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Raptor Reloaded by e-NABLE

by e-NABLE Dec 17, 2014
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Thank you! That looks like the Flexy-Hand 2 design, which has a Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike license, so this does appear to be a licensing violation. I have notified the owner of that design so he can look into it.

Is there a palm mesh for this model or does one use the demo bar? I see holes for attaching a mesh and don't see how a wrist would stay in the palm.

We are in the process of making my son a hand. We were wondering if there is a possibility getting an editable file for the Raptor Reloaded. We are working with someone who would like to modify the original device to work better for my son. If not, do you know which program was used to create this device?

Please see the Summary section on the Thing Details tab for a list of links to the native CAD source files.

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I was wondering about the tolerances between the joints of fingers and the palm. Printed a test hand sized at 100%, and it seems to be very loose, allowing quite a bit of lateral movement of the fingers.

On the Makerbot Replicator 2, the following settings work well to print the file at 100% scale in ~9 hours. I've now printed 5 hands with these settings.

2 shells
35% infill
No supports
No rafts
Layer height 0.2 mm


Raptor Reloaded by e-NABLE
by jzpoe

Just out of curiosity, has anyone else had issues getting the fingertips to print? The fingertip side of the fingers (bottom on the print, upper physically) for me usually ends up curling or warping and looking a mess. I don't know if there's something I'm doing wrong or what.

Hello, how did you solve the problem, I having a lot of trouble with it

I keep having the same issue. I've tried different temps and layer heights, but still having problems. Did you ever resolve your issue?

It is a matter of speed and ventilation. Since the overhang is over 45° you need to cool te plastic as soon as it comes out of the hotend.

This thing is awesome, check out my hand at http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1741448

100% Printable Hand(1 component)
Comments deleted.

What are the dimensions for the largest part? I want to try and print one with the New Matter MOD-t printer but I don't know if it will fit.

I am also wondering about this. Have you found the answer?

8 hours at 95% scale on my prusa i3!

Did you use support? What is your % infill?

I am having trouble opening up these files because i keep getting an "error: certificate trust list" message. Is there any website or video that can help me solve this issue.

Your average Windows computer recognizes the ".stl" extension as a certificate trust list. You can't just double click the file to open it, but you can still open it with the software that you are using.

Can you give me CAD file,I think i can change it。

I am currently printing a 100% scale, left Raptor Reloaded hand. I will assemble and submit this hand to Melina for inspection. This is my first time printing a hand for eNABLE and I was wondering, what age is the 100% scale hand supposed to fit on? I only ask because the print looks very tiny!

I would like to print a hand for Enable.
But I do not understand, do I need to print only the file raptor_reloaded_left_palm_supported.stl or additional one?
It seems that every thing is in the file, isn't it?
Do we need to update the comment in the Thing Details?

I have bought ABS, I will print it with Brim + 35% of infill
I am totally new to the community, I have never used a printer, I hope it will be easy..

Thanks for the advice.

I am printing a 130% left hand to be sent to the 1000 hands initiative. Will pack some extra tension pins. When scaling the tension pins the inner 3mm tube will also be scaled up and I guess finding the right screw will be difficult so I created this OpenSCAD file for scaling tension pin without affecting the inner tube radius. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1011300

Scalable Tensioner Pin for the e-NABLE Raptor Reloaded Hand
by epatel

What percentage of infill is most commonly used?

Comments deleted.

First time using 3D print, can I use just the full_left_hand_supported.stl?

Update mentions STEP files but I don't seem them.... I was hoping to make some modifications

Comments deleted.

I'm trying to use ReplicatorG to create an .x3g file for my printer, but everytime I try it errors out while generating the G-Code with the following error:
Any ideas?

EDIT: Solution
Should anyone else run into this, here is my solution: I used the individual parts files to create three separate builds: Supported Gauntlet and Palm, Fingers, and Small Parts. The key was aligning all of the parts so that their long axis' were parallel. When they were all turned different directions it gave ReplicatorG fits trying to figure out optimal tool paths.

Hey I had the same problem aswell, I found changing my layer thickness from 0.2 to 0.27 fixed the problem for me.

Comments deleted.

I printed at 1.25 ratio and it's still super small. I thought from the graph that it would fit kids up to 6th grade, but it's so small that it doesn't even fit a 1st grader. I still love it, but I wish anyone under 13 years old could try to use it.

i just printed and assembled one of these last night and think that it is amazing and a genius design. i was just wondering if it was possible to create a build plate that would fit adults and even if it was a two build plate build it would be better than having to create our own plates so it would be great if you guys at e-nable could do that. thanks!!! but over all i LOVE IT!!

Awesome job everyone.
I made this for Chad, as a class presentation.
Using http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:7109

I plan on printing the raptor next week.

My plan is to start automating these.
My question is how long of a pull does the longest finger need?
-- from rest how many millimeters [inches] does the tendon need to be pulled to completely close?
-- if possible can someone please post all the tendon pull lengths.

Mini servo gripper Plate
by bobbens

Hello i would like to know if thier is any way you can post each part individual part? i need them so i can print them all and edit a few? please get back to me!

