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Octopus Stand Version Three

by notcolinforreal Dec 23, 2014
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Thing Apps Enabled

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Thanks for this stand.
It's stable also with a Xiaomi Redimi note 7. I was afraid it would be too long but no, it just fits right. :)

The downloads aren't downloading!

I would love to see a wall mounted version for a cell phone or something!!

Hey! Love the model and really appreciate the design process you've gone through to make this what it is. I've made two of these but when I was trying to find this model again it wouldn't show up on the search! If you want to improve search results I would suggest adding the word "phone" back into the title so this shows up on common searches along with the previous versions.

Oh, and if you're having issues with this moving around and have a metal desk, drilling shallow holes in the bottom and glueing small magnets in worked great for me!

Shoutout for the OnePlus

Comments deleted.

Not sure if there's something wrong on my end.. but when i click the download button, nothing seems to happen. :(

for me the same thing happends :(

Click on Thing Files and download the STL Files :)

Got it! Thanks!

For those who need help, 'thing file' is the one below screenshot selection, when 'tip' dioalog box appeared. took me a while to find it lmao.

Not only did this print out great, it looks great on my desk! I gave it a couple coats of spray Plasti-dip so it would hold the phone and not slide around the desk. I love this!

Made it last night and put it on my desk at work today. Absolutely love this thing!

Printed in PLA, 0.1mm, came out very nice and looks great! It is really special design.
However, it does not work for my phone (Samsung S4 Mini) with a soft shell case around it. It is designed only for pretty thin devices. And the tilt angle is too low, so my phone keeps flipping over.
Anyone has a hint how to modify the STL file for more tilt, or to widen the lower parts where the phone sits in? A simple "scale it up" won't work here. Thx!

Download works over "Thing Files" then click what you want.
First had same issues with "Download" button on top. That is fail!

so many awesome models, thank you ! <3 they print so well

попросил написать имя с боку, но не могу найти файл в формате (3dmax, sldprt и т.д) Если есть в этом формате можете скинуть.

попросил написать имя с боку, но не могу найти файл в формате (3dmax, sldprt и т.д) Если есть в этом формате можете скинуть.

попросил написать имя с боку, но не могу найти файл в формате (3dmax, sldprt и т.д) Если есть в этом формате можете скинуть.

попросил написать имя с боку, но не могу найти файл в формате (3dmax, sldprt и т.д) Если есть в этом формате можете скинуть.

Comments deleted.

looks great and works perfectly! Printet one in PLA and 200% bigger.
you can see the video on youtube: https://youtu.be/awyMKBhsZmo
hope you like it. just let me know if its not ok for you ;)

Same here, download doesn't start. :(

go to "thing files" and download from there

Can not download????

Love it so much great idea

Could someone purchase the commercial license for this item?

This is the first thing I printed on my new Micro3D printer and it came out perfect. Great design. And useful! Thank you!

I keep on having the edges curl out when I try to print it, after about a centimeter up. Any suggestions?

Cannot download the design. Please help

I am having trouble down loading. Please advise

i printed it and it's awesome

Ouch, 20mm/s, but got it :-) took 2 hours to print on Rebel II printer, 0.3mm layers. Awesome!

Does it need support?

No it does not need support, that's the beauty of this design =) Happy Printing!

It would be nice if it as raised up higher so you could charge your phone while it was on the stand.

Just scale it out and you should be able to get a higher stand gap.

It's cool but it could use some improvements...1) It is not leveled well and 2) It is not angled for a good tilt unless your device is very thin! Mine is not since it is a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It looks cool though and raises alot of eyebrows. With some small changes it could be perfect for larger devices! Also works better in landscape mode rather than portrait where it sometimes flops over when you lean it back too much!

just scale it up a little bit when you are slicing

I'm new to this whole 3d printer area, Does it matter what kinda of 3d printer you use to print such a design?

