Ymm, scale up or down according to your cable size".

it doesn't fit!! its too big. you are projecting a thin iPhone cable on the photo but this scale is much bigger

Hello, I as several others printed this full scale. I am new to 3d printing and haven't figured out exactly how to tell the size of things in Repetier.

Having said that, I am a machinist of over 30 years and find many of these designs put here are sadly lacking in information about the model.
It would be so helpful if the designer put some dimensions with the models so we could atleast know what size the model comes in.
I do not like trial printing something just to find out it is 2-3 times to big for my application or the application advertised. The pictures are nice but misleading of the actual size of the downloaded model.
I do like your design, and I appreciate you sharing it with us.

Your slicer should provide you with those measurements.

While many slicers do have some kind of lines on the virtual bed, the actual scale is usually not easily recognizable. Thus the description should give a rough idea of what to expect.

The size is OK for many cables, but not for the use as advertised by the picture. No slicer will put an iphone cable next to the model for you to immediately spot this.

really bad design, every cable i tried will slip out, you really need to redesign your shit

It seems like you are still new to 3D printing and/or still don't have a lot of experience.
Firstly this is a free website that allow designers like me to share their designs with people like you. Please watch your language and if you have a problem feel free to use your own designs. :)
Secondly, you can simply resize the print based on your need, for example if you need to use it for an iPhone cable, you can resize it to 50% so that it doesn't "slip out".
The problem isn't my design, it is your poor ability to understand how to use a 3D printer and how to appreciate a community such as Thingiverse that allow designers to share their designs for free.
Thank you

It's not okay to say "shit" but it's okay to be super passive aggressive? The internet is weird.

In the time it took to respond to duck678, you could have resolved his issues.

In the time it took me to write this, I could have remixed this design. The cycle continues.

Comments deleted.

Too Big for Iphone Cable.

Please try to reprint it at 50% size

Fits Pixel 2 XL charging cable perfectly at 50% size. Not too tight and the cable can "snap" in and out.

thank you exact comment i was looking for

Please try changing the size

Comments deleted.

Had to sand a bit off the edges to allow the wire to fit other than that it was perfect

Thank you, glad you like it!

Comments deleted.

Please try to resize it to your liking!

I scaled it to 43% in order for it to properly fit Apple lightning cables.

I should have checked the comments before printing. I wrongly assumed the iphone file would work :\

Looks like blue lounge ones. Especially from the rendered pictures

Looks like they hold thick high voltage cables in 100% scale :)))
The gap on top is ~4.5-5mm. Regular phone cable has a ~2-2.5mm diameter.
PS: Model looks different from render.

Up to what size cables does this hold?

Very poor design. very different than in render pictures....

accusing a design poor and claiming it came out of your printer looking different than in the pictures is quite amusing to hear, even in internet.

take a design and put it in slicer, slice it wrong and put it in printer that does not work correctly, maybe assembled wrong or is in lack of maintenance or operated by individual with no knowledge how to operate it.

I would re-iterate that comment, maybe offer a picture sample what went wrong. If there is something wrong with design, offer some ideas or feedback. Anyone can complaint.

Oh my God, there are only a few things different, but everything else is almost the same, even the table.

Scaled to 70% percent is perfect for phone/USB cables.

I scaled to 50% for iPhone charging cable. Works perfect

Does it hold them quite snug at that scale?

At that scale you have to squeeze them in a little but the slide around freely in the holder.

как говорится хочешь чтоб было нормально, делай сам...

херня. выпадает, болтаеца....фуфло и наебалово

just perfect
thank you

Comments deleted.

Waaay too big for phone chargers and the likes. Gap is too big and so does not hold anything.

Comments deleted.

I designed a customizable version based on your design:

YACHO (Yet Another Cable HOlder) Customizable
by matschi

The original size of this model is waaaay to big for any of the normal cables that I have. Would suggest scaling down when printing.