Hi, can someone suggest the print settings on makerbot for the raptor ? Should the raft and support be on ? What should be the infill setting and layer height ? Cheers

I don't have a MakerBot, but it should be similar to others.
Infill: 35%
Layer height: 0.2mm
Supports: Only if you print the non-supported gauntlet and right/left palm
Raft: I would only do it for the tensioner since it's tall

At 35% fill and regular size, how long (roughly) does it take to print out everything?
For the palm at 1.25 scale, 35% fill, and touching baseplate supports, it says 9 hours x-x

Update: WOW, ok after printing the Reloaded out (27 hours), I was watching the video (they print the original Raptor Hand) and saw the gauntlet & palm printed with just TWO single short lines of support... compared to mine, which was fully supported - takes forever to print (there's overhang, but it's ok). That cuts HOURS off of the time (half of the time on the gauntlet and palm probably - I'm guessing that cuts off 10 hours). Note: the overhang is pretty bad on the top of the inside and on the side holes, but it still seems like it would be easily functional. Note: both the all-parts at once file at 100% is and the original flared gauntlet at 125% are too long for a 150cm build plate.

does anyone have these files in Solidworks .SLDPRT format?

Comments deleted.

Hi, what is the easiest way to scale this model?
I really like the design, but it is harder to make sure you have the right scale than it is when using the handomatic tool.


Simple linear scaling is very easy to do. The calculation is based off of a simple formula.

I have copy and pasted the scaling section from Andreas Bastians wonderful assembly guide:

Linear Scaling (easy)
The main measurement used in sizing the Raptor Reloaded is the width of the recipient's complete hand at the knuckles. At 100% scale, the palm of the Raptor Reloaded measures 55mm at its widest point. To get the appropriate linear scaling factor for scaling the STLs, add 5mm (to account for the thickness of padding in the printed palm) to the width of the recipient's complete hand at its widest point. Divide this number by 55 to get the scaling factor for the STLs. For example, if the palm is 65mm wide, then 65 + 5 = 70, and 70 / 55 = 1.27, so the scaling multiplier would be 1.27 or 127%. Make sure to apply the scaling factor to all of the parts to ensure that they fit together. At higher scales, the clearances between the moving parts of the hand will grow, so glue or other modifications may be necessary to ensure that all the pieces stay secured to each other.

The complete guide is available at the following link:

Is there someplace that lists the length and diameter of the tensioner screws needed for each scale i.e. at 100%, 150%, 200%, 300%, etc?

I created this so M3 screws should still work while scaling up/down http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1011300

Scalable Tensioner Pin for the e-NABLE Raptor Reloaded Hand
by epatel

Shouldn't one digit that will be used as the thumb be unscaled? The thumb knuckle insertion space on the palm will not be widened when the palm part is widened, because it opens perpendicular to the other knuckle joints. I printed the whole set at 125% scale (expanded across the palm only) and found that a widened knuckle doesn't fit on the thumb socket. Similarly, as for the pin for the thumb knuckle, isn't it the only knuckle pin that should not be made longer?

The intent is to scale the parts uniformly in each axis direction (X,Y,Z). The width of the palm is just used to determine the general scale. This method actually works surprisingly well, I have made hands at 120% scale and 205% and each one fit the recipient. Hopefully this clears up the confusion.

Is it true a Malaysia press report this is a cooperation between enablingthefuture.org with local companies in Malaysia named pebblereka.com?
In the newspaper report it was stated that the mechanical hand (prosthetic devices ) was design by pebblereka.com.

It is also stated that the cost is MYR300 - 500 (usd 90 - 200) for children ages 12 years and over.

Enablingthefuture.org should email the editor to avoid confusion and clear the reputation of the good name of this organization because I know you are working voluntarily to the world community. Thank you

The newspaper editor email =

Hi Leequevoon,

If you can read Malay, you should see this :

I already take a snap shoot of the page just incase it had been deleted.

He says"Sujana yang mencipta sendiri tangan mekanikal itu dengan bantuan seorang rakannya selama dua hari berkata, pada kebiasaan, seseorang itu memerlukan masa antara satu hingga ke tiga bulan untuk membiasakan diri menggunakannya."

I traslate for you here" Sujana is the one who invent the mechanical hands by himself, and build it with help of another friend and finished in 2 days. he said normally need 1 to 3 months to get used to the raptor hand."

Another link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ywiz-Wa8JT0

it says"Adik Ainaa Amanda Shahzali sedang mencuba tangan bionik yang disumbangkan seorang ahli perniagaan, Sujana Mohd Rejab, 47, yang juga pencipta tangan mekanikal menggunakan teknologi 3D Printer itu. Terima kasih diatas keprihatinan beliau."

translated " young Ainaa Amanda Shahzali testing her new bionic hand donated from a businessman, Sujana Mohd Rejab, , 47, he also the inventor of the mechanical hand using 3D printer technology. Thank you very much to him"

Obviously, there's another Malaysian guy claim that he is the inventor of Raptor Reloaded.

I'm shame to be a Malaysian now !

Hi leequevoon,

I'm Malaysia E-Nable Volunteer, yes, I noticed that, I'm trying to solve this too.
Are you Malaysia volunteer ?

Forgive my ignorance but where do you tie off the elastic for the fingers on this model?

Please see the detailed assembly instructions here: http://bit.ly/RaptorReloaded

Hey Hey, nubby fingers would be awesome.

HI! Thank you for posting this great hand! I am, however, having a problem with the right palm file, it is missing a surface or two around the thumb hole. I am using Solidworks and have tried importing both STEP and IGES. It would be very helpful to get a fixed file for the right palm. Thank you!

Hi Ava, we've talked with another individual having the same problem with STEP/IGES import into Solidworks and NX. We haven't been able to recreate the problem when loading the files in Inventor or Fusion, so it seems to be a SolidWorks/Autodesk compatibility or import/export issue. We're looking into work arounds now.