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candle holder laser cut Tree & Animals wood present tea candle

by Lifelix Feb 1, 2015
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Made one of these on my el-cheapo Chinese Laser, and the kid loves it. I read him Harry Potter when he goes to bed, and a flickering tea-light (electric, of course) in the otherwise dark room combined with the shadows cast by the walls/roof make for really cool mood-lighting...

I made it, thank you very much for the plans.

Cut this twice now on the Glowforge and while it comes out beautiful, the ends do get rather small / burnt. It would be nice if some of the detail could be thickened so you'd have more in the upper part, but this is a wonderful candle holder!

Comments deleted.

Thank you! I used a Glowforge Pro and their proofgrade medium cherry plywood to create mine. Adding some art paper to the back of the sides added a nice effect!

I like you effect with the paper. It looks really nice!

The thinness of the tree segments near the top and of other parts as well makes this VERY difficult to cut. At lower power, you can easily not get all the way through, and at higher powers the thin sections just burn away. I tried with plywood on a Full Spectrum Muse (45 Watt) and it failed miserably. Plexiglass or some other plastic would probably do better but the wood is so much more attractive. It would be nice to find the source pattern and increase the width in a graphics program of some sort before making a new box.

do not allow the placement of a pattern on the box faces. So the design they provide must then be edited in something like InkScape to add that in.

Same request for stl. This thing is just so beautiful, it would be great if we can 3D print it

Hi, do you have any plan or instructions to use 5mm thickness wood?

Thank you!

Make you own box with the thickness you like. Use http://boxmaker.connectionlab.org/

Hope I could help?!

Their web application has crashed when I opened the link.
It gave me parts of their source code, system information and the kernel dump. They need to fix the code before someone exploits the error and hacks their server.

Hi, I'm trying to import the svg file in Lantek Expert for cutting it in a Mazak super turbo series, but it takes forever and anyway the result is a 32,000 segments dxf that is impossible to cut. I'm kinda newbie, can you please suggest me a good software to convert and optimize an svg that is not geometric, as this one?

Hey OTTOGIUGNO, I'm realised the file is not optimized. I would do it with Adobe Illustrator.

Great design, could you advice what the 4 different layers are for? Are some just meant to engrave and not cut?

I tried to cut this out with a Zing 30W but the branches of the trees burnt way to far. Could you hook me up with your settings? I'd like to have the full trees...

I'd love to see this in STL format to be 3D printed...

Took almost 2 hours to print on a VLS 4.2 laser cutter. The speed I set it to was 25%, but looks fantastic and was well worth the wait! You need wood glue to assemble this. I'm not sure if it will work but I want to try this with acrylic instead of wood!

Couldn't persuade my setup to cut the trees out, maybe it's too complicated or something, so I blanked out the sides and put in some random stars. Does that make mine a remix?

With witch laser cutter you tried it?

The cutter is a Chinese K40, but I think the problem is more in the software/computer/operator as the sides don't even start to get cut. The system seems just to give up before the cutting data gets to the machine. I had a difficult time getting the designs into CorelDRAW 12, probably more due to inexperience and impatience rather than anything else. The software for this cutter can't use the designs as they are, it needs areas to be filled with black where they are to be cut out, so I went through a lot of steps to get that done.

Just Curious, what did you use to cut this? what is cut out of? I'm having a hard time with the fine details.

Hej, I used a laser cutter. Zing laser. It must be impossible to do this with hands. Also with sawing machine.