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Shopping Bag Handle

by walter Dec 18, 2014
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Hi am i able to sell a few to friends if not i understand

Hey, i've just printed two of those. One for my Girlfriend and one for me.

I actually didnt expect much when i printed those, but when i put 25kg worth of drinks (glass bottles) in a reusable bag... man, it didnt even hurt the slightest. Also it appeared a lighter, probably because the bloodflow in the fingers wasnt cut off.

Love it, thank you for this great little tool :)

(Printed at 215C with a white Geetech PLA)

she's two hands & could carry both leaving you to 3d print ! ..just a thought ..

Comments deleted.

I've printed about 10 so far. The first two fell but after using a raft i had no problem with them standing on end. Thanks heaps for this fantastic print, we love using them and now notice lots of people at the shops carrying heavy shopping bags with them digging into their hands. Thank god for 3d printers :-) :-)

it needs to lay flat on the top of the handle, not on the end... this make s the whole print rough and brittle.

Take a look at the large-scale version of the images on a crisp screen. Walter's are printed on end -- you can tell by looking at the angle of the layers.

right but think of it from a layer adhesion standpoint. The stresses of having heavy bags in there are going to break the thing in two.

You're thinking of it wrong. The standing on end print hs the layers in a fine position. https://i.imgur.com/TklvpoE.png

the force from the heavy bag will not be edge on all the layers, and the layers will, in turn, be on your hand. Sure, the layers aren't in compression, the best way where layer adhesion is entirely irrelevant, but the force will instead be along a series of slanted permit rings.

Because the bag handle applies this weight across the entire handle, layer adhesion is once again not relevant, as the layers aren't under any shear force, the perimeters are just in compression, between the bag and your hand. Any minor shear force is easily handling though, as the layers are slanted.

I printed one a while back on end in PLA, never had an issue with it being brittle. Easily holds as much as you can carry. I did however print mine fairly solid, which is about a $1.50 of filament for two. Worth it for something that will last and make carrying bags easy. I'm only here now because I lost mine and need to print some more. If you're worried about layers breaking apart, just print at the maximum limit of your filament to 'melt' the layers better, or anneal it in an oven after, or sand it down to smooth it out which will bond the outer layer better.

Looks very nice. How do you make it not fall as you print?

If it falls you'll need better bed adhesion. Without knowing your printer and what condition it's in, that's hard to recommend, however, a brim would probably help most people.

I love what you have done and will ceartianly be making some for non profit use out of respect for the creators wishes. There are pleanty of things in this universe that I can clearly print and sell so no fussing out of me. Please design more eligantly usefull things for all of us to enjoy, Thanks again!

I am more impressed by the quality of the pictures than by the quality of the prints. Nice use of light, looks like taken in a light-tent/cube?
The print quality is quite good also, but this should be achievable by most of the printters with a nice balanced setting and good filament.

A word to the non-commercial discussion: I do understand the idea. Keep this free forever and for all to use, but please do not make profit of the idea/model. Its a noble thought. But it also does exclude people that do not have access to a 3d printer from getting one of these. I can print some handles for people, but I cant do it for free. At least I have to ask for the material, the running costs of the printer and the time it takes. Strictly taken that would be commercial.

And a lot of examples show clearly that these CreativeCommon licenses do not hold big companys from just taking a model, changing a tiny bit and putting patents on it preventing everyone else to use it. I am looking at you stratasys/makerbot industries.
Then again its online on the internet where most people dont give a **** about legal issues.

EDIT: just read walters introduction, and saw that we are basically on the same page about that. so, nevermind.

We need to know your printer/settings! That's some pretty amazing quality, well done.

Comments deleted.

......... forget the "commercial or not commercial" i want his printer.......who's got a printer that prints that fine and smooth??? Can't believe it prints that fine!!! Must have taken a week to print those four!!!!!!???????? Great Job!

I see both sides of the coin on that other issue. I bet most did't believe the thought that goes into such a small and seemingly simplistic item, until they step up to the task and take that effort. The placement of just one hole in some items takes a great deal of thought with calculations to make it work. The 3D printer i think is proving this to so many people that would never have believe this. For some company or commercial project out there looking for such an item......... well i myself would love to just download a file and be done with it.

..... then there's those that would patent, copy right and choke up the system just for there own enjoyment or mean bull-headed-ness.

...... i feel only the rich will share, knowing that the only way to better them self's and others is by sharing their knowledge in hopes someone out there can take it and add to it and in the long run it will come back to them. I hope never to be that poor, not too share.

........ thanks for sharing this item, though i'd never need such an item, i'd just grab a buggie or basket. :)

he might have used acotane on them to smooth them

Great Design! Thanks for posting!

Non commercial? Really? Wow man. That's kinda cold.

Anyone with a printer could work with local stores to have branded versions of this basic object. It helps the people carrying the bags, it helps grow the printing industry and you could of been known as the guy that came up with the thing that everyone uses to carry bags. That's some good mojo when you know that many of those people have money to pay 3d designers to craft their stuff.

Guess you didn't want it. Too bad.

If you do want it, release your stuff free and open. Hobble it with silly intellectual property restrictions and it's an idea that's not worth sharing. This one is relegated to a developmental dead end. Let's wait for the next designer to redo the bag holder.

Design one yourself, can't believe anyone even responded to you. Why would you think someone who made a thing, gave it to the community for free, should be beholden to you for ANY reason is beyond me.

Albiet the default publishing selection on Thingiverse, I do not think it's a bad idea to publish designs on Thingiverse in this manner. The designer is simply asking people who print his or her well thought out design to do so in a non-commercialized manner unless of course with the designers approval.

Asking designers to publish their designs here so that anyone can pursue commercial distribution for them without permission, attribution and/or financial compensation will result in fewer designers publishing their designs here or anywhere else for that matter, whereupon which we all lose their collective creativity. As there are thousands of well thought out and useful designs on Thingiverse by very creative people, why would anyone want to take from their creativity for personal and/or corporate financial gain without permission, attribution and/or financial compensation?

I am simply stating my point of view and not attempting in any way to be argumentative.

And by the way, it is an elegant design walter, kudos.

When I was giving away free internet email addresses in the early 90's did I stipulate that people couldn't use the email to make money? Or try to take ownership of their messages? No.

The people that came before me didn't put non commercial restrictions on ftp, telnet, gopher, irc, tcp/ip, www.

The most important interface to the internet is the web which is based on HTTP. The best web server is apache. A free and open program that has quite literally changed our world. We stand on the shoulders of giants and none of what we do today would be possible without the contributions they released openly.

3d printing is the first generation of Star Trek replicator technology. This technology is going to change the world. Whether it does so for the betterment or detriment of mankind is up to us.

yawn. The difference is you didn't invent a protocol, or a standard, or a server, or HTTP, email or the internet, where as walter did invent this stunningly cool bag handle. Keeping you from monetizing it is his choice, and one I support.

If you really wanted to change the world, you'd go print 10,000 of these and give them away for free.

@TheGreenFilament - Advertising is commercial use, so no, a company could not print this and use it to showcase the quality of their printer.

OK, calm down. I post my models with non-commercial status because it means that someone cant print of your models and sell them so they have a profit. A company could print of this model for their employees so they could use them to carry bags. A company could also print them and put it into a box saying "cool prints, these models show of the quality of our printers, take a look!" All it is saying is that a company cant sell this model at a makerfaire, or something similar. There are pros and cons with having a non-commercial and not. It all depends on the model. Should this one have it? That's up to Walter.