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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Fallout Laser Rifle

by Mr_Jummy Feb 2, 2015
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What did you use for the wire?

Very sorry to you all that i haven't messaged in a long time. I don't have much time to model anymore because of my new job. I'll try to answer everyone's questions if i can. This project is kinda a jank set up and it why I'm amazed everyone loves it haha. I no longer own the laser rifle so some answers may be from memory

What did you use to glue it all together?

hot glue but i wouldn't recommend it. might help to find a stronger adhesive.

What is the biggest piece on here? I want to make sure my print bed is big enough to print this without scaling

If i had to guess probably the very end of the stock. Sorry if i cant be of more help.

Would you mind having instructions on where somethings go to pit it together?

It's not the best answer but I'd suggest importing it into a 3D modeling software like Blender and piece it together.

I'm starting the print now, did you adjust the scale of the items or can I just put them in and print them out as is to get a full scale prop?

Id like some info on pretty much your whole outfit lol. Jacket, Holster, etc.

the jacket i got off amazon as well as the holster. the chest plate is actually foam from workout mats and the helmet is a combo of "pepakura", cardboard and bondo. added some wiring to the helmet to add lights and such. Sorry i didn't get to your comment till now.

i just finished printing all the parts but realized i didnt print the energy cell buut your re-sized one isnt in an stl format do you have the re-sized one in stl?

i do not, and it may be a bit before i can. In the mean time you can always use makerbot desktop to take the thing file and save it as a stl that way too, but if i ever find the time to ill do it

Can you tell us the scale percentage? That would save time and error.

the scale is 85.06%.

Had to do a bunch of things to figure out the scale. It seems that the .thing file provided is actually the original size. =/

Hope that helps!

Sorry, a little late to reply, but I found out you can open up a .thing file with WinRar or 7Zip to extract the STL Files inside.

I hope this is useful for people who are trying to put this together like I am.

Thanks man, I tried converting the .thing file into stl but without any succses. So glad I found your post.

Well I guess it is time to start the next project. 2 months to go until FO4!

lol good luck with it!

will be printing this soon and this kind of off topic but where did u get your NRC ranger helmet/mask? i am making a cosplay of it too and need the helmet/mask.

Funny thing is that i made my helmet out of cardboard and bondo. i used a program called pepakura to take a 3D model of the NCR ranger helmet and pepakura breaks the file up into papercraft templates that i then used on cardboard. to make it smooth i used car filler bondo, u can find it at any home and hardware store. i used this brand
-->http://bondo.com/media/catalog/product/cache/11/image/650x/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/b/o/bondo-lightweight-filler-261.jpg hope this helps!!

Roughly how much filament did this use

Most of the makerbot 5th gen reel when to that print so alot lol im not sure the total amount.

You just saved me a buttload of time!!!
I'm going to make a conversion set for an airsoft gas rifle (it will arrive tomorow), and now I don't have to slice that model into pieces to print! Awesome work, thanks a lot!
Pictures will be later :-D

Awesome! if anything doesn't print right just let me know which file and ill try to fix it...i haven't gotten a chance to print this yet so idk how it will turn out

So, I printed whole body of that thing, looks really nice, my reprap did not have any problem with that. MF cell mady by Hyena_of_doom does not fit, I'm not sure which model needs to be resized, but in this case I will reprint MF cell. The front part does not look exactly same like game model, those line around the muzzle are different. In game, they look almost same as the laser pistol. I'm going to make inside connection attachment, so connecting these parts together wil not be any problem.

That's good to hear that it printed ok, I'm saving up to buy my own printer, i currently use the one we have at work in our library's makerstation. But due to policy rules, being it looks like a weapon i can't print it :( but i understand why. So hopefully soon i can buy one. If you get the rest printed and all put together id love to see pics! makes me so excited to hear it worked cause i want to print it too! :) Sorry about the front not being like the games, i remixed the model off of the laser rifle that has all the modes on it so i mostly just spliced it into pieces and deleted things off it.

Sad, you could use those parts in this model as well, like optional parts of print :-) . You should totally look at laser pistol somewhere here, and focus on the connections of each part of the main body, it would be better that way, glued together will probably break after some time.

yeah i was being lazy lol i debated remaking the models in the future with connectors, maybe even just put holes and you could use wood dowels or something. I may very well work on this and my skyrim mace tonight i need to get back into working on them!

Nice, keep on great work! :-)

Meant to ask you this awhile back but can you post to the make section of the laser rifle just to see how it came out plz!

Okay, I will after work, but I didn't put it together yet, and all I printed is main body without lower part. That will be replaced with airsoft version of MK1 carbine.

That's OK I just want to see how they came out, I'll be posting real prints on my own soon printer will be in with in a couple of days

If anyone prints this please post a full printed pic to the make section, im really curious!

You, sir, are awesome!

Lol thanks! I tried really hard on it.

I can tell. I'm going to have to print this. I'm working on modeling "That Gun" right now.

Good luck, and thanks for sharing!