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Openforge Stone Arch Doorway

by devonjones Dec 15, 2014
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I just noticed an issue with the stone_doorway_corner_2x2.b file. The .a file works fine, but .b seems to be "inside-out." I don't know the correct term to describe the issue, but when I load it into Simplify3d, a large number of the faces appear invisible and I can see the inside of the model instead of its surface. Then when I rotate the camera, I can see the previously invisible faces, but the faces now in front of the camera become invisible. Sorry I can't describe it better...

Yep, that was it. I made this a long time ago, before I discovered that blender when you mirror something has a bug where it flips the normals.

probably just means the normals are inside out. I'll take a look

is it possible to get a "left and right corner door"?
i mean with a wall on the left side and on the right side.

You're in luck, I just happened to have done those as a favor for someone for christmas. The only downside is that they are missing the arch stones so they aren't perfect which is why I had not uploaded them yet. But I figure if people want them, post em now and fix em later.

nice :)
please publish, we need it for our Game :)
That would be great

They are already uploaded on this thing, I just added them instead of making a new object

oh yes, i see it. perfect. ;)
thank you very much. :)

any chance you are making a Tudor door arch for this door?

I'll probably make a square door for the tudor set. I've been reviewing a lot of images of buildings, and it looks to me like stone doorways are mostly arched but wooden doorways tend to have a bigger beam across the top creating a straight topped door.

awesome, looking forward to it.

Hi, I'm using Z-suite to load the STL files.

One door part loads vertically and prints fine. The two door halves, what are they for? They are the ones oriented flat. However, in Z-Suite, one of the flat door halves sinks below the bottom plane and won't print right. Both of the flat doors also have missing geometry near one edge.

the door halves vs the standing door are for different printers. on my printer at least, it's easier for me to get detail on the z axis, and it's more reliable printing the doors in the halves. for some people, it's more reliable standing up, so I did both.

As for the z-halves being below the bottom plane, my slicer just resets them to 0, so I never noticed. I can fix that when I fix the geometry.

On the Zortrax m200 at .019mm the single (whole) door prints just fine vertically. There does seem to be some missing geometry on the door near the hinge side, just before the metal band (the wood surface), on both vertical and horizontal versions...worse on horizontal.

Also, do you have stairs, both up and down? I saw them somewhere in a pic with your tileset theme, but I've never seen the files online. Tks!!!

Cool, I'll get those fixed.

I have not done stairs yet, those are actual dwarven forge pieces. I've been pushing through on my sewer set, but I think it';s time I finally knocked out stairs, so look for them soon.

A few stairs that can work in the mean time have been posted by some other users:
http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:649088 can also work

OpenForge 2x4 stairway leading down
Dungeon Stairs and Doors

TY! BTW, is the project fully open? Do you have the original source files for your modeling software? Is it okay for me to use parts of your stuff to model new stuff? I prefer your detail, so I eagerly await your stairs. :)

Yeah, fully open. I keep the source to most things in github.







As you can see, I've been in the process of making smaller projects as I split up the monolithic OpenForge git project.

As for source, normally what I do is rough out the project in OpenSCAD, and then apply filters and such in blender. In some cases, the final real source is the stl file, because it required manual tweaking of the mesh to get it how I wanted it. In some cases I have Blender files, but some blender files are too large to check in to git, so I can make those available by request.

Tks! I'll take a look at the github files first. Then see if I need anything more. Thanks for doing these! My kids and I are playing D5e and loving these.

Comments deleted.

Any chance of a 1v1 version?

really hard to fit.the problem is that the posts are nearly as wide together as a tile. I can make them a little thinner, but it's going to be hard to make it thin enough to fit a door and still be strnog

I was sooo looking forward to that, YAY!!!

Happy to hear it, sorry it took so long

Fantastic work! This really completes the set!