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ROBO 3D R1 Cable Chain

by In3Designs Feb 24, 2015
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About how high up the case did y'all mount the chain link end?

How did you get the chain to move smoothly? Maybe its because I have the e3d v6 and its slightly bulkier wires but I cant seem to print withouth hitting the top of the printer case on higher z axis levels. I am also not sure about a good place to screw it down because of this.

Ok, so its been years but after melting it slightly in an oven I got it to work just fine. Its been one of the best mods on my printer despite needing modification post print with razors, an oven, and 3d ped.

I am having trouble with the X Carriage file with Cura (not X carriage V2) . When it prints the bed leveler works fine but it starts printing about 3-5mm above the print bed. When I look at the slices the first 5 seem to be blank and the material starts on level 6. I have deleted and removed to start over with the same results. This is the last part I need to print so I can tear down and start upgrades this weekend. Help!!

Thanks in advance for the help.


Sorry for the trouble. That is the version that I printed on my robo 3d using MatterControl. I have not tried using cura. I will test this on cura when I have time. For now I recommend using MatterControl.

,Thank you

How many chains links do you need to print out?

38 should work fine :)

Do you happen to have the original modeling file you used for the carriage? I want to modify it for different bearings and working with STL's is pretty hard.


Got this all printed out (will post a 'Made' soon), but I was wondering what size the bearings in the carriage are? I have a bunch of extras lying around from other printer kits and would like to not remove the ones from the original carriage if possible. Great design btw, can't wait to get it installed!

Again... new to this... But how do you change between 0.4mm and 0.8mm nozzles? Which nozzle comes stock with the printer?

Do I have to adjust any settings for this as well?

Hello for this type of information I recommend using the RoBo 3D forums.


As for the printer settings, Most settings are specific to your setup and what you are printing. Z offset, retractions, speed etc...

Thank you for your comment and I hope this helps!

Thank you so much. I will try out the presets and see where that gets me.

I started printing out the chain links and my printer is taking ~15 min per print job.

Just was curious how you were getting them down to 4 min.

Were you using PLA? How fast were you extruding (infill speed, layer height, retraction, etc...)

Can't wait to get this chain up and going!

Thank you!

Yes, I used PLA

As for the settings I used for the chains, It has been a while since I printed them I do not remember the settings.

But I do remember printing them with supports, and the default "Medium Quality" setting within MatterControl.

Great addition!! I just purchased a Robo3D and am wanting to dial in my settings. Is there anyway you could post settings for your printer? I don't know if there is an easy way to do that... screen shots maybe? If it's too much of a hassle then no worries.

Thanks again!

is 38 links standard + end link or 38 standard links and one end link

38 links+ end links if you mount it like I have in the pictures.

Comments deleted.

I love this idea but was not very happy about having to throw away the original X axis carriage to make it fit the printer so I designed an alternative mount which fits around the stepper motor and allows the chain to be fitted without having to make a new carriage. Works like a charm!! Link here for alternative mount http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:954170

Robo 3d R1 X Axis Stepper Motor Mount For Cable Chain System
by Dazzer
Comments deleted.

I think Your carriage V1 and V2 designations are backwards.

I printed out V2 and there is no nub sticking up for the screw to go in to touch the X Axis stop switch.

I just noticed the V1 is the one I should have printed.

Nevermind I see you intend for the x stop switch to be re-located. oh well I have it in stock position and used V1 with the nub and a screw and its working great. THanks!

how many links did you guys make? putting this on my 3d sys SLA :P

Would there be any heat issues with printing the X-Carriage out of PLA?

I have not had any issues. The heat sync/fan keep everything but the tip fairly cool.

That is good news. I have printed the links and the end link today, I will set the carriage up to print tonight.
Thank you for this design!

No problem :)
Glad you like it, look forward to seeing the finished results!

Added a pic to the "Made" section.
Will add a new pic with it installed once my bearings show up.