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Centrifugal impeller / Turbine / Compressor

by Engi-IRL Dec 12, 2014
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I've heard that it can be bad to run these motors for prolonged periods of time, how much can this setup be run before it starts to damage the motor? Also in your opinion could this work with the provided plastic spline? I don't have the resources to mill a piece of aluminum for a spline.

I have to be honest, I haven't run this fan for long enough to know how long it would last. But it would probably not be a good idea to run it for too long at high speed, considering that there are no ventilation ports for the motor. Plastic spline might work if you ramp up and down slowly. But if the motor jerks it might break considering the fact that the spline is coupled to the motor shaft on only one flat face.

I wonder if i can modify to make it work with a 8mm shaft and strap it onto a 100W induction motor with (or without) a speed controller, but i guess id be better to size it up to make it work @ lower rpm ^_^ , ED: it was just a comment, dont modify for me, i`m now moding one in fusion ^_^

can u plz send me .ipt file . my email is santhoshdabbir@gmail.com

How to make the cooling of the motor?

Motor is very hot.

Yeah unfortunately there isn't any precautions for motor cooling.

Yeah unfortunately there isn't any precautions for motor cooling.

Loaded stl files to cura and it gives me a little tiny thing that is 4.6mx4.6mmx2.0mm what are the actual dimensions to scale it up?

Just multiply the values by 25.4 to convert them from inch to mm.

How much static pressure, cfm, boost do you think you can get from this? thank you for any input. I have a 1976 arctic cat jag 340 and would like to see if this would help.

I have absolutely no idea. I just made this for the sake of making it and tried only a handful of times. Sorry for lack of good answer. I'd be happy to know if you find anything out about this.

What about using this as a water pump? Did someone try it?

I don't recommend using this for water for the following reasons:

  • It hasn't been design for water. Blades on a hydraulic pump are very different.
  • The motor will for sure get wet becasue there are no seals and the design isn't fit for liquids.
  • 3D printed object, unless treated, are not waterproof and water will seep through the layers.

hi! would you please tell me de dimentions of turbine and spline.

Hi. PM your email and I can send you the ipt file.

Comments deleted.

Beautiful design! It would be awesome if you'd share the .ipt-files for the impeller, but I assume you don't want that?

Sure, I could do that. PM me an email and I'll send it to ya!

Sweet! My email is punadd88@hotmail.com. Thank you!

would this work in reverse? I'm looking for a design to make a desktop vaccume.

Reverse as in suck through the outlet? No. But you can connect an attachment to the inlet on top using the included lip and dimples for locking, and a hose and have yourself vacuum cleaner. Don't forget to use a filter and share your progress with us! :)

Something wrong with design, try to reduce inlet hole by few cm then improve diameter of output hole by 1 or 2 cm then you will see the difference in performance

There were no engineering calculations done for this sucker. It was done more or less to see if it would work. But thanks for the tip! :)

Hello. Awesome part, first of all. I was wondering if you could just give me a pro tip since I'm new to this. I recently built my own printer and I'm fine tuning it. This is printing well except for the interior arcs on the early layers. I'm having some extrusion runs not attach to the arc. Do you have any idea why that might be and what the settings are to adjust it? I'm using Repetier and Slic3r. Guessing it's something to do with speed or overlap. Running decent PLA at 195C. All other things seem to work fine, but the interior arcs don't stick sometimes and cause some stringing.

Hey. I'm not very familiar with that printer, but the first thing I would say is that your temperature seems to be too low. On Ultimaker II I use 210C for PLA. Could you post a picture of your problem? It could be the Gcode.

How strong is the air for this compressor ?

withsupoort .gcode you share?

Hi. Unfortunately I don't have the G code. Sorry.

Is the Turbine printable without Support?

The blades should be fine but the inside where it fits onto the brushless has 90 degree undercuts which may cause some issues if printed without support. As you can see in this picture: http://thingiverse-production-new.s3.amazonaws.com/renders/89/6b/96/e1/40/CutAway_preview_featured.JPG

Thank you!
I printed it with Support.
No Problems!

.gcode you share?

Thanks for the design. Amazing job. I printed it check it out at http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:660319

Impeller Fan

.gcode you share?

I'm am trying to print the spine, but the spline is to big to fit in my printer. Scaling it up to 25.4 will only make it bigger.


Sorry for the confusion. There was something wrong with the conversion. I uploaded the new and correct spline.stl. It shouldn't need anymore scaling. Let me know if there still is a problem.


What did you scale the spline to? I'm using Cura so it's in metric

The parts are designed in inches so everything has to be multiplied by 25.4.

Thank's for that :) I'll give it a go on my Ultimaker 2 and I will upload the pic's when its done ^^

First one nice :) I just downloaded the files and opened them in Cura14.09 and they are all way too small. What would be the correct scaling factor to use ? and just wondering what 3D printer did you use to print the item you showed on YouTube.

Thank you :D

Hey. Thanks for downloading. The parts were designed in inches and your system in Cura is set to mm, hence the small parts. You need to scale everything up by a factor of 25.4. The impeller should be about 117 mm in diameter.

I used a Stratasys Elite to print this.

It'll be awesome if you could upload pictures of your print.

Happy printing. :)

Nice! I am going to make one of these! My roommates and I have been kicking around some Ideas for a electric supercharger that actually makes boost and this is an awesome start!