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Cable chain, perfect fit and rounded edges

by eipionezero Feb 4, 2015
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This is by far my favorite chain. I like not having holes to show the wires running through it. I do have one issue I just notices after putting the links together. It doesn't lay flat. There is a bow to it. I have attached a picture of the assembled chain.

I think it would help if a tiny bit was removed from on of the ends so they would still flush up but not create the bowing. I've attached another image of what I'm trying to say. If I knew Solidworks well enough I would edit the file myself but I am no proficient in it at all. I can only model in 3DS and Maya which are artistic programs and not very precise.

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Very nice chain. Any way to make the ends or at least a way to mount them?

Gracias , es la mejor cadena para cables que hay en Thingeverse, la he impreso con X a 15mm y al 50% de filamento PLA, pefecta.


Lookin for you post with pleasure, very intresting, will print it! Good to see prusa additional chain parts in this topic.

any suggestion settings for printing? support/no support? in fill? speed, etc?
Thanks in advance

any suggestion settings for printing? support/no support? in fill? speed, etc?
Thanks in advance

any suggestion settings for printing? support/no support? in fill? speed, etc?
Thanks in advance

any suggestion settings for printing? support/no support? in fill? speed, etc?
Thanks in advance

any suggestion settings for printing? support/no support? in fill? speed, etc?
Thanks in advance

any suggestion settings for printing? support/no support? in fill? speed, etc?
Thanks in advance

any suggestion settings for printing? support/no support? in fill? speed, etc?
Thanks in advance

any suggestion settings for printing? support/no support? in fill? speed, etc?
Thanks in advance

any suggestion settings for printing? support/no support? in fill? speed, etc?
Thanks in advance

Call me a newbie, but why do I need one of these? Is it a filament guide?

Printing multiples of this and linking them together allows you to manage your wiring by chasing it through the interior of this chain. This improves the appearance, but more importantly, can reduce strain on solder connections.

if you assemble it so that every link is reversed from the last, it will not stay flat and ends up dragging on itself over a long distance, like 3 feet. Doesn't work for me. I'd much prefer a cable that bends only one direction, but holds a nearly perfect straight line in the other direction

I just cant assemble it. I printed with PLA and ABS several times and it always breaks.
EDIT: I figured out how to print this& And i admit, this is the best cable chain so far

I want to know what you did wrong and right too, please.

I want to know what you did wrong and right too, please.

What did you do different one you got it working?

Hey eiPionezero, your cable chain is printing well and working for me. I'm using a Dremel Idea Builder. I want to incorporate the chain into two of the Stepper motor mounts rather than just have loose wires coming out the end of the conduit and then into the cable chain unattached.

Hi there, I have an idea builder too. One thing I am worried about is the life of the machine. I got ours with a grant, and my school district may not be able to afford new parts. Are there any printable bits I should be aware of on the site here?
Also, how many hours have you put into yours?

Hey Earllad. I'm glad we get email notifications because I've been busy with school and I'm not on TV a lot lately. But I have been using the heck out of my Dremel for art projects and building a larger 3D printer platform independent of my Dremel. So, I think I've got nothing but positive news for you in regards to your question.

I think when using it correctly, there isn't a better machine out there for the price. First, they are now in both Lowes and Home Depot with the Dremel filament, so they can be purchased locally when you need more material or if God forbid your school machine gives up the ghost. Second, Dremel has been literally fantastic in supporting repairs of my machine even when I was the cause of a breakout. After getting pretty comfortable with it running a project autonomously, I unwisely went on a run while it was printing a project. The project was not supported well on the platform and it released while I was out and the printer head basically stirred it in a mess. The entire head was covered and uncleanable. I called Dremel, told them I'd messed up and they said, bad old man, don't do that again, but a new head is on the way with instructions and a return mailer for the old parts. I about fainted considering some companies and their poor customer service these days. I ran it for almost a year hard before any other problem. Then, it was a control circuit that ran the cooler fan. It was within a year of the head fiasco but they honored the warranty again and had me send the entire machine back for repair, free. So, I have nothing but praise for the machine and Dremel. They were a bit cranky with me for not having all of the box foam to ship, but they even sent me a complete shipping replacement box. So, make sure your school keeps the packaging. (How does your school use yours just out of curiosity?)

So, recap, I've had mine two years now. Two break downs with one I could have avoided through better monitoring. One where they had it fixed within a week of sending it in. As far as printable additions, I printed a vent plate Dremel didn't send back when I had it repaired and to avoid having my hands inside the machine I also printed an over head spool system.



Do a search with this on TV "Idea Builder" and you can see both a ton of stuff they developed to augment the machine and things printed by the machine.

I hope this helped.

