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Sleeve Case for Raspberry Pi

by walter Dec 22, 2014
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Raspberry pi 3b+ fits but the end piece needs a bit more space between usb connectors and/or usb-connector and lan connector. Clip is very weak, I broke it almost instanly with pla printed case.
I added 0.5mm room around usb connectors (to both sides of connectors), modified the clip a bit stronger and made the lip on the right edge larger. Now it seems better and fits pi3b+ well if you first slide the end on, then slide the assembly to the case. Attached the modified cap file.

I love the case for my Raspberry pi. Can you make a case for Raspberry pi 4?

Time for a Pi 4 revision :D
This is the best case I have ever printed.

Great design. I will try and print it in the next days for my Pi. :-)

IMHO best case on thingi...
Pi 4 is on its way... has anyone forked a pi4-version yet?

Did not fit my shiny new B+. Just about 2mm and hard to see what is rubbing, or if it is a print flaw of mine.

This case is awesome! Printed it in semi transparent PETG and it works and looks like a charm!

I would prefer if the case had two openings too expose the LEDs.

Nice box, but need a bit more space to fit the cpu heatsink (pi 3 b+) and make snapping pins thicker - they break too easy.

Word of caution - doesn't fit with the heatsink supplied with my 3B+ that I just received. Works PERFECTLY with the old one, but the new heatsink is a couple of MM taller.

Love this case, but have to use the full profile version...

The heatsink on my 3B+ also doesn't fit, using the the updated version provided by lienbacher.

Raspberry_Pi_B+_Sleeve_v1-1_VENTED.STL - Cannot find the cap for it?

Fits the Pi 3 B+ really well and snug! No slack whatsoever :) Only the cover is a bit hard to put on without breaking the tiny snap off since the USB Ports have a bit of an edge around them where you'd have to slide the cover under them but doing so will break the snapping mechanism off.

Excellent design, thanks for sharing!

I've just printed the updated case and a pi 3B+ fits perfectly. Thx for the new version. Do you plane to add a hole for the camera ?

How do you print the cap? I've printed it twice and it keeps breaking.

Does the lid only snap on when a RPi is installed? I'm not seeing any way the lid will snap in since my Pi isn't here yet.

Just printed the case and the Pi 3b+ fits nicely. thank you

How did you manage to properly fit the cap? It doesnt fit for the 3b+ for me.

This Sir is just awesome!

Does not work with the Pi 3 B+!
It has a new 4-pin header next to the gpio headers that prevents it from slipping on. requires minor modification.

I just realized there was a stp file included!! How nice!!
I've made some minor changes to accomodate the new pin headers of the Pi 3 B+.
Included STL and fusion 360 file to this post.

Does your updated version have enough clearance for the heatsink?

Thanks! I just found out about the extra pins and find you've already fixed it months ago. I replaced the model I uploaded, but since I don't have a Pi 3 B+ to try it out on, it's good that you have a tested version here.

Thank You, this is super helpful

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This is a brilliant little case. Love it!

Printed this on my MP Select Mini and the case was a very perfect fit for my Pi 3. That being said, the cap did not snap into place. can anyone provide some tips for printing the cap on the MP Select Mini in PLA?

I printed mine on the Mini Delta and I'm having issues.

I doesn't fit well in my raspberry pi 3 model b, the connectors were the problems.

I printed it on the Maker Select v2 without any issues. Thanks Walter

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My RPi 3 slides about 2/3 of the way in and then gets stuck. Anyone know if that's fixable?

Edit: looks like there was a burr on the inside of the headphone port that the hdmi port was catching on, scraped it down a bit and it slides in.

will this also work for the pi 3

I installed a pi3 in this, worked perfectly.

i also want to know this

Imprimé hier, par contre je n'arrive pas a glisser mon Pi3 dedans. même en limant, le connecteur Audio frotte de trop
Dommage, c'était une jolie boite

Translation: He printed this and wasn't able to slide the Pi 3 into it. :(

me too :( tried cutting off excess pin headers and still no luck

Do you have to print it with support material?

I printed but I think it is backwards, I am wrong here?

