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Mini FPV Quadcopter

by EMaglio Feb 3, 2015
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Just saw LeDrib crashing this thing on maiden flight. I like the design anyways....good work man!

Would it be possible for you to upload the solid files? Any format will do. I'd like to make some modifications to the drone :)

has anyone printed a higher battery cover ?i could def use a top with a bit more vertical space lmk thanks ..fyi flew it thismorning and very happy gets up and goes like it should and pretty darn peppy

just finished mine today 50 percent infill .2 layer height 2 peramiters this thing is super duty tough lil guy. my setup is gartt 2205 2300kv motors with bl heli 20 amp one shots and a rev 6 cc3d,added a nice camera made a nice mount and put in a transmitter for video with a bec , useing a exmitter transmitter and receiver,just set it up through libra pilot fired it up with a 11,1v 1300 mah 45c lipo this lil guy is awsome lovin it gunna try it outside tomorrow and open it up,,def could use the higher top for the battery it ushes up on the top a bit i saw that someone mentioned a revised larger battery cover im gunna look for the file and print that tomorrowTHANKS ALOT FOR THE FILES THIS LIL GUY ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!

Printed in ABS and petg very durable, thanks for the design!

I finished printing this today and it looks amazing! I intended to use the electronics from my Robocat but i somehow thought buying new bits was a better idea haha. I used 5% fill and 0.2mm layer height. The whole frame weighs 175g and its very very tough. I cant bend an arm even if i really try!

Ill post a "review" of how it flies when the bits arrive.
I am very very happy with it and i'm very happy you took the time to design and upload this! Thank you!!!!

Great design. Flies very well with a Flip32 controller. Could you specify what sort of battery you have used on this one? I'm struggeling with finding one that will fit in the slot.

i've managed to get a 1500mah 3s lipo in just fine and a 2200mah 3s lipo with the extended battery cover remix.

Could someone give me a list of compatable controllers?

It'll take most flight controllers, i've read online that it'll take an APM 2.6 but theres not much room for other stuff. CC3D fits with loads of room, as does Naze 32, KK2.1 mini ( i believe KK2.1 standard size will just squeeze in), CC3D Atom will fit with even more spare room too.

I have a simple metal. Is there any chances you could post up a shorter remix of the body to fit a 150mm x 150mm print bed?

Thanks for your help.

Got it all sorted. Looks like it was an issue with the platform adhesion setting in Cura. It fits just and is printing ok.

Hey what transmitter/receiver do you use or recommend? Also if you have a BOM that'd be very much appreciated.

It looks awesome! Printed everything but I'm using 1806 motors so the holes don't match up. Any way to get this with 12/16mm spacing or the skp/stp file to edit? Cant wait to fly it!

Ok - made them after some work in Meshmixer - shoot me a message if anyone wants them.

Hi there, did you know that they are selling your design at Goodluckbuy?? Did they ask you before?


Searching that shop with "printed" as keyword throws out a lot of things from thingiverse ... I don't think that this is ok, or am I wrong?

Thanks for the heads up, this type of stuff is frustrating. Goodluckbuy either has a person or software bot that lifts designs from Thingiverse and lists them on their site. It would seem that the term "copyright infringement" doesn't translate particularly well.

I was able to get them to remove my tricopter design after some prodding, so I suppose I'll give that a try again. I usually discourage people from buying anything from Goodluckbuy. It's not difficult, since they don't exactly have a reputation for quality products anyway.

Frustrating is the right word. They are selling one of my things too. I tried to get in touch with Thingiverse to ask them for help but till now I got no reply. The guys from GLB don't answer my mails either. My last efford was to get in contact with Creative-Commons in germany. I'd think that they have a concrete interrest to support and enforce their 'concept' ... have to wait and see what they are saying.

I have a question about what screws you are using for the build, are you using normal M3x14mm machined style screws? Also it says 8 so I am guessing 4 from the top and 4 from the bottom? Are you threading any of the holes since there is no nuts used? Thanks in advance.

I would assume he designed this one just like the Tricopter and you will have separate bolts coming from the top and from the bottom. Standard M3 Machine screws work. At least that was what I used. The holes are not threaded as the screws will do that when they dig into whatever material you print the frame from.

Just an FYI..I am in the process of printing this one also and found that I had to flip the Arm and Battery Cover in the X-Axis 180 degree's. For some reason they come over in Slic3r upside down. I used Netfabb to flip them and everything comes out correctly after I fixed them.

Is it strong and non-flexible, like the carbon one's?

what's the total cost of the build?

Depending on where you source the electronics parts it is going to cost somewhere around $150 - $250 USD. At least that is what I am coming up with when planning my electronics orders.

hi and thanks for sharing your design, i was wondering do you use supports when printing any of the frame parts?

No, everything will print properly without supports.

Also with both of your designs, I always find my self, sticking a recording camera to top of the lid, maybe design a lid that can house say a möbius but at a tilt angle ? Just an idea :)

Hey there, does the tricopter design tall lid fit this? If not can you make a tall cover as I found was only way to fit some nice size lipos inside :)

And he nails is it again, great job man!!

Hey mate design the bottom to house a sma connector again? Was very helpful!

Done, posted the alternate file.

How about the weight of the frame (all printed parts)?

Frame weight is about 150g

Do you have a flight video?

Wow that looks amazing