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BeQui, Jointed Robot

by bq3D Feb 27, 2015
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Currently working on this project, I advise that the head be flipped in your slicer before starting the print. As it is designed the top of the head will be facing the build plate and end up with all sorts of damage. Flip, and set supports to hold up the head from the bottom of it.

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Amazing project and my child is already excited even-though only 25% is printed.
I have noticed a problem someone else already reported: rotating part of the hand is falling out of the joint. Any way You could upload a file that can be modified? Solidworks is getting stuck while opening STL. Thank you.

When I download the zip file, all the names have been converted to a string of random alphanumeric letters :-(

I get the same, can't find a decoder that will decode it but the models all load perfectly for me in Cura. I guess you could rename them 1-11 or by body parts, or just print them in order? :(

love it so much, thank you for sharing

I could never successfully print this robot. Hands were never properly formed and other parts were not fully printed. It was a big mess and I lost time and material every one of the 3 times I tried printing this design. It's sad because it is a beautiful design!

I tried to print hands 8 or 10 times :) All other parts prints normal to me - I have used Cura 2.7 beta version (with 0,15 layer and gradual infill). For body and head i used supports.
But I can't print hands. I remade the hands models for more stability. You can find these models here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2472515
I hope that you will successfully print this model.

BeQui, Jointed Robot hands with extra support

Hard to print fingers, because hand shakes on joint.

I've printed this and it looks great on my wanhao i3 2.1.
I would prefer the head to be better as it's very untidy on his head and the same on his shoulders which sanding kinda fixes but it's not ideal. Also I had to run a drill bit up the hole in the arms to be able to get two runs of elastic through them. ( Using 2.5mm elastic)

The two robots are different. Look at the date of publication. I designed them, so they have a similar style.

Ah, that makes sense, great work!

Really nice design! The only thing that bothers me is that the head and the upper body are made to be printed upside down. So the most visible surfaces are the ones the support is attached to. On my UM2 everything else is smooth and looks really good but these parts are ugly at the most visible surfaces.

Can you supply the two parts (or at least the head) printable in "normal" orientation (or without the included support)?
That would be great!

Hola buenos dias, me he descargado el archivo pero veo que me falta una pieza, se trata del cuello, no me aparece en ninguno de los archivos descargados

Finally finished making this. I had a lot of trouble with the left arm; the right arm and everything else worked just fine (except for my first attempt at the torso piece- see my comment below), but the left arm took me about 7 tries before it worked. It fell over on me a few times and the wrist kept breaking when I tried to loosen the joint.

So if you're struggling to get the arms to work, try these things:
First, use a raft or a brim. My slicing software has the option of adding a brim or a raft when you slice it, but if you're software doesn't have that option there are a few people who have remixed the files and added rafts.

Second, I recommend printing the arms with a greater density than the other pieces. I finally got the left arm to work by using 3-layered walls and an infill with 30% density instead of the recommended 15%.

Third, when it comes time to loosen the joints, clip/cut away all the support structures, then used a thin screwdriver to pop the joints. The fingers should pop without any tools, and the larger wrist joint will pop easily by inserting the screwdriver into the gap and gently turning it. The smaller wrist joint is the one that I kept struggling with. Every time I tried it the hand would break off before the wrist joint popped. So finally, with the last one, I just went really slowly and gently, rocking the hand back and forth to loosen up the joint. I also used my screwdriver to loosen it, and by inserting the screwdriver into the gap behind the back of the hand and gently turning I was finally able to pop the joint without breaking anything.

Thanks bqlabs! Awesome design!

English translation of all the text in the video, with a bit of help from google translate, for those of you who need it (like me):

-These are the tools we use:
small pliers, fine wire, silicone adhesive, elastic cord 2.5mm, exacto knife, gloves, file, scissors, rubber EVA, 2 cent coin
-To review the printed pieces you can use file, pliers and exacto knife. Protect your hands with gloves!
-If you place EVA in the shoulder and hip joints, you'll get Bequi to maintain good positions
-2 circumferences of diameter 1.8 cm perforated
-2 EVA strips 0.5 x 5 cm
-The parts are joined with an elastic cord
-A suitable cord thickness is 2.5 mm diameter
-We'll use 3 sections of knotted cord on the following points:
-elastic cord 2mm to 3mm ø
-We’ll pass the cord using a wire.
-Tightening the cords as much as possible is very important for you to maintain positions.

