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Battery dispenser AA & AAA

by LarNil Dec 22, 2014
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No batteries included!

I've noticed "No support needed" instruction too late.
With support material it is almost impossible to properly clean it.
I'll try reprinting it without support material.

Yes, it is important to read the instructions :-)

I found that the suggested 128% scaling for 18650 almost worked, but the plates and protection circuits on my batteries (across a few brands) needed the Y-width to be increased from 73.60mm to 78.

Version 3 and 4 of the AAA dispenser get stuck more often than version 2 did. The AA v3 dispenser is perfect.

Love this! just printed out both AA & AAA ones...I do have a request...Any chance you could design the model to cater for C size batteries please? Id also recommend if you could add the small 'lip' to stop the batteries sliding out :) Great job though! printed perfectly first time and im no expert 3d printer lol

Added a version 4 with a little ramp om the side and some scaling values for C-batteies

Awesome! will give it a bash! Thanks!

Maybe I will add the lip. You are not the first one asking for this :-) Although It is ment to slide out from the side, perhaps a little ramp can be added.

I do not use C size batteries myself, instead I use a converter, but then again maybe I'll find some way to make it stackable - no promises...

Seems like the AAA version 3 isn't solid on the right side.

I cannot find anything wrong with it. Both Slic3r and Cure treats it correct.

Did you go to the Layers view in Cura? I have version 3.4.1 windows 64 bit. MAy be cura bug.

I found an internal face in the model. Try to see if your Cura treats the model correct now.

Hey love the design. Using both the AA and AAA models provided and they work great. Any chance you could include the original CAD files or release a model that fits a CR123A battery? I have a bunch for Z-Wave devices and would love to have a uniform battery dispenser design that I know works for all the types of batteries I use.

Added some scaling values in the newest update

I have no plans to make models for special batteries. However, you can scale to fit CR123.

Since you already have the CAD files it will be much faster for you to do this modification.

Would that be possible to have a AAA dispenser stackable ? I have both alkaline and rechargeable AAA batteries, I would love to stack them instead of side to side.

Super great design btw !

Done! ;-) Have a look on version 3

I second that request on this great design!

Done! ;-) Have a look on version 3

Great! Thanks a million! Will get to it when I get home to my printer! :D

I haven’t considered that use case, but I’ll give it some thought.

Very nice design, well thought and printing in one piece without supports, but it doesn't work that well (at least in my case). I printed the AAA version, and batteries slide fine like 50% times. When they don't, they fall from the rails (particularly at the end of each level rails are very, very narrow, and it's easy for a battery to fall unevenly), or even falling out from the back hole. It works better when it's full of batteries, but a single battery in an empty holder has more chances of falling out/in a bad position than to follow its route.

My suggestion would be making rails a little bit wider, or at least uniform in width alongside each level (right now their width decreases as battery slides), and making back hole narrower too.

Counter intuitively, standard batteries do indeed vary quite a lot in size. I learned that the hard way, so when designing the dispenser, I did some research on this. The standards for battery size allows tolerance for production reasons. I learned that high-end branded batteries tend to be near the maximum size allowed (bigger volume -> more capacity -> better marketing -> more sale) and cheap never-heard-of-brands are struggling to even be inside the low end of tolerance. An AA cell measures 49.2–50.5 mm in length including the tolerance. Add to this that small'ish batteries tend to have a rather long +terminal and short body (cheating with dimensions)

So... I designed my dispenser to accommodate eneloops high-end batteries (that's why I needed a first in - first out system).
Batteries on the small'ish side would benefit from a slight scaling. The friction on the inside of the dispenser comes into play too - it can skew the battery.

That's strange, because I use eneloops only. I might have to check my steppers for calibration, it's been a while and perhaps I'm not printing in the right dimensions.

Any possibility these could be used for C batteries, if scaled properly? The other C battery dispenser I found didn't seem to print properly for me, and according to at least one other person, it won't let the battery out the front anyway.


Stackable Battery Holders

Added C-size scaling values in the newest update.

I haven’t tried C-size batteries, but I can’t see why it shouldn’t work if properly scaled. You can’t stack them with other size dispensers though.

Great Design. Still looking for on for the 18650 batteries.

Scale the AA model 130%

Just let you know that watching this video convinced me to make this print. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the model, it is functional and well designed printing-wise. It would benefit from adding two small walls near the bottom battery to prevent it from sliding out so easily when one accidently bumps the dispenser or wants to move it - batteries are very slide prone against each other. See my Make where I added it if you want. Otherwise this thing is perfect!

It is made with no walls on purpose to have batteries easily slide out - otherwise you would have to grab the ends of the battery as the sole method to unload.

Oh, I see now. I grab them carefully so there has not been an issue so far - but it's a personal preference. Thanks again for the nice model.

nice, smart desing, easy to print. thanks :)

Comments deleted.

Nice smart design requiring no support.
Printed AA & AAA in PLA - very organised batteries now. Makes me want to buy more batteries so I can print the extensions!
Cura - 0.3mm / 20% infill and 60mm/s with print time of 2 hours 22 min.

Whats the print time on this? I chose .2mm with 20% infill and octoprint is saying a print time of 3 days. That seems excessive.

Update: 1.5 hours in and it now says 8 hours left.

I think 6-7 hours with 0.2mm layers and ~60mm/sec.

I find Cura gives pretty good estimates on printtime.

I was not able to clean the middle out.

Absolutely awesome!!! Thank you for making such a useful thing. I made both, with an extension for each, and they work great. The batteries fit perfect, and it only needs a little tap to get them to roll down.

I printed them with ABS, and as always it's a bit of a problem to get it to stick flat to my bed. I used hairspray, and a 90 deg bed temp for the first one, and the extension doesn't sit flat on the top, but it still works fine. The second one I printed I used the t-shirt trick to trap the warm air in my Robo 3d, and increased the bed temp to 105, and it printed much better.

Very cool! Printed AAA version just now, works great! Finally my batteries can be sorted and not just in a giant bin. Will print AA version tomorrow :-)

Thank you!

The Extended Version 2 AAA has problems in the file.


new file uploaded

Seemed to be a problem with the scaling in sketchup. No idea what went wrong. Tried to scale it one more time in sketchup and it failed again. Then scaled it in cura, then it worked ...!!? odd!

Now is working.

Thank U.

Now included : An extendable Version 2

Printed great for me. Do you have a way to extend the height of the AA? It might be good to make the AAA extendable as well

Its not possible to extend at present, but I think I might make an extension block or similar

I used following settings with my Da Vinci 1.0 AIO:
Quality = Good
Layer = 0.2mm
Infil = 10 %
Speed = Normal

The Result was, that the Walls wasn't stable and broke off at minimum force required.

What settings did you recommend?

Printed on my DaVinci at 20% infill and 200 microns (0.2 mm). I'm using Prototype labs filament since my printer has custom firmware so I can do away with the awful proprietary filament, but that shouldn't matter too much. Whenever I print something that needs to hold up any weight/will be used a lot I always use at least 20% hexagon infill. If it still doesn't work, try using Slic3r. The exploit doesn't need you to modify any firmware, But does need to you switch around some code in the 3W file that is exported. It's not too hard, but I wouldn't do it if you don't have too much experience with printers and G-code.

0,2 mm layer
20% infill
210 degreesC

If printed items breaks its generally caused by too low temperature