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Pocket-Dungeons (Second Edition)

by dutchmogul Mar 11, 2013
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Is there a game play video or instructions to play a game like this? It looks really really fun!!!

Added Pocket-Dungeons to the BoargGameGeek. Hope my description is appropriate:)

is there a rule for what to do when there are already 2 goblin hunters or a troll and someone rolls an encounter of them?

do you roll again? do the dweller teleports directly onto you and intantly attacks you? does nothing happen? do you stop playing and print another set of dwellers just for that?

in any board game with piece adding as the game progress there is a rule for piece limits and if there is none that means that either the game crushes or that never happens.

EDIT: I really love this game and i want it to cover all exceptions possible
I saw what u said about the center tile, and made it that when i play it is being a normal tile with unattackable, and blocks line of sight status.
BUT other things like overlapping gas traps(we decided to cancel the activation beyond the first one as the dungeon is already filled with the gas.
or the second troll? i think when it finally happens we will just teleport it to the player or re-roll(not sure) - it can be fun to actually move the poor delver straight to it thus creating an even more weird encounter as your very safe and precise path turns to lead you to a place on the other side of the dungeon.
mindswap counts as you defeated the player you swapped with if your delver is now a dweller and if you swap delvers with him it is more fun(for larger groups - planning on adding more delvers and dwellers from pocket tactics or the first version of pocket dungeons)
so what do we do in this case? also what happen when 2 poison gas traps are activated? does we check once for 2+ once for 4+ or twice for 2+(might be fun to change the difficaulty by +1 each time)? is there a place to check those issues if not here? and when will the next edition will come out? please let it stay on the hexagrid cause it's so much more fun then regular grid(even if when drawing it it's harder - but we print it so it can stay, no?).

if any or all of my suggestions statements or wordings are misplaced or inapropriate I'll revoke them immidietly, please forgive me in that case.

also after some play testing we found - the PRIESTESS is overpowered - 2,2,2 defence rating 2 magic OFF and 2 Melee?! with a reroll for hazards - and re-roll for death?! with 50% chance of success(that is after you fail) that's just seem unfair as the elf and mage has way less overall states(in dice count 4/6 vs 3/5 and 4/4)

and as the Dwarf can't swim and Cave In(wich is very common) will mean his death will make everyone playng him wish for an encounter over a trap(even if he can pass most other traps easily the second most common is death for him) and FF the second the stairs revealed to be on the other side of a floated section:
it seemed fun when assembling to cut off all other entrences to a certain section of the dungeon by water tiles - but mage(that could just skip that waterpass thrue a wall) and the dwarf had a very low chance of actually making it by swimming(cointoss for every tile) - therefore resualting in instant loss.

also it may be fun to add another way of using hazard tokens:
like adding a single die or a kicker state equals to the number of hazard tokens used to a SINGLE stat(that may be set in the delver's card) therefore helping a well managed player to pass the dungeon and reducing RNG as game progress(like a magic off kicker for the mage just to make him impossibly unblockable or a magic Def kicker to the elf just in case you didn't make that perfect roll and you need to live? or something because having them as a tie breaker dont mean much as they are still tockens that represents some achivement).
because all players are collecting tokens eqally fast, in most games, a harder path sould make a tougher delver - if not well that's fine but a super frail delver like the mage will never last long and the elf will die the second after to a dweller or a melee/magic assult, then the dwarf - the thief and warrior are well balanced as they can survive both most common traps(none can survive mindswap or a co-opted ambush) and dwellers as well as the delvers that can survive the first 4 rounds of the game. and the PRIESTESS can just do whatever.
the godess blessing is like 2 extra dice for every roll you do that can kill you and that is after she re-rolls a cave-in to a bottomless pit(super bad luck) you roll again and get a (2,4) and you are alive out of an action test of (+5) with a test of (+4).

also after playing some i realized that the chance of double troll is so slim(1 in ~30 games).

