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Customizable Container with Knurled Lid

by wstein Dec 28, 2014
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I really like this container design, but I was wondering if there would be any way (or interest) in adding an option to make the lid the same height as the container (or a custom height) to add "head room" to the container. This way, you could generate something similar to a toothbrush travel container, for example. Basically, the threads would be in the "middle" of the container when closed, and the lid itself would add height to the container. The reason I ask for this is because I would like to make one of these that is 350mm in height on the inside, but I can't print something that tall, so I would be able to print in two halves. (Side note on this, I plan to add dividers to the container, but the lid would obviously need to NOT have dividers, or the objects inside taller than the base wouldn't allow the lid to go on.)

I cannot seem to adjust the height of the lid....is there something I'm missing? How can I make it have more threads (longer down the sides of the container? The lid seems to be a fixed height for all designs. This is an excellent design, that one point will make it fully adjustable.

Indeed the height of the lid is not adjustable. For me it always works fine.

Under "Thing Details" it says "Licence: Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike" but in the .scad file it says "Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike". Which one does apply? Thanks :-)

(Background: I'd like to create and publish a variant where the lid is as wide as the jar diameter. As a bit of a free software purist, I only want to invest time on a codebase that is indeed "free". Because who knows who will use it for what purpose in the future. So the "non-commercial" clause would be an issue for me, even though I have no commercial interest at all with this.)

Why no customizable lid?

But the lid is also customizable.

Ok in the same file then?

Can only see this Container_v1_8_1.scad

line 73:

part = "container"; // [container:Container,lid_leftknurled:Lid - Left Knurled, lid_rightknurled:Lid - Right Knurled, lid_verticalknurled: Lid - Vertical Knurled, lid_doubleknurled:Lid - Double Knurled, lid_simple_nonknurled:Lid - Simple Non Knurled]

What is the difference between your left and right lid designs? Are the threads for everything right handed?

Also when using: OpenSCAD version 2015.03-2

I got the message:

Compiling design (CSG Tree generation)...
DEPRECATED: The assign() module will be removed in future releases. Use a regular assignment instead.

I'm pretty unfamilar with SCAD but is this something easy for you to fix in your next release?

Here you can see the difference:

right knurled: https://cdn.thingiverse.com/renders/ae/c4/48/b3/1f/Lid50_right_knurled_preview_featured.jpg
left knurled: https://cdn.thingiverse.com/renders/ba/29/2c/a3/d1/Lid50_left_knurled_preview_featured.jpg

The threads are are always right handed, but you simply mirror the model if to get a left handed jar.

If you want to get rid of the warnings, simply replace assign(...) expression with let(...). But let(...) is not implemented in the OpenSCAD 2015.03 used by Customizer. So we have to wait until Customizer is updated.

To check current Customizer version:

Customizer OpenSCAD Version as Key Chain
by wstein

I tried printing from a part I specified from SCAD and the print failed on Makerbot printer. The top did not adhere to the sides. I did not try and print from one of the predefined stl models you had available. Should there have been any difference? I can try and print from the predefined stl files if you think there is any difference. Also, is there a parameter for changing the wall thickness?

Which part? Jar, Lid? There should be no difference. Can you share an image?.

Thanks for the info. The pictures really help. I'm printing off a 60 mm container right now. I'll post a picture and comment after that gets finished. Thanks for posting this design.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Hi, Its a great design and I have printed a few!. However I cannot seems to find a lid for 100mm. Could you help me out on that.


Looking great, any chance to add text on the lid? Thanks.

love them print well great looking ty

Hi - any chance you might make a KNURLED CONTAINER BODY too?

That way someone with say - wet hands - could have a grip on both parts as they turned...

Customizable Lofty Container (EPCOT Spaceship Earth style)
by wstein

IMO, you just forgot to tick "this is a customizer" box when publishing. Can't see the customizer button..

thanks, it is fixed now.

Since Customizer in Thingiverse is down I'm trying to customize this in OpenSCAD. I downloaded the SCAD file and opened it in OpenSCAD. I made the changes for the size of container I want but when I export as an STL I only get the container. No lids are generated. In the customizer panel it says you'll always get all of the parts. Am I missing something?

please change the part variable to lid_leftknurled. For other valid values please refer the comment:

part = "container"; // [container:Container,lid_leftknurled:Lid - Left Knurled, lid_rightknurled:Lid - Right Knurled, lid_verticalknurled: Lid - Vertical Knurled, lid_doubleknurled:Lid - Double Knurled, lid_simple_nonknurled:Lid - Simple Non Knurled]

Is it possible to change the outside quality of the container and lid? When changing the "quality=150" line, it only seems to change the quality of the inside of the container and lid NOT the outside. Please let me know if it is possible. Thanks!!