I did that once and had my x and y axis plugged into my controller wrong

what is your experience with being featured? and nice model printing now :)

I printed a remix of this, but it didn't turn out well. One problem is a fundamental design issue, I think. Sliding the Pi in, there just isn't good clearance for the audio port. It's really a tight fit and even when I went ahead and forced it, I couldn't get it in far enough. Not willing to try any more and risk breaking the Pi. Second issue was that the vent slits are too narrow and most of mine ended up with stringing across them. Yes, probably somewhat do to some more fine tuning that I need to do. But also due to the need for the extruder to jump a bunch of small gaps when printing. I've found another design that I think is going to work much better...one of the two-piece screw together cases that can be printed flat, eliminating the issue with unintentionally bridging the vent slits when printing, and also avoiding the need to jam the Pi into too small of a hole.

It looks amazing but it is too tight :(

Printed great the first go at .3 mm. Awesome job with this object!

Lol and I didn't check the remixes first so I made ANOTHER remix just to open the GPIO port. Oh well :)

darn..... i only have a raspberry pi 1 model B ......

The vents on mine are so fragile. But only on the side that there's two ): they break too easy, just by holding it. Has anyone had the same problem? BTW I'm using ABS

I have same problem. Printed in ABS 0.2mm

Trying to download now, it has the case file but not the faceplate. Are we missing something?

yes is missing, u can find it on any of the remixeds :P

Noticed faceplate does not have image attachment. It is listed but looks like an scad file.

The third file in the Files list that ends in the word CAP is the end cap if I remember correctly.

Awesome little case for Raspberry Pi B+ && Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. Works well in PLA and ABS.

I printed mine on a Makerbot Replicator 2 at 100% for a B+ and it fits snugly, but perfectly. Thanks for this Thing!

Printed on printrbot in pla. Scaled to 101% and fit my pi2 like a dream. Thanks for the excellent design

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Very nice design. Mine printed flawlessly but I think my board is slightly thicker than yours. I filed the very back edge (away from the connectors) a tiny bit to bevel them more and poof! I might see if I can tweak it with an ever so slightly wider channel for the PCB.

Thanks for a very cool design!

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Looks good! I'd like to get a PiTFT from Adafruit and I'm hoping someone will remix this so that it fits the screen as well.

Amazing print, walter! Getting a Pi and will use this as my case. Your print is so good! Did you do it on your Afinia H-Series printer? I checked your profile for what printers you're using :) I have a Prusa i3 and am trying to achieve such quality prints but it's a struggle.

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Worked well with the Pi 2. Thanks!

really cool, like the design. sadly, i am armed with a raspberry pi B, and a beagleboneblack

same with the pi, but i got no beagle bone

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Excellent design! Thanks a lot

Maybe if the vents went the other direction you can sneak the camera cable out one of the vents? In any case the ability to connect up the camera is needed...

One of the remixes has the camera port opened

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Cool design, I will mod it some to make room for the PiCamera Cable Printed and fit 1st time right off the file. Used Cura and my Robo (R0?)

I ended up printing 2 of these. Like others, my first one wouldn't quite accept my Pi. it seemed to be interfering with the hdmi and micro usb connectors. I scaled it up to 102% in cura which made it just over a 1mm wider, the board slid right in and clicked in place. The endcap was made at 100% and fits perfectly. Printed on a Printrbot Metal Simple, using Jet PLA 0.2 layer height, 15% infill, 205c. A really nice case, thanks!

Printed in PLA 0.2mm per layer using my custom built Kossel Mini. Raspberry2 just doesn't fit into it. I've pushed it half way through, but refused to continue. If I will push it further I think I will ruin my hdmi and power connector.
Is it supposed to be printed with flexible material?

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Anybody try this case with the new Raspberry Pi 2?

My B+ and 2 B+ both fit very well, but I scaled it to 102% to allow for a little ABS shrinkage.

Got my Raspberry Pi 2 about 2/3rds of the way in before it got really stuck, and that was on a 102% scaled print. The print quality seems alright but I'll try again maybe at 103% and slower speed to really be sure.

Printed one for the Pi 2, at 100.4 it fits. at 100 it's too tight. Endcap at 100 is a perfect fit, no need for tuning there.

Hmrm.. one report of YES! and another report of NO!. What to do to, what to do..

I printed 2 of them for the Raspberry Pi 2. Neither of them fit. The tolerances are too tight, and with the connectors overhanging on the board, it gets caught. It would fit, if one wanted to push hard enough to ruin the connectors it seems. I don't want to push hard enough to damage the device as soon as I got it.

Found the problem.. there is a channel inside for the connectors to slide, which works, up to the point that the HDMI ports hits the A/V connector hole. At that point, it binds, because there is not a channel to go from that hole to the HDMI port hole. If the channel were extended, should be golden!