I just ask - is it something that you never noticed or it's just that specific gamplays make certain delvers more proficient then others(well the elf player nearly rushed all the dungeon and won with 3 treasure tokens but merphy's law could not allow it and instead in the most unlikely event the Elf drowned in the way to the third treasure and out to the stairs - same place the mage left it in a rush away from the thief)

there is a funny thing that can happen to delvers with low Magic Def - happened by mistake a shambling corpse captured the priestess(bad luck) in a closed corridor and as she could only rush away but had nowhere to go her turn got wasted one time and everyone else was just bussy doing whetever they wanted except scheaming this entire round this is a very strong lockdoun as it is almost as strong as paralysis with extra danger. btw if someone is attacked while paralyzed what happen to them? are they instantly defeated because they can not roll anything but the paralysis roll till they succeed? do they roll an additional time paralysis before the attack and can break free from it in order to defend themselves?

maybe if we play with more straight corridors and less water blocking entire sections it'll be more balanced(or even will shift entirely toward these delvers that were underpowered in the messy watersunk dungeon) - will check.
much fun - worth every nanosecond of print read and everything else.

also having water tile as action roll not physical def or physical off(maybe only as an alternate)?

I keep having trouble with getting the character pieces to match up. Could we get single piece versions of them?

There's a plate with all of them un-split here, though you'll need to use a program to separate them if you want to do that (Meshmixer and the 3d printing app that comes with Windows 10 are solid free options). Otherwise, you should be able to find them in my TinkerCAD designs.

Pocket-Tactics: Dungeon Delvers (Second Edition)

Hello dutchmogul :)

I have a Prusa i3 MK2 and I have a question. What material do you use for printing individual parts?

Thank you for answer.

The tunnel direction tiles from this game look like a good fit to re-purpose for the "Patrol: Lost" / "Lost Patrol" family of games.

Ooh, you know, I hadn't heard of those until now. Looks like a good use for 40k stuff! I hope they do more with it than just that one set.

Comments deleted.

First off, great game! It's a wonderful spinoff from pocket tactics and feels less directly competitive which my son and I like. Two questions:

1) To clarify about water, it's in the tile set but not mentioned in the list of components from the rules. I see you mentioned elsewhere that you should print the ten tiles (including water) six times and the rules mention water elsewhere, so I assume these should be included in the sixty?

2)Is this set designed to be modified with units from pocket tactics, such as stand alone units like the void dragon? I imagine it would be pretty easy to sub out a monster, or a dweller for that matter if you just agree on an action skill value.

Again, thanks for your boundless creativity. these games are so fun to print and play.

Hey, glad you like it! We haven't revisited this one for a while (since the second edition of Pocket-Tactics, I think), but I'll do my best to remember.

1) Yeah, the water tiles should be part of those 60, for sure.

2) Definitely! As a rule of thumb, you could give units an Action score equal to their Ballistic DEF. That often accounts for dodginess/agility, though in the case of something like a giant or troll (big things count their BD more from being big/tough) you could give them a 1 or 2 if you thin they'd be slow/clumsy.

You;re very welcome, I'm glad to hear this one is getting played. We had a blast with this, and we'll revisit it again some day.

OK, so more play, more questions. We ran into a trap that allows a rival player to change the orientation of an adjacent dungeon tile. In every case imaginable, this seals off a wall, almost certainly permanently trapping the delver if the rival wishes to do so. So, I imagine this would effectively result in the delver being defeated. Would the player be stuck scheming, or just declare the delver defeated? The other issue was that you could seal off an entire portion of the dungeon or in our case a room that contained a token that happened to be the exit making the entire scenario unwinnable for anybody (except the mage who had a backup plan in this unlikely event, only to be foiled by a mindswap with the thief). Very interesting but brutal! Is this how it was meant to play out, or does the reorientation have to be to a legal facing?

Hello Mr Dutchmogul,
I just stopped by to thank you for this awesome game. I had lotta fun building it and playing it. Thank you for sharing! Please consider revisiting this project. Im visual artist and also work with video production, id be glad to help you anyways !
Thank you so much again !

Hey, thank you very much! Not sure how I missed this comment, but if you're still down for helping us with a project, we could always use a collaborator, especially one wit your artistic talents. Shoot me a message!

Hey there I've down loaed this and printed it and there seams to be a section missing on the scheming part of the pdf.
It goes into the scheming and how tokens block line of sight. Then it jumps into gathering treasure. When scheming it seams that the opposing player can scheme and move the dweller back. Would it not be better to pas a test to move them?

wow I nearly missed it as there is enough info to settle down how the game supposed to work it seems as one page is missing

EDIT: not explicitly where u said it was but there is some info missing

I'm not finished printing yet, but before doing that I would like to have the doors design fixed. I mean, the knobs make no sense. I can't think of a way to explain it in English, but I'm pretty sure you will understand what I say if you look at both sides of the model.

