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Left Shark

by mstyle183 Feb 4, 2015
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Great model and a great story! When I open the still file in MakerBot and scale it down, the shark is "standing" on it's fin tip. I haven't found a way to rotate it to it's feet. Any ideas? Thanks.

So cool! Keep up the good work! Check out all my prints at http://3dprintedart.weebly.com/index.html

Comments deleted.

Silly Katy......... For real, like ..... ugghhghghh! I'm printing 20......

The "Left Shark - Cease and Desist This" is so funny. Congrats on the current winning! Good luck in the future.

He may be the left shark but he's the right shark for you.

Print now!

So what's the word on with how thing's are going? They used your image to apply for a Trademark if I read right?

They abandoned the copyright. Funnily enough, you're right, they did use his image for the copyright...

they haven' abandoned the copyright claim.. they might still come after me or other artists.. i think they have gone silent because of backlash but they will probably come back..

They abandoned the "Trademark" application which used my image but then applied for TWO new trademark for a blue shark with white belly.. also are trying to "trademark" the words LEFT SHARK, RIGHT SHARK, DRUNK SHARK and BASKING SHARK..

so this is far from over.. check out http://politicalsculptor.blogspot.com/ for new updates

Yes these lawyers pulled a #leftshark move when they used the image of my #3dleftshark on their trademark application yesterday.. Days after they send me a cease and desist.. Also the day after my lawyer responded. You case see the snapshot and a link to it here http://politicalsculptor.blogspot.com/2015/02/katy-perry-law-firm-responds-and-so.html?m=1

That is really amusing. What a big oops that was.

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Thanks for posting this!

Anyone else getting a print error with a Makerbot? Specifically: "Construction plastic A has 8 instances of non-manifold-ness."

Let's see how long it takes .... This Heartbeat is sick of you - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:675000

Dear Steve,

Nice letter:

Really... Asking Shapeways to take the shark down.

What exactly is Katy Perry, Inc. (KPI) claiming as the unique design IP for this shark? I thought one had to spell out what the infringement is exactly.

Maybe it's a blue shark.

google click

You will find a variety of shark sleeping bags, and a few blue shark costumes (these were available before the big game performance).

google click

Will KPI demand that the parent of the baby in a shark costume remove their picture (it was clearly there before the big game performance).

I know, it's the fact that it's a shark costume.

google click

Clearly this costume shop should demand royalties from KPI as KPI clearly took their IP. The shop makes a variety of shark costumes
in a variety of colors (including what looks like KPI blue). They look real similar to the KPI sharks.

Consider, "Sharky Shark Mascot Costume" in blue.


Folks let's get serious.

Until now, I have never realized how great of an idea it was to buy blue filament. Thanks for making this. I'll try to put up a picture when I finish it.

We snagged a copy before it's taken down. Thanks for making this available!

Hello, I find this copyright claim to be an outrageous act. To help in the small way that I can I started hosting your STL on my personal website. In case the file gets taken down on thingiverse as well. I am going to update the page when I get a little more free time to include the links your provided above. The file can be found here: http://aarondelanty.com/download.html

Fight the good fight, friend!

Great model and a great story! When I open the still file in MakerBot and scale it down, the shark is "standing" on it's fin tip. I haven't found a way to rotate it to it's feet. Any ideas? Thanks.

As an IP lawyer...sorry. This is corporate biglaw at it again, abusing the law and making things slightly less cool. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help (Cliff Kuehn). Cheers.


the certificate of trust is invalid?!

halp me plz

hi try a different browser? it just worked for me.. anyone else having this issue?

I just downloaded it 10 seconds ago without issue.

Someone needs to do a remix where two sharks are eating katy perry who is unaware while clasping for a dollar sign over her head. Maybe I should

im sure its on the works.. i would replace it with katy perry's lawyer.. since i like to think she is not aware of what's happening

I love the whole Katy Perry for sending her lawyers after the 3D printing of Left Shark. Her lawyers argue that the shark is Katy Perry’s intellectual property. Only intellectual property she had on that shark was she stole the Rock Star Shark idea from the beloved cartoon character “Jabberjaw” from the mid 1970’s. Only thing that is different is Jabberjaw walked on his tail fin and Left Shark had legs…. Jabberjaw was actually a rock star in the cartoon, was in the band “The Neptunes” also..
I would love to see the Hanna-Barbera Production Lawyers go after Katy Perry….


