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Xbox One Controller Faceplate

by MightyMilky Dec 18, 2014
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can you please make a set of xbox bumpers, that would be real cool

Can I get some help if possible? Should I create any supports? And how should I angle it to print out properly? If anyone can please help me because I've printed out like 5 times and always messes up! Please someone help me out

I printed this and it came out pretty good. Yes supports are a MUST. I placed it VERTICAL (as it appears in thingiverse) with supports and a brim. You also must make sure that it is settled on your build plate per your slicer software.

Hello, can you reupload frontplate for xbox one s controller on sketchfab? becouse link in pinshape not working. :) Thank you

you can create directional key to cross? xbox one

how did you create such a precise model? what programs and what tools did you use?

I'm prepared to send you a full working Xbox one s controller and all I'd ask in return is the scan of the faceplate! I saw that you were looking for donations to help scan more controllers. I would also donate and send you just the faceplate if you would rather that. I would love to have the file for the Xbox one s controller!

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Any update on getting an Xbox One S version done up? You could always get a cheap one on eBay and scan that. If not, can you send me the file in a format I can open in a CAD program, like a .stp or .iges?

Does this just lay on top of the controller? Im trying to figure what the posts on the back are for.

This replaces the original faceplate. The posts are for where the screws attach

can you make one with the slot for the elite controller

What settings did you use on the supports to keep the faceplate steady?

For me, treelike 30 degree threshold looks like its working, half way done, then again, im insane and usually print at 100-150mms a second on my flashforge finder, yeah id go slower then that and try and rotate it because it looks a bit more tilted than usual in your picture

This looks like a nightmare to print.
Looks cool though.....

whats the scale of it, like length by wide by height

What printer did you use, fdm sla, sls? also if you printed on an fdm printer what orientation did you use?

Have used both SLS and Polyjet

Anyone seen one of these faceplates for the PDP Faceoff xbox one controllers? Would love to get a base template so I can remix some custom version for games.

Do you have a higher resolution version of the scan? Also, any chance of an Xbox 360 scan?

Hello tails_,
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.
My Son saw a customized controller on the net. $80+ on the site. I saw your print here, how does it attach? Is it a replacement for the original faceplate or is it a cover that just sits on top?
Thanks in advance,
Frank M.

Replacement for the original faceplate. Off the top of my head it's 5 T30 torx screws to remove all the parts.

I know I'm not tails but it's a replacement for the original and make sure it's for the original xbox one controller and not the one s controller they are slightly different I hope he does one for the Xbox one s controller i would even leave him a tip for the cost of a new xbox one s controller or even a ps 4 controller either or both

will this fit the newer xbox one s controller?

Probably not.

will this fit the newer xbox one s controller?

Unfortunately not. If I can source an xbox One S controller I can produce an updated scan.

What do you use to scan with maybe I can help or possibly send you a controller faceplate to scan?

What scanning software do you use i use skanect because i use my xbox 360 kinect to scan i could scan my face plate but and send you the file could you touch it a bit if it needs it?

Hi. So I've NEVER done this before and I'm trying to find a cookie cutter shaped like this...with no luck. This is the closest I found and I tried to figure out the customizable thing to make it flat, but I couldn't figure it out on my phone. Any suggestions?

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Is there any way you could do an N64 controller shell?

I'm thinking of setting up a GoFundMe so that I can purchase additional controllers to scan. Xbox One Elite, N64, PS4, that kinda thing. Reckon it's worth a go?

You could always buy them on Amazon and return them. I know it's not the most honest way, but it would work. I'm not a big GoFundMe fan as they take a portion. How did you scan this one by the way?

I have two original N64 controllers. I could send you one if you made sure to send it back when you were done.

You can't open packaging and its a bit wrong to suggest yes..

most of the time the last screw is tucked under a "VOID" seal and is pretty noticeable. I would have scanned more of this xbox controller but it's my only one and a) it's used daily b) I couldnt risk wrecking it hahah.

If there's another crowdfunding option that doesnt take a slice maybe that'd be better

My fear would be wrecking them. Especially since the scanner I use usually requires a dust spray on the item (washable, but still, I'd rather mitigate all possible risks)

I'm printing all of this in Hatchbox wood PLA now. I hope it all comes out really nice. I'm going to sand, stain, and seal it so it should look really good when I'm done.

Did you got to do it? Do you have photos? I'm on the fence about buying the hatchbox wood filament

Hey! Yes. I haven't used any other wood filaments, but the Hatchbox stuff works perfectly fine. I'm not even having any jams. Here's my print and remix. I made a few of the supports stronger so I could print them with the wood filament without them snapping off mid print. Enjoy!

Xbox One Faceplate with stronger built in supports

Would you recommend adding a cooling fan to a reprap mendel for this print?

Can you make an xbox 360 controller faceplate? There are lots of them for xbox one but none for xbox 360.

