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Palmer's Pocket Razor Blade Tube Filament Cutter Plus Box Opener And Wire Stripper Pill Splitter Slicer

by Paintballmagic Feb 22, 2015
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Уважаемый автор. Спасибо вам за прекрасно сделанную работу.

Не могу понять, делает ли мой слайсер Cura 3.6.0 автоматическое масштабирование. Сообщите, пожалуйста, хотя бы один линейный размер в миллиметрах, что бы я мог определить.

Или, может быть, вы можете выложить готовую модель в мм?

v8 printed nicely in PETG as arranged in the .stl file but the supports, as I suspected would be, are mission impossible to remove from the threads in the upper body section. Has anyone gotten the threads to be usable in PETG without supports? To my eye, the bridge looks just large enough to be likely to sag without some level of supports.

This should print well in any material so long as your printer is well tuned. I reccomend increasing the separation distance of your support material.

The older versions have a screw that will self tap the threads for you.

A 1/2x13 tap is also an option.

This thing is awesome! I really appreciate the work that went into this item. THANK YOU!

Is it possible to get the STP (STEP) file for the bottom part? It has 3522 facets and my CAD software cannot covert STL's > 3k facets to a solid object. If not I may have another way to do it. Thanks!

This cutter is awesome, up here in canada to get a proper filament cutter on amazon you'd need to also buy a good length of PTFE tubing. I already had spare tubing tho, so I spent a bit looking up other options. The snap as it cuts the filament is so satisfying.

Very nice! I haven't seen any cutters here that are as solid as your design. Any chance you could put the bottom part up as it looked before you put in all the cutouts/grooves? I tried simply filling it in, in Blender, so that I could make a different set of grooves in the bottom, but I can't seem to do it without getting a ton of missing faces.

V5 separated and uploaded..

Thank you! Very much appreciated! :)

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Penny dropped that need single edge razor blade that is shorter !

Shame this doesn't take regular stanley blades!

Trust me,,, Ive put some thought into that. Just buy a utility knife for a few bucks :)

The Stanley blades are a little too long as well as missing the backer plate. The plate on the single edge razor helps keep it in place if the blade gets stuck into the material.

If you own a 3d printer,, you should have these blades anyways,, they are cheap and easy to throw away and great for scraping glass.

I like that idea very much, I needed such type of cutter for cutting ptfe tubes perpendicular.
Maybe you should clarify, which type of razor blades it is for. In germany for example, you think of something like https://www.amazon.de/Astra-ASTRA01-Rasierklingen-100er-Pack/dp/B001QY8QXM/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1495555023&sr=8-2 when you read about razor blades.
But I hope, I found now a seller on amazon, that sells this type of ?1,5"? razor blades

Thanks for this design! Prints and fits together perfectly. Not just got to be careful not to cut myself!

This looks like a really useful tool but my slicer says the screw and the razor holding end are not manifold.

Fixed. It must have been the screw downloaded and converted from mcmaster.


I was just about to design this... Nice to see it's already done :-)

What is the scaling factor required to print this for a standard blade such as this one: