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PanelDue enclosure

by dc42 Jan 28, 2015
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Congratulations for the work.

The back part is not designed. Can somebody help me?

Thank you

Can the ten pin ribbon cable needed to read the SD card by the Duet be used with this design? I do not see a hole where the ribbon cable connector is.

Yes, but the optional lid (i.e. back) does not include any cable cutouts.

Hi, Great work. Is there a easy way to make the back panel suitable for a 3030 extrusion ?

Hi David,
how to remove the two columns with holes in the attached image ?
they should not be there, at least for 4.3 lcd and 3.0 panel due board.

Comments deleted.

Those columns are intentional, they guide a suitable tool (e.g. straightened out paper clip) from the holes in the front to the Reset and Erase buttons.

Will this work with the 7 inch integrated version?

No, the integrated version needs some changes. I've added that to my TODO list.

Great - just picked up the PanelDue 7i and really like your design approach! Any sense of when you may be able to make those revisions? Thank!

I always get a error from the customizer. The error is
Failed to get https://www.thingiverse.com/download:4046999 403: Forbidden>
I am excited about getting this up and running! Should 71 year olds get excited about hacking a 3d printer? :-)
This is for version 3 on a 7". I selected version 2 as directed but no joy :-(

It's a bug in customizer, see https://www.thingiverse.com/app:22/comments. Workaround is to download and run OpenScad locally.

Can someone export or tell me what parameters to change in the scad to get the case that fits 4.3 lcd and 3.0 board ?
many thanks

The 2.0 version will fit. But I've just added version 3.0 to the options.

Evening David.

Thanks for these, but you wouldn't be able to supply the STEP files would you so that I can import it into Fusion 360 to modify to my frame please?

Thanks. Ian

I'm sorry, I designed it in OpenSCAD which doesn't provide export to STEP.

Ah no worries buddy, I thought that might be the case but wanted to ask just in case. Thanks. Ian

Is there a version for 4.3 lcd with 3.0 board ?
cant find this configuration in the scad file.

The designs for version 2 boards are compatible with version 3 boards.

Hi dc42,
I'm sorry but I cant get correct parameters in order to export the case for my 4.3 lcd and 3.0 board, Can you help me with that please ?

What parameters are you having trouble with? Under Board Version, select 2.0 because that will fit the version 3.0 boards too.

the holes for fixing the 3.0 board doesn't match the board

My thanks to fulg and WalterSKW for pointing out the error. I have corrected the .scad file.

Hi David, When printing this thing, I saw that the lid contains a hollow space which obviously didn't print well. (sliced with S3D V4).
I changed the LID code in the SCAD file to produce a solid backpanel.
Here are my mods marked in 'bold':

module Lid(){

Thanks this fixed my problem!

Comments deleted.

Hello David, I believe there is a small error in the SCAD code for the lid. I think the last parameter to RoundBox should have been MBase+2, not MBase. As it is now the lid will not slice correctly because there is nothing for the inset to sit onto. You can see the issue in OpenSCAD itself when setting Lid=1, near the screw holes of the lid.

Fixed code:

module Lid(){


Thanks for the feedback, it's on my (long) list of things to look at.

If possible is there a way to change lip at the top for hanging the enclosure to the bottom ?

Just fit the existing enclosure design upside down. The Setup page of PanelDue allows you to turn the screen upside down.

It seems like the 7" version with the 2.0 board doesn't work so well, the cables on the right are too tight and all of the straight through cables I have for the SD card won't fit with the little room either. I used the openscad version and ensured I selected the correct options for 7" and the paneldue 2.0 board. My recommendation is to make more room on the right (when looking at the screen) to ensure cables can fit or have an option to have a hole, like the microusb slot does to give it enough room for things to connect.

Thanks for your comment. It fits on my setup, although I agree that there isn't a lot of space. You can increase the space by adjusting this line in the .scad file:

    (BoardVersion >= 2) ? 66.3 : 47.3,  // version 2 board is actually 65.3, the extra 1mm is to make wiring easier

Just increase the value 66.3 to whatever you want. I'll probably increase it by another 1mm next time I update the file.

I just had one made using the Customizer for 4,3" version 2 with SD and no LIP
It fits very nicely, but where is the opening for the wires? You just meant for wires to hang out back? The Backplate should have this option then :)
Also no option for using the SD connector.

You are right, I don't have a back on my enclosure so the wires just come out of the back. The back plate needs a cutout added at one edge for the wires. On the enclosure I printed there is enough room for the SD card connector, but hardly any room to spare.

Are there plans to update this to support the new v2.0 board? Was a bit of a shock when I got my new board to find it was a v2 and the mounting and plugs are in different positions. :(

Never mind. Just checked the customizer and see there is an option for a v2 board.

David, is there an error in the scad file for 7" panels? The code shows:

// Which display panel do you have?
DisplayType=1; // [1:Itead ITDB02-4.3,2:Itead ITDB02-5.0,3:Alternative 4.3 inch,4:Alternative 5 inch,6:7 inch]

If I choose type=6 as per above I get a bad layout (mounting pillars outside the case). If I choose "5" - which is not an option above, it looks like a good case for a 7" panel, but I need to export the STL and measure it to be sure.

You are quite right, it is display type 5 for a 7" panel.

Is there a back to this enclosure?

There is provision to include fixings for a back in the OpenScad file, but I don't yet have a back designed for it.