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Pocket-Tactics: Dwarves of the Mountain Holds (Second Edition)

by dutchmogul Mar 13, 2013
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Cool set!

I created some OpenTactics assault cards for them. I used the new version from (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1394114) for the images. The cards are based on the cards from this set. I can upload the separated cards in PNG format and JSON files if one want to edit them.

OpenTactics Rules Page
Dwarfclan Stonethrower (18mm scale)

Please split tiles and post seperately

Awesome set!!!
I'm having trouble with the dwarfclan scout. halves or from split from the full plate, it won;t slice properly with Slic3r.
Of course, it's my last piece to print from this set.Everything else printed nicely.
Any advice?

Hey, glad you like it! I've never used Slic3r before, but try running the model through here before slicing it again: https://netfabb.azurewebsites.net/https://netfabb.azurewebsites.... This program is pretty amazing. Post these guys up when you get them printed!

The 'Download all files' link only downloads an 'Untitled.zip' of one guy. Do you mind fixing it up so that it's named and has all models? or is that a thingiverse problem? thanks!

Oh, yeah, I don't think I have any control over that. I've never used that feature before. But, maybe it just shows one picture? Have you tried unzipping it?

Same problem. You might want to e-mail thingiverse support about it...

How do they move on the dungeon tiles? I mean, I could put these tiles in a way they dont connect with anything, right? I'm a little confused cause I was printing the old set...

Yeah, no worries. Excellent question. Basically, you can place the dungeon tiles however you like as long as the corridors connect to a tile opening (so, basically, the only way you can't place them is so the connections dad-end in another dungeon tile's wall... though dead-ending in a map edge is fine). You can only move, shoot, or be shot at in the directions the tile allows.

I have another question: Whats the difference between the dungeon tiles that have a room in it and the ones that are just a hallway? Its just an artistic thing or they have different functionalities? Thanks. By the way, great work!

Hey, thank you! Actually, the rooms are left over from Pocket-Dungeons, in which they do have an effect. I have a revamp on the dungeon tiles for PT (coming soon) which don't feature any rooms, as there's no effect in this system.

One more question (and i dont think it will be the last heheh): the rule says "When all 20 Terrain tiles are in play, the second player places their Base tile as far as possible from the first Base tile while still touching the same number of tile sides". How can this be? what happens if i play a game in which my base has 3 tiles surrounding it and all the remaining tiles are in a straight line... so, the enemy's base can only touch 1 tile as far away as possible... i dont get it...

Ah, right. That's clarified in the newest version. You can ignore placing the base tile legally at this point if it means placing against the same number of tiles. If you absolutely can't place against 3 tiles, you have to place against two, but its really rare that a map will end up that way unless the second player wants to have their base tile adjacent to fewer tiles (as both sides have control over the shaping of the map and it isn't generally advantageous to do so).

One more =) ... "WALK THE DEEP PATH - A Dwarven Tunnel Scout may force an adjacent unit to re-roll their test for entering a cave tile"... Adjacent to the cave tile while the unit is entering, or adjacent to a unit thats is trying to enter the cave tile, which may not be adjacent to the dwarf...? Why not make a demo on youtube? :p Thanks for answering everything and not trying to kill me hehehe

Haha, no worries. Yeah, we're putting together a youtube video really soon, still getting things ready for that. So, adjacent to the Scout, so the scout would have to be next to the Cave tile that the other unit is entering. That unit becomes "adjacent" to the Scout as soon as they move into that tile. Its a fun ability as it can be used against your enemies (if they pass their initial test) or against your allies (if they fail it).

Hey, how would you like to make a video tutorial on how you painted these models? its pretty cool and i really suck at it - im new to the painting miniatures world and dont know much... i tried to dry brush a dwarf with medium gray color on top of a black base and it got really wierd...

I Love this set but printing in halves isn't so great on my printer... I'd be super-happy if you could upload the figures standing upright :) thanks!

Uploaded the full plate. These guys should print upright better than most. Let me know hoe they turn out.

Thanks but loading the stl in diffrent programs results in a mess of errors... since there is no preview here on the website maybe it is corrupted?

There you are! Sometimes the first download from Tcad is corrupted. Should be good to go.

Glad to see the dwarfs didn't change much.

Yeah, I mean, all new models aside from the Stone Throwers, but the concepts/rules are pretty much exactly as they were before. It'll be the same deal with the elves.

I hope you keep the worm rider. Awesome model that.

It looks like you uploaded a different STL for the forge master than the one you printed there. The printed one in the picutre looks 1000x better.

Oh, I'll keep the worm rider, for sure. I may make a better model, but that unit will certainly be included.

Different STL for the Forge Master? Why do you say that? Its definitely the same model. Hammer held high?

The one in the picture looks like hammer on shoulder. To be honest I prefer the one in the picture, but then again I haven't seen the one with the hammer held high.

Oh, they're the same model. No difference. Maybe the perspective on the stl is throwing you off?