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iPhone 6 stand

by mitrasmit Jan 27, 2015
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Will the wide version accomodate a phone that is 15mm thick with its case?

I can't imagine so, 15mm is really a lot. I'd think it wasn't THAT big, but I'm not 100% sure.

Thank you mate. Great job!

Hey! Just made one and it's perfect. :)

The only adjustment I possibly would make to it, is to cut-out a section where the charge cable fits through the cradle, so I can remove the phone off the cradle without needing to unplug it.
Specifically, I often switch my phone between portrait and landscape on the cradle, and its not easy to do this while keeping the cable plugged in.

Otherwise great model!

will it fit if it has a life proof case on

That depends on the size of the case. There's a model for thicker phones, that should work.

do I have to add supports to print it or they are not necessary.

Thank you

If you use the right orientation (print it on its side), you don't have to. There's a bit of overhang in the rounded corners and the big circular holes, but nothing a decent printer can't handle. wife loves this

Good to hear! Thanks

It may just be me, but I can't get the 65deg-Wide to lay flat on the printing bed. Tried both Cura and Slic3r. The others sit just fine. Weird

I'm having the same issue with Slic3r and PrusaContol. Does anyone have any suggestions?

No idea what the problem could be... I haven't heard anyone about it!

How about a way to hold the charging cord in place that would be cool

Agreed, but its simplicity probably gave it the success it has now.

Just made one and... it's awesome! Thank you!!

Good afternoom, how are you ma?
This model will fit on iphone 6 plus too? i am worry about holes, what do you think?

I honestly don't know, I don't own an iPhone 6 Plus. You should compare the two phones and see what the difference is. Your guess is as good as mine (or better)...


Can o use this for NEXUS 5x?

I'm not sure, you should compare the size of the nexus with the iphone...

will this work with a small case?

the models have little tolerance, but there are people claiming that it worked with a case. Trying it will be the best way to find out!

Can we get S7 Edge adaptions? :)

If you have the right dimensions, sure!

Where is the galaxy s5 model,can someone send it to me? Thanks!

Get me the dimensions and I'll make an S5 adaptation for you.

Here is a photo of the bottom of the case.

Case dimensions:
14.5mm thick and
80.0mm wide

22.5mm from left side of case to bottom opening
30.5mm opening
28.0mm from bottom opening to right side of case

I thought you wanted one without a case. This model I've already uploaded, it's among the files...

I cant seem to find it

Has anyone had issues getting the model to lay flat on Makerbot Desktop? I keep tweaking the rotation to try to get it to lay flat because the Lay Flat feature chooses the wrong side. I

I was getting the same problem with it not laying flat in Repetier using both Cura and Slic3r. Cura wouldn't see the lip at flat, and Slic3r would only see the 'bottom' as flat. I ended up having the hit the 'lay flat' button on the object placement about 10 times before it finally stopped rotating and 'settled' itself. Sliced just fine after that.
Many thanks for the design!

In Cura it is positioned in the right way... I don't know about Makerbot Desktop and its options. Can't you set which plane is the bottom plane in that software?

Hey Mitra.

If it's not too much trouble, could you make a version of this for a Galaxy S5 with the otterbox commuter case?

Here is a photo of the bottom of the case.

Case dimensions:
14.5mm thick and
80.0mm wide

22.5mm from left side of case to bottom opening
30.5mm opening
28.0mm from bottom opening to right side of case

Also, if at all possible, Could you adjust the angle steeper like you had before? Something like the 65 degrees you mentioned?

If need any further info or just don't have time, feel free to let me know :)

I copied your dimensions thanks for posting them!

I've added a version for your phone. The design itself means that when you have a wider phone, the base increases in size even more (because it cuts out a trapezoid in front view). In effect, the product becomes more bulky: less appealing and more material. Just a heads-up ;)

I've increased the holes in the back, that will save at least a bit of material. If you'd like it any different, or it somehow doesn't fit, let me know!

Hi I was wondering if you could possibly make the groove where the iPhone rests in a little wider? If it's not too much trouble. I have a phone case on that is difficult to take off, and it makes the width of my iPhone to 1.1cm. I'd like to use the 65 degree angle version. Thank you!

I'll see what I can do, this weekend!

Thanks for the quick reply! Much appreciated!

I've added the model. Let me know if it fits with the holes as well, if they don't line out with your phone I will have to make a bigger change to the model than just modifying dimensions.

Thank you very much mitrasmit! I really appreciate it! :)

This is going to take a huge bite out of my filament spool, but it looks great and I've been trying to buy something like this online and this is far better.

Thanks! Did you print it yet?

I printed this at 110% and the lip is still too small for a Galaxy S6 with a case. Can you make a version with a wider lip?

Sure, how wide should it be? And do you need different dimensions/locations for the holes in the lip? Let me know the exact modifications you want, and I'll adapt the model for your S6.

Just printed this out on my DaVinci Jr. 1.0 and it worked beautifully. It looks truly good and has no problems at all. I used a white filament and it matches the white of my iPhone very nicely. My iPhone 6 is in the leather case from Apple and there is no need to remove the case, fits perfectly. It's very functional and looks great on my desk. I will upload a picture tomorrow. Thanks so much!

It prints beautifully with PETG on the MakerGear M2, Only real support needed is on the bed side curved part. I wish the bottom slot was a little wider front to back for those of us with a cased phone. Nice Job!

What settings did you use when you printed with PETG? I tried with my prusa i3 using PETG last night, it would not stick to my bed. I used (235 for extruder, and 60 for bed)

Please share a picture of your make!

Also, I can try to make a version that fits a cased phone. Can you measure the thickness required, and maybe post a picture of the side profile of your phone along with that Make? So I can see if I can make it fit...

Can you share the sources for this design? I'd like to make a less inclined version.

If you specify the desired angle, I should be able to easily adapt the model for you.
I'd rather not share the original CAD files.

I think 15 more grades so that the phone is more perpendicular to the base, thanks!

The original was 50 degrees, I've added the 65 degrees version. It's two minutes of work, so if you (or anyone else) want it in another angle, just let me know!
And, obviously, share the results by creating a Make ;)

hi! how much weight grams ?

That depends greatly on the material and infill you use... You should just open the STL in your slicer program and it will tell you the approximate weight with your preferred settings automatically (well, not all of them, but most have that functionality).

I don't have one lying around as I designed and printed this for a friend, so I can't weigh one for you.

does this work with i phone 6+?

Not sure - you'll have to check whether the thickness and button position is the same for the +.

About to hit print on a Da Vinci Jr. for an iPhone 6+. Will let you know how it fits. iphone 6+ with apple silicon case. Stand looks great and trying the 65 degree version.