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Butterfly wall decoration

by dfunk Jan 9, 2015
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This is fantastic...... I know exactly where i will be putting these up.
I will use all my left over bits of coloured plastic and will post photos when the installation is complete.
Thnaks again

I tried printing this on Lulzbot Taz 6 with no luck. The hinge is too large and wobbly, but the biggest issue are the overhangs which I can't be able to print properly. Very very messy. Tried printing with 10mm/s and 30sec min time for layer but still no luck. 100% fan speed w/ 200C hot end and 60C bed. I'll have to see if I can fix my issues, maybe print it horizontally and make the hinge + wings attachable with some grooves.

Anyway, a very cute design!

Someone is able to make the flower model for 3D printing?

Hi! I really like your design! You meantioned a flat version to be able to write on the wings, is it possible to share it with us too? Maybe you already have but I've missed it.


Very nice design !
And it really looks beautifull next to these flower leaf dark red and grey. Are they 3D printed too ? Can you give to me the source, please ?

Thanks man !

Thank you Batbx! Those flowers were made out of paper by an old friend of mine. Just cut out and delicately curved. I really liked it as well.

Would it be possible to get some more precised photos or eventually 3d object or 3d scan (of the flowers) ? :/

Thank you in advance,
Kind Regards

Great design. My wife love it.

For my printer (but I see many other too) it isn't perfect for printing for too small wing connections for one of the two wings (there is plenty of space to make them bigger) and too much overhang at the bottom of the same wing (the smaller one).

An easy fix for these little problems would make thing be perfect.

I've just pushed an update that should allow the hinges to work without force, and I strengthened the connection for the wings.

Thank you paolom65, I've been planning to pick this back up again. I agree with your recommendations.

it was great until I broke it, so difficult to open wings. is there any better way to open wings?

The new files should allow the wings to open easily with no force at all.

I've had the same problem. It really depends on the print quality used - too low and it doesn't leave enough gap between the hinge pieces. It's a a tricky bit of business.

Why not modeling it with the wings spread out to print it flat? Would be faster, cleaner and easier to print :)

I did model it flat at one point - so that I could write someone's name into the wings, but it's harder to get off the board and you can't print as many at once, so in general I always print them this way.

How do you attach it to the wall? Double sticking tape?

Blu Tack works really well.

Wonderful! What settings do you suggest?

Nothing special zmitrovic. I printed them using the standard settings on my MakerBot (10% infill, .2mm layer height, 90mm/sec etc...) These do not require rafts or supports.

Great! But how do you make the hinges work? It always fractures on my prints...

I'm sorry to hear that zmitrovic. I didn't have any issues with the hinges. The second I popped the the butterfly off the build plate the hinge opened without issue. What sort of printer are you using? What is your layer height? What size extruder are you using?

I am certainly a novice in printing, so it must be my fault! Mine is a MB Replicator 5th gen. Layer height 0,2 mm. Number of shells 2. Infill 10 %
Any suggestions?

I'm a novice at printing as well, and I'm honored you're taking the time to try one of my designs. Is it possible you have scaled down the print? What comes out of my printer is around 2 to 2 1/2 inches (6cm) high. If the image got scaled down at some point, it might not be large enough for the hinges to work right. Thats my best guess at the moment.

Nope. I even tried to scale it up, but the hinge does not work... Any other idea? Thank you!

On the first 3 or 4 itterations of this design the hinges didn't work well for me. I could make them work by taking two pairs of needle nose pliars and using them to force the hinge. Otherwise the wings are so thin they would snap off from the pressure. My printer is down at the moment, and my new one isn't here yet. Otherwise I'd test it out.

I recently printed these out and I too did not have working hinges. However I found the solution to be using an x-acto blade to slice in to the joints of the hinge on the bottom. It seems they are so close when laying out the first layer they attach to one another so by using the blade to separate those lines again, my hinges worked like a charm. :) Hope this helps anyone looking for ways to fix the hinges

Thanks Cybrosaen!

Another brilliant design!