Could you make one with mulltiple cable openings

Hi, I did a customizable cable holder.
It is not as pretty as this one, but you can change a variety of settings:

YACHO (Yet Another Cable HOlder) Customizable
by matschi

Even for the thickest cable I have (laptop charger) the opening on the top is too large to actually retain it. I would say start out be resizing to 90% for larger cables and 75% for plain old phone charger cables.

Advice to set infill minimum 20%! I made 10% and top of this thing was not good.

can you please share a costing of single cable holder if we make it at home by self????

The cable holder weights around 10 grams, I buy 1kg of filament for $20.

$20 = 2000 cents

10 x 2000 = 20000
20000 / 1000 = 20¢

Therefore It should cost around 20 cents per cable holder!

One thing that has to be considered is cost of electricity. so you add 4 cents depending on your printer...

add the printer wear and tear, and your own time costs ))

Lol, old design... I actually buy these from the bargain store, they are soft silicone, come with 3M sticky backings already, and they come in a pack of 8 for $2.. in 4 different colours..

Soon to be leaving thingiverse because of Makerbot's behavior towards open source.
Details: http://www.fabbaloo.com/blog/2014/5/25/has-makerbot-crossed-the-line-for-some-yeshttp://www.fabbaloo.com/blog/2...

Comments deleted.

This model has some issues with it. It's not extremely obvious why the bottom has an inset circle? (Are you supposed to glue in magnets or something?) And, there seems to be a square inclusion on both sides. You can see it when it prints, and it's inefficient.

Thank you for your comment!
I knew about the problem but never got a chance to fix it.
Ive uploaded 2 new files (CableHolder_with_coin_FIX, CableHolder_FIX), in those new files I removed the 2 square holes on the sides you were talking about it.
For file CableHolder_FIX, I removed the coin hole however file CableHolder_with_coin_FIX, still got the hole under it (Its used for inserting coins to make it heavier)

Bardiaesm, what universe are you from not to realize that it is unethical to use someone else's picture or to steal someone else's design? Just because you say who you stole it from doesn't make it right.

Come on !!!!!!
Getting ideas and getting inspired by other designs, redesigning an idea with new initiatives and citing the source of the idea is Not called Stealing, Sir.

For example do you believe that apple compony or any other mobile companies invited mobiles?

Well I agree with the point that sharing a design or modifying it for thingiverse is OK as long as it is a simple design like this. Anybody could open his cad software make a half sphere and punch a circular hole in it, but when it comes to more advanced stuff where the designers actually did put their sweat and tears into, we should not steal.

But I guess as the market for 3d designs will soon grow very fast there will be significant changes to how copyright is handeled. Let's just be happy that for now nobody is suing us

What is up with Thingiverse lately? I think all the staff must be on break or something

Thankfully, this website isn't like schools that in the weekends are closed.
My design is completely designed by my own with SolidWorks and it has been featured since 11AM today (In the weekend)

Hi man this is my version of the design: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:40366http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...
I think you shouldnt use the foto of the original photograph.. Its worse enough to steal the design, then we shouldnt also steal the pictures professional fotographs made for their magazines. Also why dont you print it and upload a picture? Or maybe do a 3d render, thats what I like to do.

Cable Clip

Thank you for your comment, Firstly, Im so sorry and I do not why that your design was not featured and the difference between my design and the original design is that I made a coin-size-hole on the bottom of the design to inset 2 coins for making the design more heavier (Please read the description)

Secondly, I also did note in my description that the picture is from http://www.bluelounge.com/products/cabledrop/www.bluelounge.com/products/ca...

Thirdly, there is not any principle that we can not use the original picture that inspired us and helped us to get the design.

Ok sorry didn't see that link when I made the comment, or maybe it wasn't there yet at the time.

Really shame that thingiverse has not featured your thing and now has featured this. Definitely they was fooled by the picture!

They have their own principles for featuring a design and I think they know their rules better than us

Comments deleted.