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Multiple Filament Dry Holder and Dispenser (Updated 9/19/2013)

by MarkTecWizard Apr 3, 2013
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When I downloaded the plug, it downloads less than 1mm wide total width. Something has happened to the file and I can't get it to scale larger. Anyway you can upload this again or give instructions on how to scale this up? Thanks for your help!

Hello Brad The plugs are a waste of time. I thought it would help keep them dryer. The small holes are not an issue and the plugs are not worth the effort. I now use clear tape to plug up holes that I drilled in places because of different hub widths. Also I use 1/4 inch holes in the top to let the filament come out.

Thanks for this idea, Mark! I used your basic concept with the following mods:

  1. I found that 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe fits the reels nicely so I used it.
  2. With the larger dia pipe, the closet rod holders would not work so I designed holders to fit the 1 1/2 pipe and printed 2 copies.
    They are both "halves" for easy pipe removal.
  3. I used a single M4 screw through the center of the printed holders using "fender" washers on the inside and outside
    to distribute the force on the thin plastic box.
  4. I sawed off the excess screw lengths with a Dremel tool.

Also, looking on-line I found that you can make your own desicant "bags" using Kitty Liter (a certain kind, like pure silica) and tea bags (empty them first)! I'm going to build another box because I have more than 4 reels.

Your solution is a compact, cheap, and easy to implement design.

Great improvements.

How do you have your hood for your printer? I see you used a Tupperware on top, but do you have a "outtake" fan? How are the fumes on your setup.. I would really like to see a picture of that setup! I made a box out of a pvc frame and put an inline fan blowing the fumes out... but the box is becoming a pain.. unfortunately I do not have a metal frame on mine and I was hoping to avoid altering the wood frame.

I use the same box as in the material list and I cut a T Slot in the long side of the box. I covered the edge with clear packing tape because there was a sharp edge after cutting. The bottom of the T allows the cable and feeder tube to pass through and the top of the T allows the lateral movement. I created the top specifically to stop external cold air from blowing onto the build and causing poor layer adhesion. This top has worked out for me. For the sides I use clear plastic film like from a zip lock bag. It acts like a curtain so cold air will not blow in from the sides. If you still need a picture post another comment.

Yes Please share some photos.. I'd appreciate it. Also I am having trouble keeping my filament from jumping over to other rolls.. how did you prevent this?

How has this worked for you? The PLA I use has such a strong "memory" I'm concerned that it will try to twist 180 degrees or bind when going over the top doing a sort of "back bend".

I do not have a problem with twisting. I pull some out of the box and then feed it into the tube and it finds its own position that does not seem to bind or "twist" as it goes through the feeder tube. I do sometimes have a problem with the filament falling over the edge of the spool and when I load it and it is a pain to get it to stay between the spool sides as I place the cover back on.

Love it!
I will try it for Nylon and will use a small hygrometer to see when the silica needs to be dried.

Love it! Thanks for the inspiration!

Great idea?
Is this designed for 1.75mm or 3mm?

Could be for either size.

Could be for either size.

Also stops dust buildup. Nice!

I was going to include the dust wiper thing that is posted on Thingiverse but I decided that since the material is always covered it is unnecessary.