The styling is not very similar.

hi please visit my legal fund campaign link or follow me at facebook.com/politicalsculptor to get updates on this case.. as of now i have retained legal council and i'm fighting this

KP can't crash this party!

hopefully not.. but just in case download the file.. in case it gets taken down

Sweet file!
any chance of a vrml 97 upload?

Good luck for winning against this law firm ! They have alrealdy plenty of money.
Making a shark to be 3D-printed should'nt be a problem, that's ridiculous !

  • Raphaël from France

thank you my friend.. i bet the law firm will make way more money on this that i ever will

Great shark. I have makerbot replicator mini. How do you get the different colors? Mine only prints one color?

i cant 3d print in colors.. i used online vendors that had an 80k 3d printer that did. sadly color printers are still expensive

Would you mind posting a file with color? There are many places where a true likeness could be printed, and you did such a nice job on the color design.

Great work, we need a copyright revolution. ....

AwesomeA did a great remix with facial features, and I split AwesomeA's file into 2 STL files, so he can have a white belly for dual extrusion. I think white fins are next on the list. Geat job everyone!

I had to scale this way down. It shows up in my program as 532.4125 inches. something like 44 feet tall. Now that's one hell of a shark lol

yeah sorry just reduce it by 10.. so make it 1/10th the size.. sorry

Such B.S. clothing and costume cannot be copyrighted. The lawyers know this quite well, but they also know that any time they get to spend arguing a lie is still time they get paid for.

i bet the lawyer made more money sending the cease and desist that i would ever do selling these guys

I'm sorry, I don't want the shitty left shark that can't dance. Can you please upload a Right Shark version that has mad rhythm?

just mirror him lol

Cool looking "shark." Looks generic enough if it was black/white it could be an Orca. Grey/white some other generic shark.

Would love to add accessories to this: top hat, cane...etc.

For some reason I can't get it uploaded anywhere to print in color. Is something missing in the file? Also keep getting warnings scale is too big.

What settings do you recommend? .2/2sh/100% Also, does it scale down (say keychain size) well?

i always print at .2 but my printer has no speed settings.. it print whoever it always does.. i print this at 2.6 inches and 4 inches.. so yeah you can print small..

Let's #copyleft instead of copyright ...as soon as my Ultimaker2 arrives this is gonna be the first thing I'll print.

im honored thanks

That cease and desist is complete BS. No copyright registration number cited, they can't get statutory damages or attorneys fees unless they registered prior to publication of their shark. Your work may also be a parody.

As for the game of thrones thing - that's laughable, they have no trademark rights on a throne.

Fight the power!!! Katy Perry's attorneys are over-reaching and I am hopeful that you ignore the cease and desist. What, did she copyright all sharks in the world. Ridiculous, stay strong!!!!

Comments deleted.

Wow, this thing looks so cool! Wish I had a 3d printer!

1st DCMA take down for 3D object ????

this is my 1st DCMA based on "copyright".. Game of thrones gave me a cease and desist based on "trademark" on my 3D printed throne..

both are a stretch but i'm not a lawyer nor can afford one.. that's Corporate America right there.. Where a blue shark has more power than Putin or Kim Jong Un and the other politicians i usually go after

I'm no lawyer either, but if you wanted to be resistant to them, a cease and desist from an attorney is just hot air. If it had come from some administration or a judge, that's official. I sit here wondering if she actually has a claim - the show was in the Super Bowl, there's a likelihood that the NFL actually owns it, and she has no claim. It would depend on how the contract with the NFL was laid out. If you wanted to be snarky, you could always respond with a request to see their contract with the NFL, just so you could be sure who you SHOULD be licensing from...

any idea of the best way to print this? looks like standing up and adding supports would be the best way. thanks!

yeah.. i think the part that needs support is his tail and maybe crotch but that's debatable .. standing up is how im printing mine.. but my printer makes supports

I really dont understand why these sharks have become this popular, Have I missed something?

check twitter or instagram..

in the name of loveeeee

Before you print this sharkkkkkk!