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Wall Flower Mount (CLICK)

by 3DPVDB Dec 21, 2014
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An easy way to water is put an ice cube in the cloud and wait for it to rain.

Comments deleted.

Would it be OK to print this in pla? I've heard it doesn't hold up to water real well.

A couple tips for the settings in 3D Printers;
Take the highest available temperature for your filament. Test, because évery brand and color reacts diffrently.. If it starts too smoke when extruding, its too hot.
This will fuse your layers optimal.
Then, the "overlap" setting, wether you use Slic3r Cura, Simplyfy3D, or something else, find it with online help if u have too.
If your print leaks where it shouldnt, raise the overlap setting and print-test again.
This setting will literally overlap one line with another, making microscopic spacing near impossible.
at last, you can just print the pot solid. as in 100% infill. the thin wall design isnt gonna cost you much more material.

How many ml does the cloud carry?

none, it has holes :)
but. if one where to tape the holes shut on a 1:1 scale model, i'd guess about 8-10cl.

Awesome man, I like it very much. Redid the base plate a bit and made one version with a completely round pot. Will be planting something in there next week...

Cloud Rain Wall Flower Pot Thing (CLICK, REMIX)
by mcseven

like the spaced cloud for the coconut pot! <3

cause I like the could design on the pic

you know the sketchup designfiles are there for you to play with...

hey can you get me in contact with the person who made the original design

check the oktober 31,2016 comment from @KRANEO ;)

When I tried to print the mount, it looked like it would occupy the entire Lulzbot Mini's print bed, and then some. So I rescaled it to 0.82, but it ended up being about just over a cm high -- any ideas why?

used uniform scaling? with some softwares you can opt between x,y,z, or uniform scaling.
If ure software keeps acting up, download stl, open in meshmixer(free) , go to analasys-measurements.
pick the x, y or z dimention you want to rescale, fill in the value you need, and enter. it should scale uniform. then export stl.
hope this helps.

Comments deleted.

Can you also upload the other cloud design? I like that one better (even though yeah, it's not a rain cloud ...)

No, i won't, out of respect for the original designer.
its not my idea, just my interpretation.
you have the clouds stl tho, feel free to erase everything but the pegs, and add your own.

3DPVDB, that was really cool! I respect that answer so much! Well done!

Oh, i see, it is a remix. You can tag it as such in the Thing Edit page (i see you have it in the description, but if you tag it as a Remix then it is formally connected to the original). Nice design originally and in your remix!

Pot and cloud print perfectly, but when I got to print the mount it starts and stops on the first layer in the same place every time

-are you printing the parts one by one?

  • are you printing the printplate assembly?
    -wich slicer did you use?
    -wich hostsoftware did you use? Brand, pronterface, repetier,..?

you can try, repositioning the part 45or90° and slice again.
or you can try another slicer.
hope this helps

i make some try's to print , but every time i sent the file to my printer, the printer make a reset an switches back to the main menu, i try another file an there is no problem with the printer, only when i want to print the pod or the cloud ? i also report this to my support and hope they have a solution .

the stl's are repaired, Printed flawless both with repetier and Up! software. you are the first.. Wich printer do you use?

i badly use a fu..ing XYZda vinci 1.0 i think there is the problem, any other file from thingiverse works, thats the first file , but i also contact the support from XYZ , waiting for an answer....

XYZ DV 1.0 is far from the worst 3D Printer :). You got an surprisingly good 3DP for that amount of money. Besides that, if any probs appear on the XYZ software, check your files with Meshmixer's inspector. If any errors are in the file, you'll know and be able to fix it. But its highly doubtful since the files are repaired at netfabbs online repairservice.
A possibility however is that XYZ's software does not agree with my designed wall thickness...
In that case, offsetting with meshmixer/meshlab(google it) could work, you'll just have to take a drill to the backplate's holes afterwards.

hahaaa .... thx for your promt help, i dont know what i am exactly doing , but i have already the machmixer program, i checkt for error nothing found, then i played around with the thickness you said , then i make a new .stl file and it works .... thanks very much, and thanx for the nice present i have yet for may sister !!!!

nahaha Us neither when we started... And every great invention was an accident, so, not knowing what your doing aint necessarily a bad thing ;)
Seems you got there despite the obstacles. Follow us on twitter or like us on fb for more knowhow ;)

Printed ok with minor supports added for pegs. However the line up of the pegs -> board is WAY off - mainly because the mounting board itself seems to have issues with the sockets not being level with each other on the top two and not equidistant between the two on the third. Going to attempt a remodel as I love the idea.

u might want to try switching the pot and the cloud :) they r designed to fit only that way.

The pegs on the cloud and pot need support underneath, so make sure to print face down.

No. if u place the cloud face down the pegs heads on top will need suport as well.
Printing upwards is the only way the model can be printed without support and still CLICK.
after the first peg layers fail, the filament starts attaching @ the pegs axles.
if u print it face down, that technique doesn't fly.

How will the pegs print without supports, won't they be warped? Also is there a way to print with just the pegs having support? When I tell mattercontrol to generate supports it does it for everything so even the edges of the cloud have supports. Sorry, still a bit of a 3d print n00b. :D

Looks neat but the picture provided does not match the files. The cloud design is different and the pot is not as smooth

As stated in the original upload.. I saw it Online, but cannot remember where,
the idea aint mine. so i'm not taking credit for it, nor will i copy it exactly.
With respect for the original designer.
if u want to edit it, feel free.
A picture of the printed model will be added soon

Very nice idea! Thumbs up! :)

Cute model! Any chance we can get three STL files in order to print in different colors?

Thank you!