Well, I made these a long time ago, but I totally see what you're talking about. Since I'm busy working on new games, I don't really have time to go in and make a superficial edit to an old game that I will likely revamp entirely at some point, but you can either consider them game tokens (not realistic replicas of doors) and just play with them or make/modify your own.

Well, I'm a bit of a perfectionist, but I suppose I'll have to accept it like it is.
Thanks for replying! Looking forward that revamp

Oh, actually.... now that I think about, you could totally use the door tabs from this tile set: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:536334 This is probably what we'll be using for the Pocket-Dungeons revamp anyway.

Drakendar Tabletop Roleplaying Map Tiles

Oh, cool, I will definitely use that. Thanks again!

More questions, just finished my first game of pocket dungeon and we came up with a few:

1) When you're defeated, do your drop your treasures where you died?

2) Can you move thru the starting hex? We treated it like an 'all direction' pathway

3) Do I remove all ties, or just 1 tie? So if I roll 5, 5, 3, and my opponent rolls 5, 4 ... does it end up 3 vs 4? or 5, 3 vs 4.

4) Once the stairs are discovered, I assume you have to move to the stairs to leave?

Okay, been a long time since I played/did anything with this, but I'll give it a shot...

1) Yeah, we played that way. I need to write that into the rules eventually (unless I did and I can't find it), though the game will be revamped for another edition eventually. You keep any victory counters you grabbed though, and if you want to start a new character, those carry over. We played that way, anyhow, from what I can remember.

2) I think we refrained from that so that characters couldn't start attacking one another at the beginning of the game. As I recall, we played that you can move into it and remove yourself from the map, then, on your next turn, move back in through any direction.

3) This is actually how all of the Pocket-Tactics-based games dice work. Remove all red vs. blue ties, until you have a red or blue die that can't be matched. If they all match, then it's a draw. If no red dice win, it's a draw. This means that characters can defeat each other at the same time (if both have red dice that can't be matched by the other side's blues).

4) Well, you can leave at that point, but it's whoever has the most treasure that leaves that wins, so if you already have the majority of the possible treasure, then you should just get to the stairs as quickly as possible, but if there's still a bunch of un-flipped counters on the map, it might be anyone's game.

Hope that helps! This is making me want to revisit this one, actually. I've grown a lot as a game and model designer since I posted this one, and I think it would benefit from a revamp.

Sorry to bug you again :) I printed out everything, and I'm printing out the trays right now... if I print 7 trays, I get a circle with 49 tiles on it. My question is... Do you just put the extra 11 tiles around the trays when placing the map, or what? Maybe its just my OCD, but its bugging me that its not working out. LOL.

No, no worries. I'm always down to answer questions. Honestly, it's been so long sine we revisited this one. We haven't played it for a couple of years (been working on newer versions of Pocket-Tactics and other games we have yet to post) but I think we had more than just seven trays. That's just an example in the pic of a partially constructed map, and the trays aren't really a necessary component (we played without them for a long time), though they do help a lot. Honestly, you could either play with 49 tiles once it's constructed in a pattern that conforms to your OCD, or you could add more in whatever shape. Shouldn't make a difference. In concept, it should end up a big, sprawling mess whatever it is.

Thanks! Pocket Tactics is the next game I'm printing out... do you have a suggestion for a 'starter set' of pocket tactics? There are so many sets its hard to figure out which ones to do first. :)

Yeah, for sure. So these are the current factions: http://www.thingiverse.com/dutchmogul/collections/pocket-tactics-factions/page:1 I think Dominion and Separatists are a good place to start, but Men of Midgard and Trolls of Jotunheim are good, tactically-balanced sets as well.

Hi, could you post a 'build' plan for the entire game? Something like...