I'm having trouble slicing the torso (Pecho). So far I've successfully printed the head, both hands, the shoulders, the thighs, and am currently printing the left foot, but the torso isn't slicing right. When I slice it the center pillar piece disappears and doesn't print. The C-shaped coupler on the top stays, and sometimes the collared piece immediately beneath it stays, but the pillar that goes down through the center of the torso always disappears. I've tried both versions of the torso (with and without logo), with no luck. (Also, on the one with the logo, the extra support pieces don't slice either).

I have a Da Vinci Jr so I'm stuck using the XYZware app to slice it.

Anyone have any suggestions for how to get the torso to work?

EDIT: I just tried slicing it with "auto repair" turned off and it looks like its going to work now. I'll print it tonight and update this whether or not it works. :)

EDIT2: It worked. :D


AHHHHH, I just cant get the head to print....the over hang is killing me.

anyone else using this setup that can share settings to get me close...

driving me crazy.

same here, i'm not sure what others are using but i can't get it to print correct either

I am new to 3D printing, and trying to decide if I want to try this project. For the hands and feet, when it prints, those parts will/should be movable? How is that done, exactly?

This is just amazing :) i love it :)

About how many cubic inches of plastic does this guy use?

I think you mean cubic centimeters ;)

I just finished printing all the parts, now on to cleaning and assembly. My Prusa i3 did a great job. I did have to use a wide skirt to stabilize the arms. I did not know I could print restrained joints like these. Thanks for a great model. It has changed my thinking about what is possible.

I spent a whole roll of filament on this and it dosent fit together, THE PARTS DONT FIT TOGETHER DO NOT PRINT!!!

I realize this comments six months old but in case anyone else stumbles upon it with the same issue the parts aren't meant to snap together. They are designed to be loose and held together using an elastic/rubber band. The parts all work exactly as designed just don't expect a snap together model.

Officially, 67 people made this. without problem.
Recheck your printer settings.

Just printed 2 of these using my Makerbot replicator and they turned out perfect. Thanks

Im having issues printing the torso.... bottom layers get really messy with alot of ringing and blobs, and the piece that is suppost to be the neck always gets holes like its missing plastic.... The middle of the torso is fine!!

what slicer are you using?

I was using Cura, i have simplify3D now but havent tried printing the torso again.

I printed the details of the item and mano_derch_right_hand mano_izq_left_hand.
after removing the jumper during rotation of the hands in one of the positions during the rotation of the primary drop arm. may slightly increase the diameter of the inner hinge?

there is also a problem in the "fork" of the elbow, it is quite fragile, it turns out only 3-4 turns and there are prefilled, is it possible to slightly thicken the wall?

was that a Xiomi note phone? I have that too :D

So thanks for shareing ;P

I'm trying to develop better joints for 3D printed dolls. and I think...

Using EVA on joints is realy genius idea. Can I try it at my work?? :)

thanks for this awesome model

I love it! but I haven't make it, wondering anybody have done this using M3d printer? may I have the setting info? please. thanks.

I have an m3d printer and i am currently printing the chest. i used hollow thick walls and medium quality for the other parts . Hope this helps.

please let me know how that goes with pics :)

its so awesome its just makes me wonder so many i'm incredible things

its so awesome its just makes me wonder so many i'm incredible things

i've splitted the middle parts into half and glued them together. so the parts, especialy the head, got better .

BeQui, Jointed Robot

The hand and forearm printed wonderfully with full articulation, but when I trimmed the spots on the forearm (rotating), the tolerance was too loose and the ball joint slipped out. It is not tight at all. Any ideas? Is it fixable?

I modified files hands (I uploaded 05.04.2015), if you want you can try now

I've printed new hands which are still too loose in the ball sockets and fall out with little effort. My get round was to use a hot air paint stripper to soften plastic ball end then push it into a hard surface to make the ball swell and then put it into the joint while still soft and now nice and snug with no slop.

I used the most recent files but I still have the same problem. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix it?

G-i-z-m-0 - in reply to bqLabs
I've printed new hands which are still too loose in the ball sockets and fall out with little effort. My get round was to use a hot air paint stripper to soften plastic ball end then push it into a hard surface to make the ball swell and then put it into the joint while still soft and now nice and snug with no slop.

Some filaments shrink more than others. You can try printing with another filament

Great design.. was wondering if you wanna work together on creating a shop within our platform which will sell to Asian countries: www.tridii.com

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Anyone tried to print the forearm and hand in dual colour and succeeded???

Comments deleted.

