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Stegosaurus Skeleton

by MakerBot May 17, 2016
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I really wanna try printing a small version of this on my SLA printer :D
Could you add a single part version for high res printers?

Back legs are labeled wrong....

could you upload separated legs and feet?

I can’t print the spine without it collapsing. I am new to 3D printing. How can I keep the spine from falling over. A raft does not hold it up. I am using a QIDI TECH X-one 2 printer and Hatchbox PLA.

Thank you.

Notice that the back legs are opposite (BL is actully right leg and BR is left leg).
Took me too much time to understand why the hell I don`t manage to put it in place.

This was my MOST failed print by far. Not a single file wasn't printed more than once. I use a Prusa MK3 and and I tried everything until I finally got each bone printed. Exhausting, but worth it. A beautiful model!!

I'm having troubles with printing the Hip object. It keeps breaking off the print bed. The brim/raft does not help. Using Prusa i3 MK3 with textured PEI surface. It is well calibrated, do not have issues with other models.

Would appreciate any input on this. Thanks.

I succeed to print hips with supports. Supports will help to maintain the thing in place even if not necessary for the overhang.

is this the first makerbot upload that forbids commercial usage? just something i happened to notice.

Comments deleted.

Hello, before i start on printing this, I would like to confirm that supports really arent needed. Thank you

Comments deleted.

my grandson's gonna love it! thanks m8....

I know there is tinkercad but what software do you use to all your items.

Is it possible to print this at 50% scale without any issues?

Printing on Prusa i3 MK2 just now.
Plaster filament resolution 0.2 mm infill 10%
This is great filament for skeletons:

I had to repair several original files:

I loaded all the parts in Microsoft 3D builder ad it showed what part was broken. Repaired it automatically and saved new stl file.
I recommend this approach on every file downloaded from internet before trying to print it. Saves a lot of time and filament.

Using brim 5mm and raft on some parts.

I meant that, If i fixed an error on Thingiverse, i upload it as a remix, so that other people don't all have to fix it too, if it takes 30 minutes to fix all the files, then it saves everyone that much time, if you upload fixed files as a remixed version.

If you fix it, you should upload fixed files as a remix. obviously his version worked for others. I can confirm that there are manifold vertex errors in slic3r.

I used Simplify3D for slicing because I wanted custom supports on ribs and some other parts. Errors showed there too.

Great. How long to printing until finish

What limit for printing area? I have Printrbot 15x15x15 cm, this enough for biggest part?

No the big it's part is 18by5by7

UPDATE: Just finished printing all the parts with my Printrbot, no size problems.

They may have updated the model, none of the pieces now seems to be too big for a 15x15x15 printer (if there was an 18x5x7 part, they could have just tilted it a bit so that it would fit in a 15^3 printing area)

(disclaimer: I'm still halfway through printing it, but I checked all the parts in Cura beforehand and none of them are out of bounds. You may wish to check for yourself before going on this 90 hour printing adventure...)

As noted, the ribs are very challenging. I scaled this model up 20% which solves a few problems. I use E6000 to glue everything and a slow roto tool in attempt to form better 'pins' on the ribs. Probably 50% of the rib pins break requiring some method to hold a rib in place while glue sets. I also use a fire starter gun to heat ribs that are a little out of shape. HIPS on a Lulzbot mini. Lengthy project but well worth the time just like the Makerbot TRex which I also scaled up 20%.

Great model. Thanks. For me it is an exercise in patience. The ribs are small and a challenge to print well on an additive printer but the main issue is the pins/holes for the many many many ribs and plates and then pins and holes for the plates do not come out nearly close in tolerances to allow for insertion without much trimming and glueing and in some case breaking off pins and gluing. This leads then ribs astray and as a final act gluing a transparent filament across the tips of the ribs to bring them into line and spaced. Thanks for this model!!! I can live with the pain. I do think Makerbot's TRex is a good example of how to do pins and holes... Holes are as big and deep as physically possible and pins are long and start smaller than hole with space in middle of pin to collapse as inserted. Even if holes print undersized or pins oversized, enough goes into to hold or hold and glue... This is the Way. Perhaps another approach for a model with many small ribs is to print all the ribs on a strip that inserts into to a slot on the vertebra... as a single piece per section. Did I say Thanks!

Cool model, but I thought the modern skeletal reconstruction of Stegosaurus has a tail held high in the air? This one looks like an old fashioned tail-dragger...

The neck is too short, the palms should face inwards, and the thagomizers should face directly outwards not pointing up.

Good Farside thagomizer reference!

Oh snap! This is such an amazing dino model!! Thanks so much for adding it to the 'verse!

Oh yay!! I'm going to make it life size!!! RAWRRRRR