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Pyramid Elbows & Topper, 1/2 Inch PVC Pipe Fitting Series #HalfInchPVCFittings

by tonyyoungblood Feb 3, 2015
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Anyone know if I can use this with copper pipe instead of PVC? If it will not work with the same size copper pipe, any suggestions on making it work? Maybe what percentage to scale these too?

Most plumbing pipes are measured by their inside diameter. Since copper has a much thinner wall than pvc, a 1/2" copper pipe will have a much smaller diameter than a 1/2" pvc pipe.

Outside diameter of 1/2" copper water pipe (0.625") divided by outside diameter of Sch40 PVC (0.840") = 0.744.

So, start with a part 74.4 percent smaller and then tinker from there to get it to fit perfectly.

Sweet! Thank you so much! I never was very good at math! I am interested in Nubian style pyramid connectors as well. Would be happy to commission their design if you are interested.

did you tried the ½ inch copper pipe with 74.4% print?
i'm also interested using copper pipe.

I'd love to have this for thinner copper pipes please, hint hint ;-) ... 1 cm or 1/4 inch?

Thanks for making this, i have been looking for these. all we need is a small crystal at the top and we're set. can't wait to make a large pyramid with this to meditate in.

i can not get my order to go past pay pal I fill out the form and it will not submit
Thank you
Sharon Cruz

I don't quite follow.

I was trying to order them printed but when I could not get the transaction through paypal to complete I went to my local Library and printed them myself.
They turned out nice I was not sure what medium to use so I let the printer attendant select I hope they hold up .
There was some shape distortion I will have to shave some off the pipes other than that they look great.
Thank you , do you do and arm prosthesis?
Sharon Cruz

Could you make the top piece with an angel of 36 degrees? And the bottom piece upright angled at 72 degrees?

no offense but your math seems off, i went to the below site to figure out what I need which is a 5 ft base with a 1 ft height, the edge angle came out to be 15.793, so the top angle should be 74.207 (180 - (15.793 + 90)) since this is a right angle design.


Sorry, I should have been more clear in my description. The 45 degree angle only works when the horizontal and diagonal pipes are of the same size. In my case, I made these pipes 4' each, which makes the actual height somewhere around 2.8 feet.

If you want a 5 foot base and a 1 foot height, you'll need to alter the angle in Sketchup.

Still isnt that a right angle pyramid, just different angles?

Thank you for the link to that site! I was off by 3 degrees over as I am looking to build a Nubian Pyramid and not a
Giza Pyramid.

Can you create a different design set for anyone replicating Dr. Godol's experiments with pyramids in Russia? That design calls for a pyramid height that is 2.02 times the length of one of the sides of the base. I believe this results in 4 triangles with the topper having 27.82 degrees between downward diagonal tubes, and a 76.09 degree corners on the base.

I am also interested in making a pyramid using 3/4 inch PVC pipe. Do you have the edges and top fittings for that?

Please Let me know.

Carol Houston

I have no plans to make 3/4 fittings, but feel free to use the Sketchup files here to make a 3/4" version. All I ask is you tag it a remix of this.

Dear Tonyyoungblood,
I've been looking at and contemplating these for about a month now.
There is a great new excitement about the benefits of pyramids.
These would make non-metallic pyramid building very easy and inexpensive.
I tried downloading the connectors and enlarging them to fit 3/4" PVC pipe but the learning curve was too steep with the software I had.
Would you mind enlarging them as-is up to 3/4" PVC?
I don't have a 3D printer but I would either bye one or send these off to one of the reproduction houses.
Thank you for creating these connectors. Everything out there is very expensive.
These will allow many people to experiment with the mysteries of pyramid energy.
Let me know.
Stephen Brown

if you use Cura, you just scale it up to approx 126% it should fit 3/4"

Can you make a connector for 66 degrees? I would if i had the skills
help me obiwan kenobi your my only hope. Thanks in advance