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Skeleton (Snaps together and moveable)

by Davision3d Jan 20, 2015
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This is a great project, but being unable to print the upper legs, I can't finish it. After numerous tries on several surfaces, different temps, different print speeds I am giving up. The tiny mount points for the upper legs and other parts simply will not stick. Good luck to anyone else who tries this model.

Follow up -- I was finally able to get the print done by adding massive amounts of support around the tiny mountpoints, and continuing to print most of the parts individually. S3D does allow manual supports, and new as I am to this, it took me a while and a lot of trial and error to find and make them work.

The first part printed fine. I had to print all of the second part one by one, but got them done. I cannot get the third part to stick. Every time no matter what settings I use, raft, no raft, support, no support, printing in ABS on Gecko Hot surface, which usually works great, the tiny parts in contact with the surface on last a couple of passes and pop loose, ruining the entire print. I've tried doing the parts individually, and got the lower leg bones done, but the uppers pop loose every time. Tried a glue stick just now with no luck. I am going to try a Build Tek surface as a last resort. This is on a Raise3D N1 machine. Anyone have any suggestions???? I'd really like to finish this project.

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Printed in ABS, I am not a puzzle person but I finally got everything together :-) Cute file. Would be much easier if you when ahead and included the file for the left hand. I almost didn't catch that I needed to reverse the hands to get a set.

I printed the head file fine, printed in PLA and used a hairdryer to put it together, all good.
Then I printed the arm bones file and also got the layer shift problem :(
It has printed half the bones fine then it shifted 4mm to the rear.
Sliced using Cura 3.4.1

Guess I'm going to have to print them all separately :(

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printed in PLA @0.2, 10% infill, supports and a bit of cleanup, around 9 hours total time. second print on a new CR-10S.

excellent mechanical design, joints snapped right in without any problems, including a good amount that were mounted backwards, had to take them out and reverse.

awesome model thanks. Printed with ABS there were a few challenges but I was able to fix it easy enough.

Hey !
Thanks and enjoy the tip. I am having fun with your prints. Glow-in-the-dark ABS has been challenging but I got it going 1.5 scale and 0.15 mm layers.

I have a black ABS 1.5 scale skeleton printed that is beautiful but looks looks tatty underneath. :) I am learning... Thanks for printing out such good documentation, instructions and photos. KUDOS!

thank you,

I am using Lulzbot Cura and Windows 10. I have learned to use brim and grid supports.

PLA is perfect actually.. I just use a heat gun to soften connections and the push back together after and it is solid.

When using ReplicatorG 0040 with Skeinforge 50 to slicing, I get a couple of errors of the type:
[08:03:54] This should never happen, there is a hole in the triangle mesh, each edge should have two faces.
[08:03:54] 71080 [30066] [33696, 39599]
[08:03:54] Something will still be printed, but there is no guarantee that it will be the correct shape.
[08:03:54] Once the gcode is saved, you should check over the layer with a z of:
[08:03:54] 5.5
I've tried various scales, slice thicknesses, and rotation angles, but everything I'm reading indicates it's an issue with the STL file. Anyone else running across this and have a good solution?

Still using RepG in 2016? Bold move.

Has anyone printed it in PLA? I know it said ABS, but I'm not quite ready to try printing with ABS yet so wondering if it will work in PLA

yes don't use PLA its not going to work, ABS were better

I printed mine in pla, worked fine, just had to use a lot of support for the ruins but that's probably the same fire all types of filaments

This is just awesome!!! Think i just fount driver and passenger for my scale crawler :D
I got one question though, how big is it from head to toe? I need a 1:10 scale figure or about 7-8 inches tall

Printed on, it's 9 inches..
Awesome model though, will sure be a nice mascot

Comments deleted.

After printing this, I learnded a LOT about raft, brim and supports in Slic3r :-) Very nice model!
Only "fault": it can't stand upright, so I designed a simple stand if someone else needs it: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1110368

Simple stand for Davision3d Skeleton

Nice, if you like you could also mark it as a remix then it shows up here under remixes.

About half way through each print the one of the axis is shifted and so cannot finish. No problem with other models.

No clue what is going on there, you are printing with support right? You could also try the single bones files instead.

This looks awesome :)

How small can i go with this? I want to make it around 10cm or maybe 15cm? Will it work if i scale it down?


amazing - my first project with my first printer in PLA - works like a dream

I found i had problems with the 4 files - i had to print the bones separately and discovered without thinking that there is only a left foot and left femur in the bones collection - you need to extract the right foot and femur from the other STL's. DOH should have read your comments about x-1 mirror!

Is it possible to upload an assemble of all parts so i can print it as one part?
With Polyjet the support can be removed very easy.

Yea it would be possible, one issue I see is that the orientation of the bones would need to be different which could make it significantly less stable in the end. Between the layers is where things usually break.

Thank you! This is a great design and a great 1st project for me to tackle with my new M3D printer. I've been able to experiment with speed and density and find what works and what doesn't.

One question, I'm using ABS, for cleanup and smoothing out where the raft separates from the pieces (like the back of the skull) , what do you recommend? Dremmel? I'm very new to this and have not seen too much on post-printing suggestions. Is swabbing with acetone helpful to remove hard bits of the raft? Any input would be greatly appreciated.


It is a complex project to tackle first. For removing the raft a small wire cutter is very helpful, not only cutting, also using its lever action. Tweezers are helpful for small bits. Usually I am able to remove a lot of my rafts and support by hand though. Acetone would make your raft weak but also your model so you could drag out a bit of the surface of the model while getting the raft off. For cleanup you can do sanding to get rough surfaces more even. Dremmel should work too but might be a bit too much. Painting acetone on it can then make it very smooth. You could also use acetone vapor smoothing which works very well to make prints overall smooth but for this model it is a bad idea since it will also smooth out and slightly distort the connections.

When you say "...0.2mm or lower to ensure the hooks are exact enough." are you referring to layer height or nozzle diameter?
Sorry, I'm new to 3d printing, how would I need to resize/scale it for a .35 mm nozzle (if that is what you're referring to).

0.2mm is just the layer height, you should be able to set that easily with your printer.

Could you split the file (Skeleton-1of4-HeadnShoulders) into skull and one shoulder bones. Tinkercad says " Geometry is too complex: mesh has 361479 triangles, limit is 300000 ", Iron cad don't seem to load the file and simplify3D i did a repair triangles and the shoulders disappeared from the screen. hmmmm heh. Thank you for responding so fast.

Poly crunched that now lower. The single bones you find in the bones-all-single.zip

For some reason Simplify3D will not slice the shoulder bones, skull and jaw it does just fine, and all other files.
Any ideas?

Could it be possible that it is related to support generation? That bow that sticks out is tricky to generate support for. I could make another version where that is split so you can glue that then.

I have a problem with the foot because it is not complete.It has only 54 floors
Help me please

What do you mean? It just stopped printing the foot at layer 54? Did you used Skeleton-3of4-Legs.stl or something else?

Amazing. Love your style.

Fixed the tiny default scale. It is now the same size I printed. Also new is a detailed instructions .pdf. Here is also a basic assemble gif: http://i.imgur.com/mP1RNn7.gif

This thing is ridiculously cool - I can't wait to make one for my desk at work.... I think he might need a fez and a cigar prop..... NICE!

The cigar prop you could hijack from the mutant bunny: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:633685
Not sure how good he can hold on to it though.

Mutant Bunny


Yea, upscale able. I tried some bones at 1.4x and snapping worked fine. Check the instructions for more.

Very nice! This will be a popular one I bet ;)