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Puzzle Sphere

by emmett Jan 27, 2011
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So, it spontaneously fall apart. Thanks for the SCAD file, I'll try 0.2 of tolerance

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I just made this... it came off my printer about 20 minutes ago. I printed it with fine layer heights (.1), and when cleaned it up a bit, it went together very quickly, but it is a bit loose.

I was worried about it being too tight and not being able to get it apart, but mine doesn't have that issue... when I put it down, it almost falls apart.

I printed it at the same size as it came in the .STL, and didn't modify anything.

Printed on my Tevo Tornado with generic chinese PLA, sliced with s3d.

Thanks for a fun model... This isn't a complaint!!! I just thought I would say that I didn't have the "too snug" experience.

Great Design....... thank you for a few hours of fun..... I got it together....had to put a lot of pressure on it, I don't think it will come apart without breaking it...

add this:

  $fn = 100;

at the beginning of script to make it smoother

great puzzle... we got it put together, but does it need to be forced apart?? thx

ahhhh, never mind... much different that what i expected/did to get it together, very cool.

25 seg. to solve it XD

you should try this


cube 9 puzzle

Printed really easily. I solved it in a few minutes, took a lot longer to figure out how to take it apart.
I used standard settings except scaled to 75%

Printed it scaling stl down to 0.75 size so that it's not too loose. Fits great, pieces borders are hardly visible.

It is a great idea but its really hard to put together I will post a photo

I was about to half-jokingy post "LIARS!!!" as a comment here, but I just finished it!

I too had the "other" version of this with a key piece, and that's what I expected I was downloading. When I saw that all six were the same, I didn't register it at the time but later I thought "hey this is an elaborate joke on us!" since the key piece was missing.

Nice design! I still can't believe I got it together. I have no desire to take it apart nor to tell anyone who sees it that it's a puzzle. :)

You have a lot of terrific designs. Thanks for sharing!

Printed this last night on my Replicator. Using the default settings 3 pieces in black/ 3 in white. It's far too loose.

Just printed a test one (6 pieces all black) with tolerance=0 and r=20. It took a while to get it assembled it's not easy :) But it fit perfectly together! I can actually toss it around and it doesn't fall part!

Printed using Replicator 5.5 / RepG 37 - default accelerated settings + actual fi
lament diameter. I used the multiply function to make all 6 pieces at once.

I'm going to print a full size version 3 in black/3 in white again. Using a tolerance of 0

I made a r=20 version too...came out nice, much faster build. Thanks for making the model parametric with a tolerance, that helps huge! The little one fits together just as well as the big one.

I just noticed there'd been comments on my build photo, so I'll explain I built it on a Solido SD300 using a mix of white and transparent PVC.

The parts were oriented to create a transparent 'band' through the middle of each part, which acts as a light pipe when the sphere is assembled. The right-hand picture shows two parts on a light table as illustration.

These are 50% reduced to take advantage of the SD300's higher resolution, so t
he pieces are quite small.

Check out relet's derivative: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5987http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Now both a puzzle and storage, not to mention decorated.

Genome preservation capsule
by relet

I'm having a bit of trouble getting the last piece on. I had radius set to 20 instead of 30.

It's not called a puzzle for nothing. My only hint is you won't be able to put it together one piece at a time.

Apparently there are two types of puzzle: One that is a puzzle for the mind, one that is a puzzle for the hand.

Great! Regarding the wood version: I found that you can always purchase two "easy" copies of this puzzle in order to salvage the parts to make a hard version.