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Stackable Box V4

by Yuan4114 Jan 22, 2015
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printed a few of these with PLA months ago.
had 3 boxes stacked with very little weight, but the bottom one will not hold the other too on top anymore as it deformed under the little but constant weight.

OK, I need to ask for help on printing this one. Had no issues using cura and my Tevo but after changing to a flashforge adventurer I can not get a clean print, see pic. Anyone printed this using the flashprint slicer? or maybe has some ideas on general print settings that can help with this. Im happy that the printer is working fine for other things and this is thin wall related.

Looks great and printed as expected, 10/10!

works great out of the box, printed them in prusament PLA vanilla white without any setting modification

prints fine, but way too thin out of the box without messing with settings people are trying and noted below.

This model prints nicely with 0.8mm nozzle!! Walls are then perfect and strong.

The problem on the other hand is the bottom which is ripped off from the walls when detached from the plate. I would try to enforce the how the bottom/wall joints..

The Wall Thikness is ~1,1mm. How can I increase this because it's very sensitiv if I push the wall a little bit to much.

I am having the same problem, did you find a solution? I can scale up and down in Cura but this doesn't adjust the shell thickness. Is there a way of doing this that you've since found?

My print is very stringy and weak.

this is also my remix ( the separator pice ) I would like some credit


Divider for box

Your design was not remixed from this object.

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Comments deleted.

This is my favorite box design!
It comes out beautifully on the Ender 3 with Simplify 3D using AmazonBasics Blue PLA.
Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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I printed the stack box at .4 mm layer height with 20% infill and it came out great. I didn't turn up the extrusion, so the walls are a little weak. But given the small size of the container I shouldn't be putting too much weight or force on it. Thanks for the file!

you can see where the outside of the box had a little bit of stringing, but I don't think that will be an issue.

Hey, I would like to make resistor trays for these boxes, but the design file is missing. If it's possible, I would like to update it.

It appears the stack_box_tray is scaled too small to stack on stack_box.

Unless I misunderstand your comment, stack_box_tray is not supposed to stack on stack_box, it should fit inside it.

i am using Simplfy3d for a Prusa I3 MK3. Set print quality to fast and set horizontal size compensation to 0.3. 2.5 hour print time and walls 4 layer thick. Solves wall thickness being to thin for some users

I think where bottom and sides joins could use a little fillet. I printed in PETG and with a little bit of flexing the sides started to break away from the bottom. I used eSUN PETG at 245C with a 90C bed. I think other than that it was strong enough.

the food chain of remixing is super fun!!

Love these, the walls are not too thin for me, however I wish I could get them to pump out in 10 minutes like another person stated, the quickest I've gotten down to is about an hour and a half. Still good little boxes.

I was getting about 10 minutes on a 0.75mm nozzle, which puts out a lot more material than usual 0.4mm nozzles; a heavily tuned-up printer; and reducing the bases to 1-layer thick, which works ok on a heated platform, but not as well on blue tape. Makes it a bit flimsy though, I don't recommend 10 minute prints if you want durable boxes, I was more experimenting with pushing the printer as fast as it would go.

For anyone having troubles with this due to the thin walls (1 mm), there is an easy fix if you're using Simplify3D or other slicer that has an option for "horizontal size compensation." Set the compensation value to +0.1mm and this adds 0.1 to the outer perimeter, turning a 1mm wall into a 1.2mm wall that works perfectly with a 0.4mm extrusion width.

It would be interesting to see a video of one of these being printed in under 10 minutes!

I set the Horizontal Size Compensation to +0.30mm which made the walls 1.6mm thick (or exactly 4 passes on my 0.4mm nozzle) and they came out excellent! The walls are the same thickness as the bottom.

Too thin walls. Layer separation, flex, unusable for storage of anything

Could you design a tray for 4mm screw driver bits? Or release the CAD files for the tray? Thanks!

Very nice design, for my purposes (small screws etc) I scaled the model down to 0.75 in cura and printed it. If you DO scale it down definately increase the shell/wall thickness and the bottom layer thickness. I found that at 0.8mm shell thickness and 1mm bottom thickness just was way to thin and made the model flimsy so I've printed at the same scale with 1.2mm shells and 2mm bottom to try and increase the strength.

Thanks for the model :)

Hya, can you tell how to adjust the shell and bottom thickness? I am using Cura and not sure if there is an option of doing this manually. Thank you.

Hello ! Thanks for the work done on this box.

This design seems "rationnal" enough as a shape to re-design it with openscad and make it a customiser, what soft did you use to re-model it ?

walls too thin, perhaps not for injection moulding but for FDM printers yeah... suppose using PET/PC would be good for this thickness but they'll flex a lot.

I was about to build 2 of these, but the build time was 7.2 hours for two. Is this what others are getting?

i am using Simplfy3d. Set print quality to fast and set horizontal size compensation to 0.3. 2.5 hour print time and walls 4 layer thick

What was your infill, depending on what you are putting in it your infill will vary. Hope that helps!

Print Time: 01:45- on Original Prusa i3 MK2, and 3 hours on DaVinci 2.0A. Sliced using Simplify3D. Res .3. Nozzle .4. Infill 10%

6 hours for 0.2 layer height, and 4:52 hours for 0.3 layer height both with 50% infill... YIKES! Might be faster to order a few of these from Amazon Prime.

Wow, check your printer/slicer settings. My PrintrBot churns these out in under 10 minutes.

Are you using CURA or Slic3r?

I used to use Slic3r but switched to CURA. I haven't tried printing these on CURA yet.

Have you checked your cooling settings? I've seen some cooling presets that set minimum layer time to 60 seconds. If the model has 300 layers, then that's going to take 5 hours to print regardless of how little material is laid down per layer. To print mine super-fast, I have the fans cranked to full and minimum layer times disabled - the model is thin enough that it cools quickly enough to not sag.

Hi I have an prusa mk3, could you tell me please which are the presets for cooling? Mine is taking 2 hours.

maybe it's trying to print it as a solid block of plastic, hehe.

should be only a few minutes each. 7 hours seems excessive

Yuan4114, thanks for your notes on this! It's really helped me improve my printing speed. However, I do have some further questions about your slicer settings. I, like you, have dropped my minimum layer times to zero. What speed are you printing at? I have my printer at 80 mm/s. Your layer heights are at 0.3 mm, correct?

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These are pretty good but the walls are way too thin and flimsy and break very easyly. Even when they are printed at 100% infill and 5 layer shells. Can you please make the walls thicker. Thanks.

Love it! Printing one now!

The walls do break very easily for being so thin. I might work on updating it with some thicker walls.