OmniStand Top Mount Filament Spool Stand
Dremel 3D Idea Builder Side Panel Side Cap Flashforge Dreamer
by Va_Le

Thanks a lot man!
I've had mine for about a year. I've also had the learning experience coming back to a huge wad of plastic forming around the extruder. I do love the Dremel3d customer service, they must have got tired of my questions about clogs, they ended up sending me an entire extruder assembly for free! So, I do have those parts. My packaging is long gone, though!
I'll print that filament stand for sure. I also found a filament guide mount.
I run a makerspace for kids here and 3rd grade and up I let design for the printer, they get a big kick out of it. We have some 3d pens from Knox as well and they are pretty awesome. For me I mostly print art replicas from the really nice 3d scans on TV and design chess sets. I've been meaning to get my things uploaded, maybe finally this weekend.
I am also trying to get all the teachers here addicted to the printer, so when it does go out we can argue for funds to get another one! We print a lot of math and reading manipulatives, teaching aids and stuff like that.
Nice talking to you! I wonder how many more of us are out there. I don't think we could ever afford the makerbot, but this seems right up our alley for the size too. I also REALLY like that it's enclosed. I've already had stuff drop off a shelf and would have ruined a print if not for the enclosure.

Awesome. Good luck with the kids and the projects and keep us posted.

Thank you for making these, and including a set of drawings. I'm using that right now to sort out a scaling problem with my software. BTW, could you mention in the Thing Details what software this was modeled in? That's also a helpful thing to know right from the start.

I should add now that I've made a couple of test links that this is a promising design. Version 1.3 is very nice.

Thanks for the feedback, I have updated the description of this thing.

I'm glad the design is useful!

I like the design and look forward to modding it for my new project.

I'm glad the design helped you!

This is not your chain design. It has come from a 3D scanner project on another site.

Please find another place for trolling. Check out the source files and see I designed everything myself.

I must say great job on the design of this chain. I've Tried several other chains that failed for one reason or another. This one was a instant winner . will upload photos when i attach it. Again great work.

Hi, where's first and last item, for fix all ? Nice jog , thank you

I have not designed end pieces yet. Maybe I will design them in the future, maybe not. Feel free to design you own end pieces, source files are available :)
Also, please share your results!

I have try to print this item 6 times now, after about 4 layers it starts to be very crappy =/

Pictures? Maybe someone can help you find the cause!

dunno how it behaves with pla and I believe it would work perfectly with nylon, soft-pla, pp or hdpe but with ABS the "arms" break like a dry twig .. even heating the ABS don't help .. 1.6mm is just too thin to be strong enough :( when printed in that direction and walls just break along the lamination line .. the walls can safelyu move ~0.8mm, if you go more then that (and you have to to snap them) they break :( ...

Thanks for supplying the sldprt files so I can try to redesign for this and make them bit stronger :D

Same happens to me, Im gonna try printing it horizonal so the layers are opposing the force when trying to snap them. Its just a flawed design. DO NOT PRINT VERTICAL!

if you don't print them vertical they do get much stronger as they don't fail on layer lamination but then they are hard to print (either too much support or nasty bridging) ... if you print them vertical in abs and then submerge for 15sec into acetone solution, get out, shake and let dry for 2-3 days they get very useful even like this ... anyhow I found another model that's not as pretty but super easy and fast to print and works like a charm (cable-guard from YM) ... I had my own design that I was happy with but i lost it :(

Im printing 4 of the right now in horizontal postion, theres no nasty bridging (check my remix, I solved that with a small change in design) Ill post some pics in my Remix!

I agree, with the holes you added the support is easy to clean.. didn't think of that :D ... anyhow I printed few hundred of those other ones already so sticking with them ... but really great remix!!! this way you solved both problems - cudos!

Thanks to all of you for the help for making this object even better! The way the object is positioned right now is due to the standard settings of Solidworks, Solidworks orientates the XYZ 3D-plane a little different by default :P
I have printed the cable chain parts horizontally and everything worked fine.

Do you plan to include the ends ( tie down or mounts )?

there are some in remixes if any use to you.

^ This
I have not designed some ends yet, feel free to design them yourself and share the result, source files are available :)

Are these actually meant to be printed vertically like they're oriented by default? seems a bad idea, having a round surface pointing down is a sure way to minimize adhesion to the build platform. Probably need a lot of supports to print in that orientation. Laying it down seems a more sensible orientation though then you need to negotiate some overhangs.

This is just the default way Solidworks orientates the object, I assume everyone rotates the object as is the best for him/her. I assume you can do a little work for you 3D-print ;)
After all, this design is not a final product, mainly a step to a final product. So feel free to redesign the object and go on until you have designed the greatest design which is perfect for you! (Also, if you have made a great remix, please share the results!)

Comments deleted.

can you sent me this source files?.I can use solidwork2010. I want make it

You can simply download the source files, I have included the original .slprt files. You can find the files under the 'Thing files' tab. Furthermore, I suggest to remove the mail address in your post, unless you like your mail address to get picked up by some spam bot ;)

I have a hard time getting these to print correctly.

I have updated the description, if you use the same settings as I did (not the same hotend temperature, this depends too much on your filament) I think you should get some nice results. If you have Solidworks installed, you can use my source files too add more spacing if needed. Please let me know if this helps!

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Your link to YouMagine doesn't work; I think it should be https://www.youmagine.com/designs/cable-guard

@jonk6, thanks for the reply but your link is for a completely different thing. I linked "Cable chain by eiPionezero" on YouMagine. Just to be sure I've now checked the link from three different computers/domains.

@Ante, I don't know why it didn't work for me yesterday, but your original link does indeed work. Sorry for the noise.