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Zombie Hunter Head

by Sculptor Apr 4, 2013
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Saw it printed on Amazon.de as commercial for filament: https://www.amazon.de/-/dp/B07PX96C5S/

I like to use this as a walking stick's top... can this file be edited? if so, how can I insert a hole for the wood to fit in?

Can't customize the model... bummer

still, awesome head

Hey I vound this model being sold on aliexpress

Thanks for a grate design

Thanks for a grate design

Just a thought, I opened the model in Cinema 4D as I always do to check the geometry of these thingiverse models and I noticed the bottom is a muddy mess. Not one solid polygon but a cluster of polygons. I have the ability to lower the model in slic3r and trim off this mess but maybe took another run at making it one polygon and flat. Just my two cents. Wanting to print this 400mm tall and I don't want it pulling off the bed.

This character and my whistle were combined. I designed new character whistle. (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1098261)

10 Character Whistles

Please remove the zombie hunter from your whistle.
The Zombiehunter is shared under the creative commons - NO Derivatives.


Sorry! I removed the zombie hunter from my whistle.

Could you please upload the older versions as well? I want to get an exactly copy with my printer from an earlier version I have in a printed form here. Just to be able to compare the print quality. Such a head is a good torture test for 3d printers.
In the version I am looking for are no earrings and I think also no scar. Thanks in advance!

am i missing something? I cant download this it just gives me a odd file.. is this not in stl format?

Thanks for a grate design it gave a chance to test out my machines printing with a good design. thanks again

Great! Happy you like it :)

The pencil holder idea sounds awesome +1

Love the model great work :) printed it at 30% with Colorfabb Chocolate Brown at 0.08mm layer height on an Ultimaker 2. The result is great (i uploaded pics). I need to print it at full scale once i love it

Would be awesome to have the entire sculptor to print.. maybe in sections so he can be a couple of feet tall??

Yeah, maybe. But that model wouldn't be for free :)

hello i was wondering if you could open the top of his head so that i can use him as a pencil holder for my desk????

Hey I'm new to 3D printing and just got my Replicator 2x I've done a few practice models but I was wondering what settings you use when printing and do you have different settings for fast decent quality models vs high quality.The 3D print you've shown is very smooth, came out awesome.

Hey, thanks. My 2 cents: I'm mostly printing my characters and try to keep a good balance between speed and quality. I usually go for 0.2 in layer height if I'm printing in full size. Otherwise it will take forever. If I'm printing it smaller, 10 cm / 4 inches, I raise the quality to 0.1 in layer height. The infill setting depends on the model but don't go too high, I usually keep between 2-10%. Also, remember to lower the speed to something like 60 to ensure a better print quality. You can tweak many settings but the layer height/infill/speed are the ones that are the most critical for me at lest. There are many people on communities that can give you more helpful tips. Merry xmas :)

realy cool ! do you take command there a great lot of cool caracter in the new ''Hobbit'' not to name it...lol Great work!!

I love how you said low-poly XD

fantastic model! Very cool portfolio. Please share more 'perfect' models for us to print! Thanks a lot!

Glad you like it :) I'll try to finish something soon!

Sweet Job dude! Have showed this to the kids in my 3D modelling class, they are inspired! We use Mudbox and we're finding about LVL3, or 40-60K polys seems about all that the slicers can handle. Yours translates to the printer very good, my picture doesn't do the model (and my Rep2X) justice.

Thanks, great to hear that it can inspire you! The rendered image is hi res in Zbrush, but I use pretty hi res models on the rep 2. 3-400 k is working fine for me. When I'm using the Skeinforge slice it takes forever though.

Saw lots of these printed out at the Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA. Nice Model! very popular with 3D printer vendors.

Thank you, thats really great to hear!

OMG love the details! Your work is extremely awesome, welcome to Thingiverse!

Anyone print this one a rep 2? iam having some issues

mind if i mod him to be a dwarf?

Please don't. Thanks for asking :)

thats a great pitty..
then maybe change the licence to - no derivative -

My bad. I thought it was already. Now I changed it. Sorry about that.

Hey Sculptor - great model, really do like it. Any chance of updating the license so we can publish derivatives?

Thanks. I'm afraid not.

Understand. May want to help folks and made the inside diameter of the base flat rather than concave.

Thanks for all the kind words! I'll try to post a new character soon :)

i hope a derivable one :)

lovely work sculptor.

would love it if you could release some of your other models for printing

Very impressive! I would definitely love to print the full zombie hunter for my desk as well! I am going to have to read up on zbrush if this is what it can do.

Let me know if you find any tutorials that work for you. My head explodes every time I step up to it.

http://Pixologic.comPixologic.com has a full set of tutorials. A great place to start.

amazing portfolio, a lot of work behind of that ,congratulations!!
and yes upload the full zombie hunter.....

really nice models. i have to work more to touch this level

Nice portflio! Don't suppose we could convince you to eventually post the full Zombie hunter.. Would love to have that on my desk.

Thanks! Agreed, that would be fun!

Beautiful work! I've been dying to try Zbrush. This is good inspiration to do so. Well done!

Looks like his head done got the huntin done on him.

Yeah, the post apocalyptic future is rough :)

It looks so cool~~

Kinda looks like Donald Sutherland!

finally this thing is featured! Congrats Sculptor. Can't wait for your next sculpture to be available!

ColorFabb finished a print a while back. Here you can see it printed in their nice Signal Yellow filament :)

Great! Love to see some pics if someone finished the print

Lovely model! I'm starting a print right now!

Thanks! Yeah, Zbrush has a pretty steep learning curve.

Excellent model. I've played with Zbrush so I know how good you are. Took me 10 hours to make my homer model, something a pro like you could do in 30 minutes I'm sure. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to more models.