What are you scanning these with?

any chance of the shoulder button designs?

Comments deleted.

You think you can post the original file so i can edit it in cad ? the stl doesnt work in cad.

I printed this with the front facing up and tons of supports. Took forever but was worth it. Just some sanding of the supports to make it flush, but it fits perfect! No button sanding or anything! Thanks!

how much it took to be printed and what printer are u using?

Printed, added pictures and some printing into, any chance you could do abxy buttons?

This would be great. The only thing really missing on my all wood controller is the abxy buttons being in wood.

Comments deleted.

Hey Josh have you tried TInkercad it might work.

Hi I'm super new to this whole process. I'm trying to customize this as a gift to my friend but I don't know how. It seems the file type doesn't work on inventor or makerbot. Is there a way you can create one that works on makerbot so I can customize? Thank you so much!

What kind of 3d printer do you use? The white faceplate looks incredibly smooth. I made one myself in PLA and manually sanded the surface for hours before applying metallic gold paint and clear lacquer.

This was an EOS Nylon Selective Laser Sinter. Also done them on Objet resin printers. Filler Priming before painting will also help.

I also tried ABS, but the layers didn't bond well and halfway through printing it cracked through the middle :/

I used ABS with mine and Acetone vapor bath'd it. Came out nice and smooth. What temp are you printing the ABS at? Enclosed chamber?

I'm printing at 230c and it isn't an enclosed chamber.

Hi tails_, I love the file you posted, I printed one myself. I am commenting because I used a program to add custom generated supports for easier printing and wanted to post it as a remix of this faceplate. Please reply if that is alright with you.

Not a problem! I've never really worked with the 3D printers common on this site so supports aren't usually an issue for me, hopefully yours can help some people out.

Hey Thanks for the awesome scan! I know you said the side parts were going up Monday, but I can't find them. Have they been put up elsewhere?

this is so awesome cant wait for you to get all of the other parts out i want to redo my whole controller

Side parts going up on Monday, but that's as much as I'm doing without risking my only controlleR. :)

This and the back plates are awesome. Is there any chance of getting a complete scan of an assembled controller? It would be nice to have the outer shell with all the parts put together for us that want to make custom attachments/holders.

I've got to re-scan the two side clips, and the battery cover as the scanner missed a few of the important retaining clips. Once I've done those, I can put all parts assembled up in one file.

Though It might be missing the section with the guide button and the buttons, I'll have to see what I can do. I'm reluctant to spray the whole controller with dust for the camera to pick it up as it needs to be washed with water and it's my only controller haha.

Can you make an xbox 360 controller? I can't find any other things like this anywhere else. Pls make one.

On the way, Scanning in the next few weeks. Hold tight and keep an eye out.

Me and my girlfriend printed this one on a MakerBot (5th Gen.)--PLA, 75% infill, 2 Shells, 0.13 mm Layer Height, button side down. The print itself took roughly 8 hours. First, we sanded it with very fine sandpaper, and then threw it in some 100% acetone nail polish remover. After about 30 seconds, we took it out, and then did some spot fixing with the nail polish remover on a few of the trouble areas. So far, it seems to look pretty good. The only grief we have is that some of the buttons need some extra work on them (they seem to be raised a bit too much.)

Once we clean it up some more, and after we paint it, we will upload a Made of it.

Do you think you can do a similar process for the PS4 faceplate?

Good to hear! The only issue I had with the buttons was the holes being a little too small and me needing to ream them, i'll get around to adjusting the file eventually. looking forward to the end result.

I've only got my one functioning Xbox one controller, which I was reluctant to dust spray and scan the more intricate parts such as buttons or triggers, but I have a dead 360 controller I will be fully stripping to scan as I dont need it anymore. Unfortunately I don't own any PS3/ PS4 controllers to scan.

That being said if anyone is wanting a PS3/ PS4 Scan and is willing to donate a controller for scanning, or perhaps contribute with the cost of a controller, please message me.

Hey tails_, are you able to scan the lower part of the shell also? I'd love to be able to print custom top and bottom pieces to match.

bottom piece has been scanned, just need to repair the file.

Comments deleted.

What orientation did you print this in and were supports needed?

I am printing this now I will report back when finished

Thank you for guinea pigging this. Would love to see how it comes out before using the filament.


I printed it in ABS but the faceplate was a little to big and didn't fit. :( the holes were right but the top side extended to far.

I've printed 4 so far and all have fit, i'll get some photo's up this evening. It should be fine since it's a 3D scan of my own controller

What plastic did you use and what were your settings?

muledog17, have you ever heard of or considered acetone vapor smoothing? Not only would it thin out the faceplate, but it would fuse the layers together and also leave a smooth glossy finish.

I have but where I live its to cold right now because I have to do it in the garage. When it's cold it doesn't seem to work as well.