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mini magnetic generator

by henry423382589 Mar 28, 2013
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In the video, You claim it's generating 60-70 Volts, I can tell you now, this is NOT true, Millivolts, maybe.

The video says you disabled watching it on sites.

yes do please post more of this, if you want us to have good laugh once in a while.

huge waste of time seeing this video.
it was just a magnetic motor powered by 3 clock batteries and pair of coils conected to a rectifier, not free energy at all, what a waste!
please DO NOT post things like this here.

Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

What gobbledegook. I don't know why people create these obviously impossible designs and videos. It doesn't even look like a particularly interesting trick - there are any number of ways this could be faked: modified multimeter, magnetic rotor spinning under the notebook, that weird metal blob being a battery. I highly doubt the rotor is spinning as fast as he says - at 7000rpm (I think that was the quoted speed) unless the rotor is incredibly well balanced it'd skid all over the place much more with a small device and only acrylic/paper friction. Sigh.

By using a simple coil oscillator and a capacitor-diode ladder I can also create nice big high current sparks from an even larger capacitor and this without a rotor. When the source battery dies however, so does the power. This device is unfortunately no different.

All power has a cost.

I understand. This doesn't sit right with me, but where is the battery? That capacitor does not look near large enough to be able to sustain the motor for that long.

The pdf file is just for chinese, others might do not understand. The pdf will help you to understand the principle behind it.