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Voronoi lamp

by Markellov Dec 9, 2014
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LOVE all Markellov designs - having a live feed of printing the wave lamp: https://youtu.be/WoAtMa5k_zk

Awesome design. For all disbelievers that this is impossible to print I had a timelapse made of my print: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wABQw0imEG8&feature=youtu.be

anyone know the EXACT bottom measurements ? and corner radius ? so we can design a bottom part that mate perfectly,
I go for a 100.00 % scale, since my printer can easyly do that, please help anyone ?
when i measure it, it is by eye, and it is not rectangular my results are 5mm wrong from beeing rectangular, so i must be doing something wrong ?

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Printing now. Thinking about custom LED lighting insert, maybe controlled by Arduino for lighting effects if I use a RGB LED...changing colors during the day, goes dim to bring from morning to mid-day, etc. We'll see. Printing beautifully on my Creality Ender 3...

Beautiful design, thank you for creating this!

nice design! Can you add a round shaped one?

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please what size for e27 rgb lamp? Yeelight Smart Led sample

How do you print this ?
It does not fit on the bed.
This thing need to be sliced in at least 2 pieces.
Not to mention, the orientation it is in, is unprintable due to way too many bridges and bad angles for printing without support.
Support removal would be a bitch for this one so no, i have to say that this model CLEARLY is not for printing.
I am not saying "it cant be printed" all i am saying is that its not 3d printer friendly at all.

Have you learned how to do it yet? Its been over a year now and we're waiting...

Different people have different printers and slicers. I'm attempting to do 50% version.

Comments deleted.


Since it is a shit show down in the comments trying to find the information on how to best print this model, I will summarize what others have said in my comment and also toss in what I tried and my experience.

Others recommendation:

  • Print Height: .25 (Unverified - I tried .35 and it failed)
  • Infill: 0% (Verified that this helps a lot)
  • Supports: None
  • Brim: Nobody suggested it, but I did it since this is a long print.
  • Print standing up normally or upside-down (I printed upside down and it failed, but my temp might be too high and layer hight might be too big)
  • Plastics: ABS, PLA, PETG (Mine failed with ABS. Will try lower temp)

My experience:

Printer: Prusa i3mk2s
Plastic: Hatchbox ABS
Nozzle: 230
Bed: 100
Fan on 140 after layer 5 or 8 (The double side blowing fan shroud, not the stock one)
Slicer: Prusa Control
Material in slicer: Generic ABS (Adjusted to 230)
Quality: Draft (.35)
Infill: Hollow/shell
Support: None
Brim: on
Print orientation: Printed the lamp upside down then how it would be displayed (Hole facing up)


  • Mine failed the first time due to infill.
  • Failed second time due to Cura Brim working its way in to the middle of the brim instead of out. My slightly lower Z axis squshed the brim together until most of it lifted (Cura slicer, .25 layer height, 0 infill, 230-100, travel speed: 60 print speed: 120)
  • Was doing well but failed a third time again after I switched back to prusa control. It looked visually good, but those overhangs screwed up the filament. Lots of drooping. I cancelled it about 15% of the way through, and good thing I did. After I spatualed it off and took a look, it was 10 kinds of messed up. Droopy filament everywhere underneath.

Might try printing again standing up strait. But im getting tired of wasting filament. This site really needs a voting-print settings feature so people see the most popular recommended print settings for each plastic.

Thank you for providing all this information. It's a shame that the designer can't bother to share the preferred printing details and additional information other then "not for resale". Also a shame that the only time the designer bothers to reply to comments is when someone ask about printing for selling. Great design but useless when people are wasting filament trying to figure out how to print.

that's because the designer hasn't printed it. that's it. I'd say about 80% of the designs in this website are actually unprintable or very difficult. when I see they don't provide a photo of the printed product I take a good look at the comments. And as expected, this is just an impossible part. I mean, yes you can print it but it won't look even remotely as good as the render.

This looks great and I'm definitely going to give it a go.
Could I ask what the actual difference is between this version and the high quality version?

Also, what material/settings would you suggest for this?

Should I use any supports when printing this?

See my "make" of this. I downsized things a bit from the full scale so it would actually fit my printer, but I had no problem with zero support and fairly low quality PLA. There were a few "strings" where bridges didn't quite work, but nothing that I couldn't easily fix with a lighter and my fingers to press things into shape.

Is the inside hollow so you can put a light in? If so, what type and size of light?

The default shape is pretty big. I had no trouble downsizing it to fit my printer, at which point the center column was the perfect size for an LED tea light ("fake candle"). However, it looks a lot more interesting with a 15cm dowel up the middle, with a multicolor LED strip wrapped around it.

Comments deleted.

Wow! That's a beautiful lamp!!!

I'm doing a conference and I have a stand at Lille's MakerFaire and I want to use your model in a powerpoint and print an exemple on my stand can I make it please

can i sell this ?

!!!Not for replicating for sale.

Is the inside hollow so you can put a light in? If so, what type and size of light?

Will this work with an LED tea light? I'd love to be able to do something without wires and I've been itching to print a really good lamp.

What type of light bulb should be used?

Note that due to interior enclosed voids, this model cannot be used as a lamp if you are using a powder-bed printer - the enclosed powder will block the light.