6 x dungeon_tiles.stl
1 x dwarf.stl


It's actually in the first page of the rules sheets (pdf among the downloads). It's: -6 delvers (Warrior, Mage, Elf, Dwarf, Thief, and
-10 dwellers (2 Shambling Corpses, 2 Goblin Warriors, 2
Goblin Hunters, 2 Lizardmen, 1 Shroud Ghost, and 1
-60 dungeon tiles
-1 Start tile
-6 door markers
-13 counters (6 Treasure counters, 6 Hazard counters,
and 1 Stairs counter)
-12 six-sided dice (6 red Offense dice and 3 blue Defense

Oh man, totally missed that! Thanks :) New to 3D printing and this is the main thing I've been waiting to print. :)

Curious as to why the delvers are in 2 pieces for the final version. Any chance on whole models that could be printed vertically like in the beta?

Well, I've found that slicing models in half and assembling them after they print allows for cleaner prints, higher detail, and more dynamic poses. You can print them standing if you're good with supports, I've seen a number of them printed that way.

Hello and thanks again. I finally finished printing and painting a set of pocket dungeons. I am checking the rules and the stats cards have an "action" value. is that the number of action that a character can take?? on the rules is written that the characters can take one of the actions. I am a bit confused there, both mechanics seem to work for me.

Hey, good question. Sorry, it's been a while since I've revisited this game. Yeah, it's one action per turn. The "Action" stat is used for running, swimming, dodging traps, etc.

Is there anyway you could make the models as one piece? Is there a specific reason they aren't?

I think it's faster in travel time not to on most printers. Also if one figure fails or lifts it could mess everything else up. You can use a program like Cura to load all of the files on one printbed/job (or as much as you can fit).

How much does all the plastic weigh?My school has a 3d printer and they charge per gram.

First of all thank you for sharing these games with us, they are amazing!!! and thank you for your generosity as well all your games and thier factions look amazing and they are now right on top of my print list. well basically with all the other pocket-tactics :D

mmm I wonder how long would it take to print all of them :D mmmm I need a box as well mmmm printing printing printing



I have two question.
In the instruction there is " 60 dungeon tiles".

6 water, 12 L - way , 3 types x 6 crossroads , 3 types rooms x 6 and 6 line road
Have i right?

2>You made only this set pocket dungeons? Pocket tactics are different game with different rules, right?

1- Yeah, that's close, anyway. The first download is a set of ten tiles. You basically just print that six times.

2- Yeah, Pocket-Tactics is a different game. That's more of a miniature war game, where this is a competitive dungeon crawl. Better for parties, basically.

I haven't revisited this one for a while, but I'd really like to do that soon. Thanks for the questions, let me know if you have more!

to clarify: DT1 and DT 6 are actually the same tile, you just need 12 of that 'angle path' title?

what would be best to try first. ?

From this set, or from my collection of games? I would start with this newest version of Pocket-Tactics: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:221521http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... Cleanest print, no assembly, and the rules have been refined.

Saga of the Nine Worlds (2.5 Edition)

This looks fantastic! Thanks so much for uploading it. All your work on Thingiverse is incredible, come to that.

One request: I only have a 4" cube print bed. Everything in this set fits except the dungeon tiles. Is there any way you can split that into two halves, or release each tile as a separate .stl file? I can re-arrange them in software to print multiples at a time.


Hey, thank you! And you're welcome!

Its funny, I just had someone request this. I actually just made the single tiles (10 variants) available for a friend with the same printing issue. I'll upload them here momentarily, so check back in a few minutes and they should be available in the downloads.

Thanks so much for doing this! The tiles are printing beautifully for me now.

I hate to ask for even more, but could you do the same for the standing dwellers? I'm having trouble printing some of the split ones (in particular, slic3r can't make heads or tails of the goblin warrior), and I can't print the full plate on my 4" printer.

Hi I and my frineds enjoy playing Pocket Dungeons. Thanks for designing a good and fast game.
As my handcraft is bad, I usually stick the half plate miniatures with a bad look. I hope you can upload the full plate version of delvers and dwellers. I don't mind removing the support but want to skip the sticky super-glue. ;P

Hey, absolutely. So the full plate of delvers can be found here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:61095http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... Also, I just uploaded the dwellers under the main files. Glad to hear you're enjoying the game!

Pocket-Tactics: Dungeon Delvers (Second Edition)

Slicer says there's holes in the STL files for the dungeon tiles, the doors, and some of the characters… Can you repair and repost the STLs? Thanks.

