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by Davision3d Feb 13, 2015
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I'm having so much fun making these for my granddaughter but I find myself playing with them as I'm making them. they are awesome!

I saw your game, it's really beautiful.
I thought you might be interested in my project, it's a lamp printer.
what do you say?
thanks bye

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The most original and beautiful thing on the site

Couldn't print. Tried to add a brim but the brim did not work. I thought this would be a nice object to print using small amounts of filament.

Made bunch of these, different options and materials, the weak spot are hands, often they break, can't give to small kids due to sharp parts afterwards :(

Love these- having trouble with some subsequent prints going haywire halfway through on high resolution, fill 100%. The one I printed at high resolution successfully is great!

this is a awesome key chain you should start selling them

Strange, tried uploading the stl to sculpteo.com, but it claims that the model consists of 3 parts. Any thoughts?

Why would you upload it on sculpteo.com? Check the description here, there is a link to them on Shapeways. It is 3 parts because the eyes are also elements.

What tool should I use to print multiples?

Your printer didn't come with any software? I never used anything else then the program that comes with my UP! mini.

Hi Davision3d, be hard to print anything without software. I did find the slicing profiles, you simply make a custom skeinforge slicing profile, in the craft section, choose multiply. Once on the multiply screen check activate multiply, then choose number of columns and rows that you would like of the object. The skeinforge slicer then prints your objects in a nice little array. This solved my problem of printing a very small object that was tall & thin.

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Printed fine with 4mm brim and small amount of nozzle lift (probably not needed). Group of 20 printing to keep my 3 year old happy :-)

Nice design!

Printed great with no supports

Great concept. Cute prototype. Weak design all around. My wife dismembered it's arms within seconds. So did my two year old.

I finally managed to get them to stay stuck to the bed. I use blue painter tape. Then print with a brim of about 7 mm. Just after the brim has printed and the feet first layer i will pause the print, lift the extruder a bit and run a small drop of ca glue along the outside edge of the brim. Remove them with tape from the glass and tape new. That is better than having them come lose. Works for me.

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I keep trying to print these suckers and half way they fail. I have printed two sets of four, but they don't look clean. I do use a small brim but they just don't seem to stick. I think the feet need to be widened a bit more since they would still fit. Oh by the way I use a craftbot with the default settings too but then again you have to see what works best for each filament, but that's not the problem. I do have a heated bed too. Anyway I rather have lightly bigger feet than use a brim since I don't want to trim that stuff.

I doubt something like 1mm more on the feet would help much when you already have so much problems. With ABS my rafts get off very easily by hand. Alternatives are aceton, gluestick or hairspray to make them stick. A enclosure with pre heating the bed helps too.

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Jinxlings for me. I can only get them to print to the palms with ABS on my TAZ 4. After that, the arm breaks off. I tried 6 mm walls. I tried 90% infill. I am using brim & raft and keeping ambient temp in box at 95 deg F. I have had best luck with slic3r. Cura did not get very far. Maybe the fan is cooling the arms too soon affecting the bond. I tried 6 at a time and one. They all break the left arm right after palm starts getting bigger. If I can get these to print, I feel my TAZ will be tuned in. I have a pile of no armed lings.

Any suggestions?

What speed are you printing? First thing I would do is print slower. Smaller parts try 30mm/s or less

Hmm, can you increase the printing temperature? Another thing could be your start height being too close configured, pressing too much against it. Or even not enough resulting in bad bonding. Otherwise you can still try printing it in PLA since that is usually significantly easier to print with or as a last resort print them bigger.

I got it to work 2 of the last 4 attempts. I increased nozzle temp to 232. Sometimes the nozzle makes a thud noise as it hits the print. I think there may be an intermittent problem with z axis movement at a certain point. I'll keep tweaking. Thanks for the help. I am still new at 3D printing.

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I printed these (10 on the first run) using NinjaFlex. Half turned out ok, but what speed settings did you use? And as Wolfie asked, what infill percentage? I would experiment, but this stuff ain't cheap, so any guidance you have is appreciated. Kids love them.

I simply used the default settings of my UP! Mini and they all turned out fine. The most important thing to note is that you should use a raft or brim so they can't become unstuck from the platform. I never used Ninjaflex so I can't tell you what is there important. The clung aspect works great with ABS, works with PLA too but the clung is harder. With ABS you could just use 100% infill to make them the most stable.

Do you suggest PLA or ABS on these? In fill %?

ABS, just because it has a bit of flexibility with makes them clung easier together, PLA works fine too though. With ABS it is a good idea to make a high infill to make the arms nice and stable. Low infill works too but arms could break when playing a lot with them.

I started a platter of 9 before I left for work this AM. Think I had the infill around 20% and I boosted the walls up to 1.25mm. (Don't worry, someone is at home, its not printing alone). Just got my printer yesterday so I am still learning all the ins and outs.

Thanks for the model, cute as hell. Know the granddaughters are gonna love them. IF they get any :)

These print really well on a MakerBot Replicator 2! I printed 20!

this is the weirdest thing iv seen today and then my dad asked me to print this for his friend's baby but good print tho :D

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Would you ever consider adding a few different emotions or poses? I'd love to see this idea become a full system of designs, like 3d printable mighty beans.

Yea, would be cool. But I got so many 3D printing projects going I don't know when I get to that.

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Like the name, very apt. Great design too. Just printing one now on Da Vinci 1.0A.
Will let you know how it turns out ...

Printed six of them in one go on a Printrbot Simple several times.
However, when grandpa was not looking for a moment, they all disappeared.

Thanks you so much for this little guys design and allowing me to enjoy the printing of them!!!

Wow, these guys are tiny! I didn't realize how small they were until they started printing. They are going to be so cute! Can't wait until the print is finished!

Yes sir, these things print perfectly on the Makerbot Rep 2. Great design, thanks!! My girls are going to love these shitheads!!!

Built it on a Thing-O-Matic just had to use raft, Also got the minon version (link minion)

It is a barrel full of emoji's!

Anybody try this on a Makerbot Replicator 2 by any chance? If so, any luck?

I have printed over 150 of them on my rep two! I ran them in plates of twenty at once!

150! No joke? :D Will you post more pictures? Would love to see that army. Also, how high did you managed to build that tower?

I don't see why there should be a problem with that, it is a pretty simple model.

<> Does anyone remember "Barrel of Monkeys" ? Boy, I just dated myself =^.^=

Need a version with 2 sets of hands to build more complex objects!

For crosses or just to reverse the direction? What you could do though is putting a arm between/through 2 of them.

I was thinking about building branching structures or polyhedral shapes (like a cube).

See you finally picked a name, I feel so close to you reddit friend.

Congrats dude, you made it to the front page! I'm going to make more to celebrate!

Great job and great Idea ! I'll print some !

These are really cool! Thanks for sharing.

Wonderful little things! I think I'm going to make a few!

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So, we didn't go with "shitheads" then?

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Shitheads was a great name!

But maybe it was also partially shit.

reddit buddies!

Davision, you really should have gone with little shitheads.

Good job, though, it looks like they've gotten really popular.

Haha shitheads would have been amazing, but Linklings is a nice name too.