Makes a nice vase though!

What if you print it with "Spiralize Contour" (Cura) so it inly prints the shell ? :)

Comments deleted.

Im running a system with a 3.7ghz i7 with 16gb ram, and my pc has been compiling this for a little over 10hrs so far, is it supposed to take this long, how long did it take to compile for someone else. Im using the XYZ ware software that came with my Di Vinci 1.0 AIO printer

then something is wrong with your computer .. it took mine 20 sec to slice

im using Slic3r

I'm honestly not too surprised. XYZ's software is known to be terrible. This model took a little over a minute to compile (it's actually called slicing, by the way) on my 2010 Macbook Pro with Simplify3D. I'd recommend looking into flashing your Da Vinci with Repetier firmware.

Comments deleted.

Just curious. What 3d software did you use?

Comments deleted.

any recommended parameters to make the PLA print transparent? no filling at all maybe?

No problem with cura and reptier host. Printed very slow. Nice design.

I have tried this using Slic3r and Cura with no luck. When I try to export the gcode, both freeze up. This file is killing my computer! i7 3.4 gHz, 16 Gb RAM, NVidia Quaddro GPU so not sure why this file is causing me so many problems.

if you put it in netfabb and export it as an stl then put it in slc3r it works fine

Are you using the Slic3r "avoid crossing perimeters" setting, if so, turn that off. I had similar issues where I brought my machine to it's knees trying to slice the terminator skull but simpler models sliced fine. That's my best guess for you offhand without more info on your slicer settings.

So i have now printed about 30 of these for various friends and family members... I print them at .25 layer height, 0% infill 2 perimiters with a .4mm nozzle and have never had a single issue in pla or abs :)

Sorry a few questions if I may.. What orientation are you printing, ie Where does the opening (base) sit on your print bed? Oh and if I may, what height are you getting please?

They said about 30 cm. was a good height... I hope that helps!

I print with the opening for the light on the print bed, so i am printing them standing up. I print them at a variety of sizes 25%,50%,75%, and 100% of file size. If i remember correctly they are about 5 inches tall when printed at 100% size. I'm not sure why you are having problems on a replicator 2 as i print mine on both a Prusa i3 and a mini rostock i built from scratch

Do you use any supports?

i'm trying to print it 30cm in height... hence i'm lying it down on it's side... i have to watch it when it prints the top inner wall and support those with a small box

This should print nice in PetG.
It bridges nice.

I tried this in PetG. And yes the PetG did bridge nicely -- surprisingly so, as this was the first time I had used it. It also adhered perfectly. Held well through out the print, and came off with ease when done.

OTOH, although it was printed at the midpoint of the manufacturers and printers specs, the nozzle accumulated a lot of carbonized material. Some of which became embedded in the print, though most was on the outside where it could be removed with pick and forceps. Fortunately, there were no problems with clogging of the nozzle. There is an odd shine to PetG that is not present on the preprinted filament -- I will try spraying it with a clear matte finish. And PetG is somewhat fuzzy with threads, though most of these were internal to the print, and could be safely ignored.

I will use a "cobb" type 15 LED "bulb" to light this lamp. It is available at www.aaltronics.com, cat # LED-615WW. It runs bright enough with one 9V battery, and has the controlling electronics built in, so fire is rather unlikely. It does need an external switch. I have an RPi in that area, so will probably use a capacitance switch to turn the lamp on/off. It will provide enough light so that I will not kill myself when I get up in the middle of the night, but is not suitable for reading.

Disapointed in some of the PetG characteristics, but all in all I am happy I printed this

Comments deleted.

kinda hard to print this at 30 cm without having issues with the print and the center being square. over hang and all that.
try printing it with it's head down and the hole up, upside down? :)

i've had 2 unsuccessful attempts at printing this lamp on a replicator2, i asked markelov for a version with a cylinder on the inside but no word from him, as this would facilitate printing on it's side at 27cm tall (on a rep2)

You should absolutely be printing it "upside down" so there's no need for support material at all.

"System out of memory" while slicing...
Looks like I need some more ram! 8)

20hours into my print only another 40hours to go - (printing on its side... ) i'm worried that the roof of the inside cavity is going to cave in... Makellov have you actually printed one? Would you pretty please make one with a cylinder cavity rather than the square cavity.

edit : the cavity would cave in, duh.

How big a gap for the lightbulb is at the bottom? I'm wondering if I can scale it down to 200mm and still fit a bulb in.

Use LEDs. You could use 2 yellow and one red, and flicker the three with various random brightnesses. Just have them each set their brightness randomly between half and full, with something like an arduino (aka a random value on a PWM pin between 125 and 255) and you will end up with a very realistic candle flame effect... zero heat... and far lower costs to run the light.

"VoroFrag" plugin for 3ds Max.

Nice ! What do you use to make the 3D voronoi's ? Cheers

Great design! Can anybody give any suggestions as to what sort of infill (0%, 5%, 10%, 100%??) to use for this print? I'm using the makerbot 2. Thanks in advance.

Very very nice, it's terrific, great job !

Hi this is lovely... Has anyone made it? What would you light it with seeing as there is no vent in the top it might get hot...