That's really strange. I print these pieces all the time and it never gives me any trouble. I'd love to help, but you'll have to do it yourself or switch programs. This set is sort of an obsolete version as I'm working on a revamp, so I really couldn't spare the time to fiddle with it. I'd suggest importing pieces to TinkerCAD and re-export them, but my technical advice is pretty weak and should be taken with many grains of salt ;-)

Just started printing the doors and some characters on my Printrbot Jr.! I already printed the starting piece and the tokens. They look great!

Hello again ;) While playing this game we encountered (haha) a question: If a delver dies, does the player lose his treasure/hazard counters he got with this delver? Because otherwise he could start with a new delver and leave the dungeon with all his counters, which made the gameplay a bit odd in the end and forced a quite aggressive game (We played with 4 and 5 players).
Apart from that we had lots of fun to play! This troll really is a biest and if someone doesn't like you he can most likely get you out of the game. For some Delvers water tiles are also very dangerous. We especially liked the Lizard's abillity to move to any water tile, this makes the game very dynamic. In contrast to other "board games" one move is very fast and you don't have to wait for hours until you take part in the action again, which results in the promised "fast-paced" game. We will try a multiplayer-game of Pocket Tactics asap.

Haha, sorry, I still need to overhaul the rules sheet :-P Yeah, when a delver dies, their treasure is left in a stack in the tile they died in. Hazard counters stay with the player though, and act as a tie breaker when treasure tokens are counted.

Glad to hear you enjoyed it! I definitely wanted a fast game, so I'm happy that its playing that way for you too. There are so many dungeon-crawl games out there that I figured, if I'm going to do one, it may as well have something atypical going for it. Yeah, let me know how your multiplayer goes! Oh, and which factions played.

Could you update the zip file, it doesn't have all the files in it?
Also, what do you use to paint the PLA?

Oh, for the all at once download? I actually didn't even know that feature was there. Do you know how to update it? Also, which files are missing?

These guys were actually printed in ABS, but I paint PLA in the same way. Just prime it (either with spray primer or by hand) and paint it with model acrylics. I use a lot of Citadel paints, though P3 and Game Colour paints are awesome too.

I'm not sure how to update it, but the full zip only has the tiles in it.
I was missing the primer step...... Paint wasn't sticking without it.
Great work BTW, what software are you using?

Oh, I bet that would be trouble, yeah. I was pleased to find that PLA takes primer well. I half expected it to melt when it came into contact ;-)

Thank you very much. I use a combination of Sculptris and TinkerCAD. Sculptris is great for making organic parts (I usually do them in pieces, like separate heads, limbs, etc) and then I import those to TinkerCAD which is great for aligning/modifying the bits and making other parts.

This new version looks incredible! I'd have to say this is probably my favorite thing on thingiverse!

Wow, best thing on Thingiverse? That's some high praise! I'll take it ;-) Thanks for the words!

Nice! Please post the whole pieces. I would like to try and print with support rather then glue them. Thanks

I noticed this in the original rules as well and it seems to have carried over to this version.

In the rules it states you need -12 six-sided dice (6 red Offense dice and 3 blue Defense dice)

I think it the blue dice need modified to total 12.

Ah, yeah, I see it... so the rules are in the process of revision (still a WIP) so a few of the typos made it over. Actually though, you only need 6 blue dice. 6 of each, as each person will only ever roll a maximum of 3 in either color. Of course, having way more dice at the table never hurts, especially in games with lots of players, Thanks for the heads up!

i couldn't find the lizardman file though, you have two shroud ghosts

Oops, I'll get that fixed... thanks for the heads up!

Wow, awesome!! I can't wait to play!

Thanks! Let me know how that turns out! We'll be doing a rulebook overhaul right quick, but its playable for now (consider this beta version 2 until that's posted)

This one may be your best yet!

Hey, much appreciated! I'm fairly proud of this one, I'll have to admit. Really pushed the boundaries of what I thought could be done with character form/details and it ended up paying off.

I like these characters so much more. Do you think you could copy these over to a revision 3 of the base pocket tactics set? Better swordsman, better wizard, better better.

Thanks, man! Absolutely. I've gotten way more comfortable with proportions/detail since that first set. Honestly, I'll probably just make new ones that fit the sort of medieval Celtic thing for the High King pretty soon. These really don't take me long at all.