Modified the vented case and posted it to Thingiverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:684495. Still a little tight, scaling it like everyone else has done would work too, but I modified the case directly since walter posted the files to do so.

Sleeve Case for Raspberry Pi B+ / Pi 2

Yes. It fits perfect!

So you actually printed one and didn't have the problem yanzickp had?

Yes, I printed one for my Pi 2. But ok, maybe not "perfect". It IS a very tight case. Perhaps the author could optimise it to fit both Pi 1 and 2?

Thanks! I think I'll get to printing myself one then. :-)

OK -- I printed one myself. It is very tight and required more force than I would have liked and a little bit of prying to get it the last little bit, but I'm using it successfully. I think I'll try upscaling it like to3dornottobe if I do another one.

Yea, upscaling it is something I didn't think of trying... lol. But I modified it a bit so the HDMI port doesn't catch as bad. At least I was able to get my 2 Pi 2's installed without much of an issue. I did notice the final 'push' required me getting a screwdriver or something in to pry the board up at the back to get it to align to the slot, but once I did that, it worked ok. In case you are interested: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:684495

Sleeve Case for Raspberry Pi B+ / Pi 2

Awesome case! Thank you for sharing. What printer/slicer did you used? please let me know, your print-quality is exactly what i'm looking for.. It's like a resin bath, considering the sharp edges.

Printed perfectly, board slides in with a gently click, i love the design of this case with the connectors poking out the top, looks awesome!

Printed with replicator 2x and the rpi didn't slide all the way in and fit way to snuggly. otherwise a really nice case but had to find another one.

Falling screws....yours is magnetic as well then !

Can't get this damn thing to fit, I am using a ROBO R1 and for some reason, the board is too long and sticks out of the case. Any thoughts?

Have you printed a test print cube and measured it? I printed one with my Robo (heavy modified R0?) and my Pi B+ fit it perfectly.

I printed with a .25 nozzle using Cura. I know they had some issues with the R1 where they shipped them with the wrong firmware. They had the imperial 5/8th rod set in the firmware but the machine had metric rods. I would check that.

check my thread on adjusting the flow rate as well :


Excellent case and design! Thank you for sharing it ! The only minor change I can see would add mounting holes to match the Pi board!

+for protecting from screw drops... been there, shorted that...

"to protect a Raspberry Pi B+ from falling screws"

You have no idea.

Muchas Gracias! You saved me from having to design my own or buying a case. Nice work!

might make sense to put holes for the holding screws. Perhaps two at the end should be enough!

Really like it. Next is to download model and modify it to fit my needs.
Thanks for sharing.

Really clean looking design. :)

Awesome design. I have two B+ waiting for cases right now. Will have to print at least one of these out. P.S. This is one of the nicest 3D printed cases I've ever seen.

Very nice. Housing my multiple Kodi hosts...

Nice design. If it had a slot for the camera cable it would be my new case.

After print 1:1 I can't insert my Raspberry B+ on this case :S

sorry, the problem its on my printer, now is calibrated and goes perfectly.

very tight fit on the pi. put mine in and cannot take it out now.
Tried pushing on the exposed USB and Ethernet connectors but they started bending.

The first few times I had to remove my Pi from the case I hung it off the edge of a table by the ethernet port housing, then tapped the case down with a hammer. Small sharp taps overcome the friction better than a long hard push, and aren't enough to damage the connectors.

After the first few times the case loosened up just enough that it can be removed by hand.

I can't get mine to fit

You prints look super clean...! What slicer are you using?

Super design! Very sleek and well fitting.
I thought the front would fall off when sliding the Pi out, but that's friction fitted as well!
I just had to file a little off to fit the frontplate in the case.

Sliced it with Kisslicer at 0.2mm height and printed it with my new CraftBot.


Fits like a glove thanks.

Amazing design, the way the end cap is held is really clever!

Hey! Would it be possible to make a B model of this? It looks amazing.

Slick little case. Finding I have to "pry open" the slots inside the case at the bottom on each side with a flat head screw driver to get the board to seat the final few millimeters. Also sometimes a tab between the ports will snap off when attaching the face plate though that is probably me putting it on wrong. I may try to remix it to add a cowling to cover the exposed parts, to tie the tabs together, and perhaps to add another way to attach the face plate.

Comments deleted.

Great design, I really like it! :)

Nice simple design, you should consider an A+ variant as well.