Should be fixed now, please download the new version Container_v1_8_1.scad

Is there a scad file for the lids, because I'd really like to be able to make different sized containers and lids?

it is all inside https://www.thingiverse.com/download:2422346

for lid change variable to "lid_leftknurled":

part = "container_";

I'm getting the same error as flashinglizard, I cant generate a customized version of this container. Wish I could, it looks perfect.


Getting a error :

<RuntimeError: Failed to get https://www.thingiverse.com/download:2422346 403: Forbidden>

Does anyone know why I get this error when trying to generate my custom container?
Im changing the size to 160 diameter and 180 length.
I printed my first small container no problem.


it is a bad joke, openscad files have a 0 size. When the Tag openscad is used, it is for a good reason !!! not cool guy

I am sorry, to hear this.

I am customizing one for 100 by 100 do i have to mess with the settings on the lid?

Thanks! Great design, so simple and functional! :)

The .scad files inside the .zip seem to be broken. They're 0 byte files. Perhaps there's something wrong with the zip file? I downloaded it twice to double-check.

yes, there seems to be a bug. please try to download the scad from filelist.

Would be nice to have the lid edges chamfered or rounded. Also why is the smooth lid not tapered like the knurled ones?

How do you make a customized Lid to go with a container?

I just have to say - I have printed a ton of these and they ALWAYS work in every shape and size. They're awesome for all sorts of little parts and projects, and they never fail to impress people with the accuracy of the threads and knurling. Thanks a million for putting the time into this customizer!

This is a big compliment - many thanks!

Any chance of a plain lid or a rounded lid? The threads are perfect!

Sure, I have added a simple non knurled version. Please check out if it works for you and give me a feedback.

Waterproof? Hudminity?

For geocaching

I would not expect, to get this thing waterproof.

Comments deleted.

This is the first threaded model that I've printed that has screwed together flawlessly without extensive filing or dremel work. The threads are very well designed. And with some drilled holes in the top this can easily double as a spice shaker. Really love it.

Many thanks! Actually this was my motivation. Create this screwed container, which is easy to print and simply works. I am very happy about your feedback.

I think it is really pity, that it is not possible to rate things with (easy/hard to print).

You may consider to give me a like, as the popularity is calculated on the number of likes within the last 30 days. ;-)

Nevermind abotu that last question, can you tell be if the dimension of the diameter is for the inside or the outside? For example, on the 50X100, if it 50 mm diameter of room on the inside, or is that measurement on the outside? Because when I open it in MakerBot Desktop, the 50x100 is actially 54x102.

It's the inside dimension (diameter and height).

Hey, can you tell me what dimensions the jars are in? Thanks!

Not lucky with customizer.
All options show 2 "Part to show? Only create once! You will get always all parts!" and a select box.

Sorry for the trouble, it should be fixed now.

Hello wstein,
Unfortunately, customizer is not working! :(
Can you help?

Comments deleted.

Customizer not working :(

Very excited by how small you seem to be able to print these things, a nice quick, cheap, and useful print, and doesn't even need supports!

Can you put liquids in these containers without it leaking?

The once I printed are waterproof.

But the lid isn't proof without a sealing, if this is important for you.

Sorry I'm slightly confused. So if I were to print out your models, would they be able to contain liquid? Or is there something extra I have to modify or do? Thanks!

The jar itself is proof like a drinking cup. If you want to carry it in a bag you surely want to use a rubber seal to proof the lid with the jar.

Will any of these stl files work on a standard peanut butter jar without modification?

Hmmm, I don't think. That would be pure chance.
May I ask, whats the background of your request? Why not using the original lid?

Customizer not working

"Sorry! This thing does not have any openscad files and cannot be customized."

I accidental delete It while uploading a new version.
Many thanks for your hint.

Excellent thanks for fixing.....

I really like how this printed. especially the lid. However could you make the container just a cylinder instead of having the curve out from the bottom? It kind of screws up the rest of my print because I'm not all pro about it. A plain cylinder should probably print fine on anyone's rig

Hi sshake,

nice to hear you like the lid. Sorry for that late response. It is easy possible to make your remix with flat bottom using the customizer:

There are two parameters for the bottom chamfer:
Outside Chamfer: Container outside chamfer in percent of diameter
Inside Chamfer: Container inside chamfer in percent of diameter

Setting the outside to zero you will get what you want.

But as filipbys say using brim may be necessary. I printed my copies (up to 50mm) all without brim. Without problems. All printed with PLA.

It sounds like your print isn't sticking to the printbed. Try a brim maybe?

no that's not it. I made my own "flat bottom" version in the mean time, I'll throw up a remix.