To my knowledge, nope.

good, what is your printing time? with 0.1mm layers my printing time is 5 hours. however good job for my lg he!

mines printing in about an hour with .3mm layers

Tried printing this today on a Micro M3D printer and had to abort half way through the print. The base material on one side did stick to the base plate and kept moving around while printing. I'm going to try again but a little bummed. Its a really cool stand. I set it for high detail with thick walls.

maybe try printing with a brim?

I printed the first version of this (I think that was the one I printed) and I could not have the iPhone 6 plugged in and charging while on the dock. Also, I could not hit the home button while it was on the dock. Can this version have the iPhone being charged in an upright position while on the stand?

setup s3d please ?

Great design.. was wondering if you are interested in working together to make and sell your product in Asia through www.tridii.com

This was my second print ever, and it wurned out spectacular :) Thanks so much!

I thought this would be a fun print. Made it in black ABS, 100 micron. It looks SO good. This is one of my favorite prints now! Thanks for making and sharing your design. :)

No problem, happy to hear.


Comments deleted.

Great stand, thanks! I found that around 20% fill works best to fill in any hole with minimal print time. I made several! Thanks again

No problem. Thanks a bunch.

Lovely phone stand. I love it. Thanks a lot to share.

works great without support!
20% fill. Took a bit more than 2 hours to print on Velleman Vertex. Would be faster with slic3r i think, but couldnt get that to work properly.

Comments deleted.

Great work and big idea

Work with lenovo P780

Comments deleted.

How hard would it be to raise the 11mm final model? I printed it out and it works great with my Moto X, so I got this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JSXQL62 hoping I could keep my phone plugged in and have the wire go out the back, but it makes the phone sit about 13mm off the desk.
I can model geometry fairly well, but this thing is not circles and squares :-)

Thanks again for a great model!

It's not hard necessarily, just tough to make it look nice. I have some thoughts on a iteration of this version down the road that should fit a charging cable. I just need to find the spare time to make it.

Yes a OnePlus One! haha I always wonder if my OnePlus One will fit in these things, now I know!

I just printed the Final 11mm Case version, because i thought it looked better, but as you stated: it is a little "wobbly" with an iPhone 6 without a case... I am probably going to print the tighter version tommorrow.

Really awesome work!

can someone help i click download and open and it says "this file is invalid for use as the following:certificate trust list"?

what software did you use to design this ?

Worked perfect, easy to print no issues at all. I used a raft and supports, came out really flat and supports cleaned up great. Thanks for this one. I am using it on my Moto X First Gen with case and it fits great!

Hi , made somthing i think you would like

snake smartphone version

Printed fine on a Craftbot with no supports using CURA. Nice model .. prints pretty fast .. I have a feeling I am going to get requests for these from friends and family.. lol.. thanks for making this thing.!

Printed pretty great without supports on my printrbot simple.

This makes me really want a stand of the same design for my Pebble Steel.

This is what I use with my pebble steel http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:292698
Not octopus like, but its something

Stand for Pebble Steel

I've really enjoyed watching the progression of this idea.

Haha. In the iPhone 6 collection, and the main image is of a OnePlus One.
You sir are awesome.

Thanks, just noticed that myself. While it fits an iPhone it's certainly not my device of choice. Just going for the subliminal I guess ?

Very good, as i can see, it will work without supports: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-WnSKORDPxQ8/VJob3nUlVvI/AAAAAAAAEQs/JOiZqraWH60/w1428-h805-no/IMAG0932.jpg

Can you tell me please, with which program can u create a model like this?

I designed first with pen and paper, then modeled it in 3dmax.

Thanks for sharing that, I'm working in Rhino a lot, but it's mostly good for working with technical parts and not for organic shapes. I should look beyond Rhino in the future :)

Love it.. Printing now

Awesome would love to see if it prints without supports.

printed fine without supports with MakerBot Desktop 3.4 and a Replicator 5th Gen


had a little droop on one part but very minimal. Awesome model.

Octopus Stand Version Three
by jmoney

Awesome! You didn't waste anytime getting that in the printer, good stuff.