Almost finished my copy. The forearm and hand were the hardest, followed by the femer. These parts are slighly curved and its center of gravity is off-center , so it risks getting hit slighly and falling. especially in the 2x. so we made those parts in the 2 with PLA , but a different colour.

I have been trying to get this to print for month now. I must have printed the hands at least 40 times now. I FINALLY got 1 hand to work, but the other hand is still failing. I have tried every setting I have I even increased the size by 125% I am going to give it one last go then if it doesn't work I will need to put it on the shelf and say "I wish it would have worked"..

She really is a beautiful robot...

i tried to solve it by adding a bigger base and extra stages inside the ball joints, which can be removed afterwards.
So far I didn't try the new hands, bqLabs just uploaded. You were a little faster than me ;)


BeQui hands improved for printing
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Thank you so much Stoersender!! There was just no way we were going to get those hands to print on our Dremel and I thought we were going to have the scrap the whole project. The replacement files are perfect!!

I haven't had an issue with the legs, just with the wrist and fingers. I said I was going to give up, but I have 2 coming off my printer now. Then I am going to try the new files. I will let all know how they worked.

Thank you for your contribution! I hope that the issues are resolved with these new files : )

Hands is the most difficult piece of printing has three joints. Today I've uploaded new files of hand. Hope you get !

I am downloading them now!! I am so excited. I can't thank you enough! I am obsessed with this robot! :)

Please let me know if you get it. Thank You!

what a great design! many thanks for sharing your work :)

Sonia, me quito el sombrero ante tu trabajo. Felicidades y muchas gracias!

Please keep the file names in Spanish. Yours is a beautiful work and whoever wants it will build it even if the files are in a different language. Too lazy to learn a few Spanish words?, there is Google translate!

Muchas gracias Matterthings : D

Does this fit any phone or its specific to this one? I have a iPhone 6+

!Hi Hulksmash,
Can be used for any phone and even a small tablet.

Awesome! i have it printed just trying to figure out how to get it to fit right. I have elastic but it looks like there is something that goes inside besides the string. Something you were cutting out in the video not sure what it was but i don't have it.

Using Google Translate I was able to figure out it is EVA rubber The thin sheets are more commonly known as craft foam. Search Amazon or eBay for craft foam sheets and they'll come right up.

La inconfundible firma de Sonia Verdú. Espectacular

Muchas gracias Chocarrat!!!!
: )

Would be possible to add english names for the files? It would be easier for a lot of people I think.

Sorry ... would have to back up all files. You can rename them when you slicer

love this little guy will have to try it soon

Fantástico lo hice con mi hijo...

Comments deleted.

I had issues printing the 'TRIPA_REGORDETA' piece. The legs would end up coming loose from their supports roughly 3/4 of the way through the print (tried it 3 times). I ended up splitting the parts in Cura and just printed the legs by themselves with 35 degree angle support to hold them in place.

Hello, I have uploaded the files separately. "tripa regordeta.stl" now called "tronco.stl" and "2 femur.stl"

I have rectified the files "mano derecha" and "mano izquierda" I hope not give errors.
Suggest that these pieces are printed with 1mm shell for tougher part of the fingers. Two fingers are attached and must to move at once

I have different issue... When it reaches the arms first joint or just before, it turns into a spaghetti mess, same thing with the torso, can't figure out why. I saw there is a new hand design so I'll try that next...

I am happy to hear you modified these files and I will give them another go. The other issue I am having is the wrist, it seems like it is separated and breaks the moment I try to move the hand. When you have clipped the support the hand instantly falls off. Do you have a suggestion for this. I am reprinting to try the fingers again. Thank you! I love this robot!

Is anyone else having an issue with the hands breaking off. The moment I clip the piece that keeps them mobile, like in the video, the and try to move the hand, very gently I will say, it instantly breaks.

This looks like the coolest robot, but I am beyond frustrated.

I am having the same issue, i'm thinking 15 % infill is a bit low, also it does not turn the hand even with the 4 tiny supports removed i think the bottom part of the joint also has plastic attached so its stuck i think

Would love to print this but when I try to open the hand mano_derecha it crashes Makerware I have also tried it with Simplify 3d and that opens it but crashes when it try's to prepare the file for print. If you have any ideas I would be pleased to hear them Thanks

Please, take a look at the "mano izquierda" file.
If not give you an error, you can do "mirror" and use this file as right hand.

Okay thanks for the quick reply I will do a mirror as that file opens fine. Thanks again

Very cool. Making this for my daughter for sure. Thanks!

Amazing job...
Thanks for sharing